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AK-48 Feminized: Fast-Growing Plant Producing an Incredible High

ak 48 seeds

Marijuana strains bearing the AK name have been gaining in popularity quite recently. Also, feminized seeds have always been famous mainly because only female plants can get you high. When you are looking for a euophirc yet relaxed kind of high, the AK-48 is one of the strains that will never let you down.

Blast from the Past

The AK-48 marijuana strain is a hybrid of indica and sativa plants. Its genetics involve the following strains:




Colombian Gold

Nirvana Seeds bred the AK-48 and since then – especially in the mid-90s – the plant has attracted many weed enthusiasts.

Why Stoners are Loving the AK-48 Feminized

Although it may seem like it is related to the also popular AK-47, it actually got its name from the fact that it can finish flowering within 48 days. AK-48 has acquired its own legion of fans for many reasons, but most of them note that it has a unique effect and has excellent quality. Additionally, the plant’s speed in bearing flowers is almost unrivaled.

As mentioned, the strain can finish flowering in just 48 days. Aside from that, the AK-48 is relatively easy to grow. Using feminized seeds is advantageous for inexperienced growers. There is no need to get rid of the male plants, which professional growers of marijuana also appreciate because it helps save time and effort.

Most growers typically opt for an extended vegetative period, which can be beneficial in improving taste. However, in under perfect conditions, the AK-48 not only finishes in less than 50 days, but it also has a wonderful fruity, tropical flavor that keeps stoners coming back for it. For best results, it is recommended that you grow the plant indoors and use only organic fertilizers.

The “High” and Other Effects

The AK-48 plant has high levels of THC with medium levels of CBD. If you harvest it after 48 days or so, the effect it will give will be similar to other sativa strains: strong and uplifting. It is even used to stimulate creativity while promoting a strong sense of well-being. With its Sativa effect, the strain is useful in relieving headaches and migraines, as well as nausea and depression.

Meanwhile, if you leave it for at least another week before you harvest or until half of the trichomes become amber in color, this marijuana strain will give you an indica type of effect. It is more relaxing and can help relieve stress.

Growing the AK-48 Feminized Seeds

This particular marijuana strain can be grown indoors, but it can also stand some harsh conditions outdoors. The plant can reach a medium height and can give an impressive yield of 400 to 500 grams/square meter, especially with the Sea of Green setup. You can expect the grow room to have a rich, deep smell that resembles a ripe tropical fruit. If you grow it close to your neighbors, you may want to use something like an air filter.

AK-48 may have contradicting effects but they are so well-balanced that you will find that trait as an advantage. If you are looking for a stoned feeling with an energy boost, this strain is an excellent choice.

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