Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1. Payments
All Funds will be pay out in Euro’s. Payments are made on the 4th day of every month for the amount earned in the previous month. Payments are done from the our company bank account via transfer to Affiliate’s bank account.
Dutchseedsshop will only pay affiliate when the balance of the payments due the affiliate equals or exceeds € 50 Euro. Any balance below € 50 Euro will be carried over to the following payment period (month) until the accumulated balance equals or exceeds € 50 Euro.

2. Commission
Affiliate will receive a percentage between 20 to 46 % (depending on the amount of sales) from each sale send to through Affiliate website(s) over the total amount of the sold product(s). To receive a higher commission the affiliate need to contact us to make a deal.
All products in the Dutchseedsshop are currently eligible for affiliate commission.

3. Referrals
Any visitor who clicks through the link(s) on affiliate website to Dutchseedsshop and subsequently purchases a product eligible for commission, whether on the same visit or a days later, will result in you being credited with commission at the percentage agreed in this agreement.

4. Liability
We are not liable to any damages due to downtime, incorrect usage, technical issues or false representation.

5. Termination
We reserve the right to terminate any account and decline funds for any participant that is partaking in illegal and improper activities. These include, but are not limited to, fraudulent credit activity, newsgroup spamming, and unsolicited e-mail.

6. Indemnity
Affiliate agree to indemnify and hold Dutchseedsshop, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, co-branders or other partners, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of content you submit.

6. General Practices Regarding use and Storage
You acknowledge that Dutchseedsshop may establish general practices and limits concerning use of the Service. You acknowledge that Dutchseedsshop reserves the right to log off accounts that are inactive for an extended period of min. 6 months.

7. Agreement Changes
Dutchseedsshop may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement at any time and at Dutchseedsshop sole discretion, Dutchseedsshop will give Affiliate advance notice of the change to the agreement by email.

8. Law
Dutchseedsshop Affiliate Program is owned and managed by a Dutch private limited liability company in the Neteherlands and operates under Dutch Law.

This agreement between parties, shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands. In the event of a dispute all parties agree to abide by any decisions made in Dutch Law.

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