Badazz Rolex Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Imagine entering a Ferrari showroom, eyes sparkling with desire, when a shiny, berry-flavored, spicy, herbal wonder named Badazz Rolex catches your eye.  That’s right, folks! We’re talking about a cannabis strain so slick and sexy that it could put Rolex watches to shame.  This strain is like the James Bond of cannabis – classy, high performing, and…

Badazz Rolex Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Genetic: Bad Azz Kush x Rolex OG Kush

THC: 20 – 22%

CBD: 0.1 – 1%

Terpenes: alpha-Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Ocimene

Flowering Time: 63 – 70 days

Indoor Yield: 0.8 – 1.2 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 13 – 18 oz/plant

Effects: Cerebral, Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Flavors/Taste: Berry, Herbal, Spicy

Badazz Rolex Strain Genetics

Badazz Rolex isn’t your run-of-the-mill everyday strain. 

It’s a heady cocktail of mighty genetics, packing a punch that would put Mike Tyson’s right hook to shame!

Origins and Lineage

First, Badazz Rolex is the love child of Badazz Kush and Rolex OG Kush, two legends in their own right. 

And when legends come together, magic happens. 

Both these strains are renowned for their powerful high, flavorsome profiles and strong genetic lineage, and Badazz Rolex has inherited all these traits in spades.

Origins and Lineage


There’s a saying in the cannabis world, “Good things come to those who cross.” 

And whoever crossed Badazz Kush with Rolex OG Kush certainly had a good thing coming! 

The history of Badazz Rolex is much like the history of any epic romance – two potent strains coming together to create a progeny that’s all kinds of awesome. 

And now, it’s a strain that is winning hearts (and lungs) all over the cannabis world!

The Appearance of Badazz Rolex Weed

Badazz Rolex is a beauty. There’s no way around it. 

It’s got a robust, bushy plant structure that makes you think of the Incredible Hulk on a cannabis farm. 

And its resiny buds are as alluring as a beachside sunset. 

In terms of looks, this strain is the George Clooney of the cannabis world – dashing, attractive, and irresistibly charming!

Is Badazz Rolex Indica or Sativa?

Badazz Rolex is an Indica-dominant hybrid (80% Indica), which means you’re in for a relaxing body buzz as soothing as a Swedish massage in a beachside resort. 

A bit of Sativa magic in the mix also ensures you get a euphoric cerebral high. 

Is Badazz Rolex Indica or Sativa?

In short, this strain is a two-in-one deal, like getting a burger and finding out it comes with free fries!

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Let’s talk about what makes Badazz Rolex the powerhouse it is.

Terpenes Profile

Badazz Rolex has a rich terpene profile featuring myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, ocimene, and a-pinene

It’s like a fruit salad of terpenes that results in a unique flavor and aroma profile and also packs a few health benefits.

THC and CBD levels

Badazz Rolex is a bit of a show-off regarding THC levels. We’re talking about up to 22% THC content here. 

It’s like the cannabis version of Mount Everest, towering and impressive. 

The CBD levels are low (0.1-1%), but let’s face it, you’re not here for the CBD.

Aroma and Flavor

The aroma and flavor of Badazz Rolex is a blend of berry, pine, spicy, and herbal tones. 

Think of it as a forest fruit cocktail sprinkled with spices and a hint of pine.

Badazz Rolex Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

Enough talk about the flavor; let’s get to the buzz.


If Badazz Rolex were a music genre, it would be Jazz. 

Smooth, relaxing, yet uplifting.

Users often experience feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and upliftment. 

But a word of caution here – this strain can leave you sleepy, so maybe don’t plan to operate heavy machinery afterward!



Like a jealous lover, Badazz Rolex might leave you a bit thirsty.

So be sure to stay hydrated. 

And the high THC levels can cause some users paranoia or anxiety, so take it slow, and remember – good things come to those who wait.

Badazz Rolex Strain Helps With

Badazz Rolex is like the aspirin of the cannabis world. 

It’s been known to help with pain relief, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. 

It’s also a big hit in the insomniacs’ community for its soothing properties.

Growing Badazz Rolex

Roll up your sleeves and put on your gardening hat because we’re getting into the growing details.

Badazz Rolex Seeds

Badazz Rolex seeds come in a feminized version, which means no males to worry about. 

And they’re pretty easy to grow, making them perfect for novice and experienced growers alike.

Growing Guide

Badazz Rolex is a plant that doesn’t mind a bit of sun, like a beach bum lounging on the sands of Miami. 

Its preferred climate is similar to a Mediterranean-like region

Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse – this baby can be grown anywhere.

Growing Guide

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

Whether you want to keep Badazz Rolex as your indoor houseplant or let it bask in the glory of the great outdoors, this strain is up for anything. 

Just make sure to give it the love and care it deserves, and it will reward you with a bountiful yield.

Feeding Badazz Rolex Plants

Badazz Rolex plants aren’t too fussy about their diet. 

Feed them a healthy mix of nutrients, and they’ll be happy as a clam at high tide.

Flowering Time and Yield of Badazz Rolex Seeds

Patience is a virtue with Badazz Rolex. 

With a 9-10 weeks flowering time, it’s a bit of a wait. 

But, like the line at the DMV, it’s worth it. 

Expect yield range from 0.8 to 1.2 oz/ft² indoors and from 13 to 18 oz per plant outdoors.

Flowering Time and Yield of Badazz Rolex Seeds

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Badazz Rolex Strain

Looking for something a little different? Try one of these:

Black Demon strain, while as potent as Badazz Rolex, offers a darker, earthy flavor profile with a hint of spice, contrasting the latter’s dank and woody undertones.

Although similar in its Indica dominance, the San Fernando Valley strain brings about a more pungent, piney aroma than the subtle, earthy scent of the Badazz Rolex.

Compared to Badazz Rolex, Blueberry cannabis strain flaunts a sweeter, fruitier profile with its distinctive blueberry taste and aroma, providing an alternative for those seeking a less earthy experience.

Lemon Drizzle stands apart from Badazz Rolex with its zesty citrus aroma and flavor, offering a bright, refreshing high compared to the relaxing and calming effects of the Rolex strain.

StrainParent StrainsEffectsFlavors
Black DemonBlack Widow x Sensi StarRelaxed, Happy, EuphoricSweet, Berry, Citrus
San Fernando ValleyAfghani x SFV OGEnergetic, Happy, UpliftedEarthy, Pine, Sweet
BlueberryAfghani x Thai x Purple ThaiRelaxed, Happy, SleepyBerry, Sweet, Blueberry
Lemon DrizzleLemon Skunk x Silver HazeEnergetic, Uplifted, HappyLemon, Citrus, Sweet

At the end of the day, whether you choose Badazz Rolex or any of its alternatives, remember the golden rule of cannabis: It’s all about the vibes, baby! 

So keep exploring, keep enjoying, and remember – stay lifted!

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