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Dutch Seeds Shop is an online store specializing in selling cannabis seeds since 1998. DSS offers only high-quality feminized marijuana seeds with proven genetics directly from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We deliver orders around the world within 5-21 days. On DutchSeedsShop.com you can always purchase cannabis seeds online at the best affordable price. The seeds displayed on our website are sold as souvenirs, for personal collections, etc. in order to preserve the genetic fund of cannabis plants, and are illegal to germinate in most countries.

We have 125 strains in stock: feminized and auto-feminized, pure Sativa and Indica, as well as hybrids. Numerous strains presented on our website are Cannabis Cup winners.


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Our customers come from different countries all over the world and receive their seeds in about 5-21 days after placing an order!
Our seeds are delivered in discreet, crack-proof packaging. If for some reason you do not receive your seeds, we will reship them for FREE!
Get 6 FREE feminized seeds when your purchase is over $100 and 10 FREE seeds if it is over $150.

Dutch Seeds Shop™ is proud to say that:

On DutchSeedsShop.com we sell seeds that are hybrids of the cannabis species Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.

Indica-leaning cannabis species are believed to give sedating and calming effects. Usually, it has a high content of Cannabidiol (CBD). Indica-dominant strains are perfect for a nighttime smoke because they fight insomnia and help your body and mind to relax.

As opposed to Indica, Sativa-leaning species are known for their invigorating, uplifting, and stimulating effects as they contain more Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Sativa-dominant strains are best to use in the daytime since they make you more energetic and attentive.

Ruderalis is an auto-flowering cannabis type that can be grown in colder temperate climates regardless of the altering light cycles. It is characterized by low THC but high CBD contents and has a relatively fast flowering period (usually not more than 10 weeks).

In the categories section, you can easily search for a cannabis type that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor cultivation, opt for feminized or auto-flowering, Sativa-leaning or Indica-leaning, medical, or high CBD content seeds, and also find Kush or Skunk seeds, high-yielding seeds or ones for beginners.

You can find out more info about different seed categories in our Grow Guide and blog dedicated to marijuana plants.


Cannabis cultivation is legal in certain countries and states. We are happy to share our grow guide and useful blog posts with cultivators from places where it is legal.

Learn about anything and everything to do with growing cannabis on your own: tips, guides, troubleshooting, strain history, plant facts, and more. Our blog is created to help you improve your growing skills and expand your horticultural horizons. Find our most popular posts right here:

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Dutch Seeds Shop is a Europe based company that sells high-quality cannabis seeds from the Netherlands worldwide. Growers of all skill levels will surely discover first-rate strains for recreational and therapeutic use. Also, the process of seeds selecting on our website is made as convenient as possible. Dutch Seeds Shop has an advanced search tool and all of our products have detailed accurate descriptions. Every order is sealed in discreet, crack-resistant packaging to ensure secure transportation and delivery.

While major cannabis companies expand to become a mass-producer of cannabis, we want to remind people of the pleasure of home growing. Nothing can compare to the thick aroma of the plants grown by yourself, the stickiness of the buds, and opening your jar full of natural high-quality product.



I have been ordering from DS for years

I have been ordering from DS for years. They have been my go to and are reliable and offer fantastic quality products.

Breydon Ringelberg


Great service

Great service. Fast and helpful. Well done.

Colin Noll


Excellent variety

Excellent variety. Website is very informative. Super fast shipping. My only place for seeds



Do you ship Marijuana Seeds Worldwide?

Yes. We ship to almost all countries, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be able to ship to yours. In case of uncertainty, it’s best to check with us before you pay for your order. We advise all our potential customers to check their national laws and bylaws before placing an order. Dutch Seeds Shop does not want to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law and cannot be held responsible for those who do.

What does a Dutch Seeds Shop delivery look like?

Very discreetly, your marijuana seeds will come shipped in plain packaging with no indication of the content. Look very well inside the package to find your marijuana seeds. Orders are wrapped meticulously as a free gift to make sure it reaches you safely.

How do you send your seeds? What will happen if my seeds will be lost?

We send our orders by TNT Priority Airmail. There is always a small risk of loss and you should be aware of this before ordering. But we can always resend the seeds for free, only 1 extra attempt per order.

How soon will my marijuana seeds be sent?

After you have paid and we received payment, we will ship your marijuana seeds normally within 24 hours and they will arrive approximately in 5-21 days. But there are rare situations it takes longer to arrive. Please contact us with your order number if you have not got your marijuana seeds after 21 days

How much does shipping cost?

It always depends on the country we deliver your order to. We charge a flat-rate fee for shipping and handling. This fee helps us maintain our high standard of fast and stealthy shipping.

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