Gorilla Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Information and Review

We’ve all been there, staring down at a bag of gorilla-shaped candy, dreaming of something a bit stronger. Well, dream no more – allow me to introduce you to Gorilla Zkittlez reviews, a deliciously potent weed strain that offers more than just a sugar rush. If you’re ready for a journey into the wild side of the weed spectrum,…

Gorilla Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Genetic: Gorilla Glue #4 x Zkittlez

THC: 20 – 24%

CBD: 0.1 – 1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Flowering Time: 60 – 65 days

Indoor Yield: 1.6 – 1.8 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 16 – 21 oz/plant

Effects: Balanced, Head-high, Physical

Flavors/Taste: Fruity, Grape, Sweet

Gorilla Zkittlez Weed Strain Genetics

Don’t let the sweet name fool you.

This weed is an intense experience that’s just as likely to leave you roaring like a gorilla as it is giggling like a kid in a candy store.

Origins and Lineage

First off, let’s talk lineage. This is the love child of Gorilla Glue #4 and Zkittlez weed strain, two cannabis famous in their own right.

Gorilla Glue #4, with its earthy and piney flavor, brings complexity to the candy-like sweetness of Zkittlez.

Origins and Lineage

Hailing from Barneys Farm, this concoction has an undeniable west coast vibe that just screams laid-back fun.


Legend has it Gorilla Zkittlez’s came to be when a master grower dropped a bag of Zkittlez into a Original Glue grow room.

Ok, I’m pulling your leg. In truth, the breeders at Barney’s Farm carefully crafted this genetic masterpiece with potency and flavor in mind, successfully merging the titanic strength with the fruity appeal.

The Appearance

In terms of appearance, this cannabis strain is a real eye-catcher.

This is a medium-sized plant that reaches 140-170cm in stature, whether it grows outdoors or indoors.

The hairs are small and nearly transparent-white, like its trichomes – which have an appealing shine. 

Its enormous trichome count pops against a canvas of dark green flowers and orange pistils.

Like a sunset over the Pacific, this strain showcases an array of deep greens; when exposed to cooler temperatures, the leaves may even exhibit a hint of royal purple.

But remember, you’re here to grow weed, not gaze at it!

Is Gorilla Zkittlez Indica or Sativa?

Now, for the million-dollar question. Well, drumroll, please… it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid!

This means you get the best of both worlds – the physical relaxation of Indica and the cerebral buzz of Sativa.

Is Gorilla Zkittlez Indica or Sativa?

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

You might think, “But what about the flavor and aroma?” Good news, friend, this strain has it all.

Terpenes Profile

It boasts a rich terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

You’ve got the spice of caryophyllene, the refreshing zest of limonene, and the calming presence of myrcene – a perfect trio!

THC and CBD levels

As for THC and CBD, this cannabis offers high THC levels from 20% to 24%!

CBD, however, sits at a modest 1%, meaning this strain is no joke – it packs a serious punch.

Beginners might find this strain a bit intense, like riding a gorilla through a candy factory.

Aroma and Flavor

Expect a potent bouquet of tropical flowers with a hint of chocolate when you open a jar of .

The taste follows suit, transitioning from sweet and fruity to earthy and chocolatey.

Gorilla Zkittlez Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

It’s time to talk about the good stuff – the effects and benefits.


This cannabis is your ultimate ticket to euphoria town, with side trips to a happy island.

It’s a potent trip, so remember to hydrate and keep some munchies nearby.



While the high is often blissful, it might bring along some uninvited guests – dry mouth and dry eyes are common.

In some cases, you might even experience a mild headache. As always, start low, and go slow.

Strain Helps With

It can help alleviate stress, depression, and insomnia.

Some users have reported that it aids in easing physical discomfort as well.

So whether you’re dealing with a pesky boss or just can’t shut your brain off for a good night’s sleep, this strain might just be your gorilla-sized savior.

Growing Gorilla Zkittlez

Let’s get down to business – growing this beast.

Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds

Feminized seeds are the name of the game when it comes to this cannabis

With these cannabis seeds, you’re guaranteed to see those sought-after female plants, meaning no wasted time or space.

Growing Guide

Growing this cannabis requires a little love and care, like raising a baby gorilla with less fur.

The plant can reach up to 140cm indoor, and 160cm outdoors, so pruning is recommended to keep your Gorilla from turning into King Kong.

Growing Guide

Denser bud sites improve the plant’s productivity, and pruning Gorilla Zkittlez so that it keeps low to the ground as it grows encourages more budding sites to sprout while keeping the height of the plant manageable.    

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

Whether you’re a fan of indoor grows or an outdoor enthusiast, this cannabis has covered you.

The plant flourishes in both environments; just watch out for pesky bugs.

Feeding Plants

As for feeding, these plants aren’t fussy eaters.

A balanced diet of essential nutrients will keep them happy and healthy.

If you want to go the extra mile, a dose of Cal-Mag can help to maximize those potent buds.

Flowering Time and Yield of Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds

Expect a flowering time of around 60 days when growing indoors.

Outdoor growers can look forward to harvesting buds in early October.

The yield is typically around 1.6 to 1.8 oz/ft² indoor and 16 to 21 oz per plant outdoors, depending on your growing conditions and experience.

Flowering Time and Yield of Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds

Remember, this cannabis isn’t just about size – it’s about quality too!

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Gorilla Zkittlez

You’ll agree that this weed is worth considering for your next grow.

It offers a fantastic balance of flavor, THC, and yield.

Just be ready for a powerful experience that might have you swinging from the trees!

Zkittlez: While Gorilla Zkittlez provides a powerful balance of uplifting and sedative effects, pure Zkittlez leans more towards an uplifting, full-bodied, and fruitful experience, renowned for its distinct, mouth-watering tropical fruit flavor.

Gorilla Glue: Unlike Gorilla Zkittlez which has a fruity undertone, Gorilla Glue is a pungent strain with earthy and sour flavors, known for its extreme potency and intense body effects, providing an even heavier sedating high.

Amnesia Haze: Compared to the relaxing qualities of Gorilla Zkittlez, Amnesia Haze is predominantly a sativa strain, well-loved for its high-energy, euphoric highs, and citrusy aroma, which makes it a perfect strain for daytime use.

Skywalker OG: While Gorilla Zkittlez offers a balance of physical and mental effects, Skywalker OG leans more towards heavy physical relaxation, featuring a piney aroma and providing users with a potent, fast-acting high that’s perfect for nighttime use.

Durban Poison: Unlike Gorilla Zkittlez’s balanced hybrid effects, Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain known for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects, providing users with a clear-headed high, which makes it an excellent choice for daytime activities.

Hindu Kush: Compared to the balanced high of Gorilla Zkittlez, Hindu Kush delivers a deep sense of physical relaxation and tranquility, with its signature sweet and earthy sandalwood aroma, making it a perfect choice for users seeking a calming nighttime strain.

Four-Way Strain: While Gorilla Zkittlez offers a blend of fruity flavors and relaxation, Four-Way Strain is known for its unique blend of effects from its combination of indica and sativa strains, offering a mild flavor and a balanced high that can suit any time of day.

Grandaddy Purple: Unlike Gorilla Zkittlez’s candy-flavored relaxation, Grandaddy Purple is a famous indica strain, recognized by its purple buds and grape, berry aroma, delivering a dreamy relaxation effect that makes it ideal for combating stress and insomnia.

White Widow: Compared to Gorilla Zkittlez’s fruity and tranquil profile, White Widow stands out with its resin-coated buds and a refreshing, pine flavor, offering a powerful burst of euphoria and energy, making it popular among users for creative pursuits.

StrainParent StrainsEffectsFlavors
ZkittlezGrape Ape and GrapefruitHappy, relaxed, euphoricSweet, berry, grape
Gorilla GlueChem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate DieselRelaxed, euphoric, happyPine, pungent
Amnesia HazeSoutheast Asian, Afghani, and Hawaiian Happy, uplifted, euphoricLemon, citrus, 
Skywalker OGSkywalker and OG KushRelaxed, happy, euphoricSweet, pungent
Durban PoisonLandrace from South AfricaUplifted, energetic, happySweet, , pine
Hindu KushPure Indica Landrace Relaxed, euphoric, happySweet, woody
Four-Way StrainIndian, Afghani, Pakistani and Skunk #1Relaxed, sleepy, happySweet, flowery
Grandaddy PurplePurple Urkle and Big BudRelaxed, sleepy, euphoricGrape, berry, sweet
White WidowSouth Indian and Brazilian landraceHappy, uplifted, relaxedWoody, flowery


Is Gorilla Zkittles indica or sativa?

Gorilla Zkittles is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a 60%/40% Indica-to-Sativa ratio.

Is Gorilla Zkittlez a good strain?

Yes, it’s highly appreciated for its strong effects, THC and flavors.

What is a Gorilla Zkittlez?

It is a high-yielding cannabis strain known for its sweet fruity flavors and potent effects.

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