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How Is Marijuana Used

How Is Marijuana Used? 6 Different Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Marijuana is not only a useful industrial crop and a source of raw materials for medicines, for various groups, but also a light drug that has been legalized in many individual countries. Most often, weed is used to experience euphoria and a burst of creative energy or, conversely, to relax and free one’s mind. For […]

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Growing media – soilless mixes for cannabis

Types of Cannabis Grow Mediums: Benefits and Drawbacks

What Are the Differences Between Cannabis Grow Mediums? There are a few different weed growing mediums to choose from, so it’s important to enter into cannabis cultivation fully prepared. All of the techniques discussed below have the potential to bring forth wonderful results if you do it right. Keep in mind that when choosing to […]

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Historical spread of cannabis on the world map

History of Cannabis Strains

Ancient History of Cannabis Cultivation: Where and How It All Began The history of all cannabis strains actually dates back thousands of years. The original cannabis species (or subspecies, as postulated by some scholars) are Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Their history goes hand in hand with the history of mankind. More than 4,000 years ago […]

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Cannabis Roots

Understanding The Cannabis Roots

The growing of cannabis has emerged as a complete science. The final root zone gives the idea of the growth success rate of the plant. If you notice that the plant has big roots then it indicates that the fruits will also be big. This difference in the root zone is what differentiates a high […]

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Cannabis in Drought

Can You Grow Cannabis In Draught Conditions?

Growing cannabis is an art and also a science as you need to take care of a lot of parameters like the climate, soil condition, area available for growth etc. Of these pre requisites, one important factor is the availability of water. Cannabis plants require adequate hydration in order to grow properly. Cannabis plants can […]

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Plants Producing Cannabinoids

Plants Apart From Marijuana That Can Produce Cannabinoids

Don’t you think that the Marijuana Plants are magical? We mean to say that it is difficult to imagine how this one single plant holds so many healing components that it just sounds so dreamy in respect to its medicinal uses. All these healing components are called cannabinoids and the most popular ones that people […]

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Lupus and Cannabis

Can Cannabis Help in Controlling Lupus?

Often hard to recognize, Lupus is considered to be among the most chronic diseases. It an autoimmune disease that results when the immunity system of your own body starts attacking your own organs and tissues. It not only widespreads inflammation all over your body but can also lead to a lasting damage if the conditions […]

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Cannabis Sugar

Cannabis Sugar – Benefits And Preparation Method You Need To Know!

You may be aware of the uses of cannabis as a drug and also as a medicine. But have you ever thought about the possibility of cannabis entering your kitchen. It can enter and even replace the sugar that you use so often in your kitchen. Now you must be wondering how exactly that can […]

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Cannabis Patches

Cannabis Patches – Are They Effective For Pain Relief?

Cannabis is popular as a drug but it has medicinal uses too. When it is being employed for medicinal use, the method of intake of cannabis becomes very important. These methods can be changed to adapt to the needs of patients with different ailments. One such latest method of cannabis administration is cannabis patches. By […]

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Indoor Cannabis Seeds

Top 10 Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana growing is highly scientific and it needs expertise. Cannabis plants can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Indoor growing basically means that the plants have to grown inside with controlled light, air and fans. All these controlled conditions along with specialised watering conditions and equipment are employed so as to create the most optimum […]

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