Grape Stomper Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Ready to elevate your cannabis experience? Look no further! The Grape Stomper strain brings its all to the table, from a tantalizing flavor profile to some serious medical benefits. Whether you’re a casual smoker or a die-hard cannabis enthusiast, Grape Stomper has something for everyone.

Grape Stomper Marijuana Strain Information and Review

Type: 30% Indica / 70% Sativa

Genetic: Purple Elephant x Chemdawg Sour Diesel

THC: 19 – 23%

CBD: 0.2 – 0.6%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Flowering Time: 60 – 70 days

Indoor Yield: 1 – 1.2 oz/ft²

Outdoor Yield: 14 – 16 oz/plant

Effects: Arousal, Concentrated, Sleepy

Flavors/Taste: Grape, Pungent, Sweet

Read on to unlock the treasure trove of information about this captivating strain’s genetics, aroma, and potency, and get ready for a sensory journey that’s unforgettable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grape Stomper offers a THC range of 19%-23% and thrives best in regulated indoor environments.
  • With a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks, expect yields of 450-500g/m^2 indoors and up to 600g per plant outdoors.
  • The strain presents a unique aroma blend of grapes and diesel, accentuated by a complex terpene profile.
  • Grape Stomper seeds demand careful selection from reputable sources for best growing outcomes.
  • Compared to alternatives like Sour Grapes and Pacific Blue Chemdawg, Grape Stomper sits at a moderate growing difficulty level.

Grape Stomper Strain Genetics

Welcome to the heart of Grape Stomper: its genetics.

A truly phenomenal strain can only come from legendary parents, and Grape Stomper is no exception.

This strain stands on the shoulders of titans in the cannabis world, giving it a lineage worth every puff you take.

Origins and Lineage

The Grape Stomper strain is a genetic marvel, descended from the mythical Purple Elephant and the iconic Chemdawg Sour Diesel.

These parent strains are the rock stars of the cannabis universe, and their DNA flows through Grape Stomper’s veins.

Breeders have masterfully crossed these powerhouses, and the result? A strain that’s got that 30% indica vibe, and a 70% sativa-leaning charm.


Unfurling its leaves in the cannabis scene, Grape Stomper quickly became a staple for both recreational and medical users.

Why? Credit goes to its lineage and the breeders who understood the art of breeding.

Making waves across dispensaries and among consumers, this strain’s history is drenched in high praise and high THC levels, ranging from 19% to 23%.

Appearance of Grape Stomper Weed

Green is the new black with Grape Stomper!

This strain showcases a vivid palette of colors, from deep green to hues of purple, thanks to its Purple Elephant parent.

Its buds are a visual feast, covered in sparkling trichomes that hint at its potency.

ColorsDeep green with purple hues
Bud StructureMedium density, trichome-covered
TrichomesAbundant, crystal-like

Is Grape Stomper Indica or Sativa?

Is Grape Stomper Indica or Sativa

Let’s clear up the fog! Is Grape Stomper an indica or sativa? Or is it riding the hybrid wave?

Drumroll, please…Grape Stomper is a hybrid strain, but make no mistake, it leans heavily towards its sativa side, holding a sativa-to-indica ratio of about 70:30.

This means you can expect the stimulating cerebral effects typical of sativa strains, while also enjoying the calming body sensations that only indica traits can deliver.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Hey there, flavor hunters and aroma enthusiasts!

Buckle up as we delve into the psychedelic world of Grape Stomper’s cannabinoids and terpenes.

This isn’t just a strain that hits you with high THC levels.

It’s a complete package that dances through a rainbow of scents and flavors.

Intrigued? You should be!

Terpenes Profile

Let’s kick off with the aromatic notes that make Grape Stomper a fan favorite.

What are we smelling here? It’s the terpenes! And oh, what a profile we have:

  1. Myrcene – Think earthy and herbal.
  2. Caryophyllene – Spicy and peppery, like grandma’s kitchen.
  3. Pinene – Fresh forest and crisp pine.

These terpenes not only bless Grape Stomper with its unique aroma, but they also synergize with cannabinoids to enhance the overall experience.

This phenomenon is often called the entourage effect.

Pretty rad, huh?

THC and CBD levels

Time for the numbers! What’s the THC and CBD content in Grape Stomper? Check out this data table:

CannabinoidAverage Level
THC19% – 23%
CBD0.1% – 0.3%

With THC levels soaring up to 23%, this strain packs a wallop.

But don’t overlook the CBD.

Though low, it complements the THC, making for a balanced, well-rounded experience.

Aroma and Flavor

If Grape Stomper had an online dating profile, it would list its interests as long walks in grape orchards and a penchant for diesel fumes.

Yeah, you read that right! The aroma is a wild mix of grape, sweet berries, and a kick of diesel.

Taste-wise? A burst of fruity sweetness followed by earthy undertones, sending your taste buds on a joyride they won’t soon forget.

Grape Stomper Strain Effects and Medical Benefits

Let’s talk about why Grape Stomper has risen through the cannabis ranks to stardom.

What makes this strain not just a sensory delight but also a medical marvel?



Pop some Grape Stomper into your favorite device, and get ready to ride a wave of feelings.

First stop, euphoria.

As you inhale, your mind gets swept off its feet and into a state of bliss.

Next, the sativa side kicks in with creative energy and focus.

But don’t worry, the indica isn’t shy; it jumps in to relax your muscles, giving you the best of both worlds.


Now, hold your horses! No strain is a magic wand without any drawbacks.

Grape Stomper comes with its share of negatives.

Think dry mouth, and yes, the notorious dry eyes.

Some people also report feeling a bit dizzy or anxious, especially if they’re new to the strain or consume in larger amounts.

Grape Stomper Strain Helps With

Ready for some good news? Grape Stomper has a reputation for being incredibly beneficial in tackling a variety of medical conditions:

  • Pain Relief: The potent THC content helps numb that stubborn pain.
  • Anxiety: The calming indica traits make your worries float away.
  • Insomnia: A few puffs before bed could be your ticket to dreamland.

Whether you’re after recreational kicks or seeking medical benefits, Grape Stomper is a versatile strain that’s got you covered.

Growing Grape Stomper

Garden gurus and budding botanists, lend me your ears!

Remember, growing Grape Stomper strain isn’t a walk in the park, but oh, is it worth the hustle.

It’s like the rockstar of the cannabis world; a bit high-maintenance but delivers a killer performance.

Grape Stomper Seeds

First things first, where do you get your hands on Grape Stomper seeds?

You’ve got options, baby! You can snag them from reputable seed banks or online retailers.

Look for feminized seeds to avoid the hassle of male plants spoiling the party.

The seed quality can make or break your growing game, so choose wisely!

Growing Guide

Now that you’ve got those prized seeds, what’s next?

Well, it’s time to give them a home that’s as fabulous as they are!

Indoor and Outdoor Growing Info

Indoors or outdoors? That’s the big question.

Indoors, you’ll want to regulate temperature and humidity for these divas, keeping it between 70-80°F and a humidity level of 50-60%.

Outdoors, Grape Stomper thrives in a Mediterranean climate but remember, it’s a tad susceptible to mold and pests.

So keep that organic pesticide handy!

Feeding Grape Stomper Plants

You can’t let them starve, right? When it comes to feeding, think balanced nutrients.

A well-rounded mix of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K) should do the trick.

Cal-Mag supplements are also recommended to ward off nutrient deficiencies.

Treat ’em well, and they’ll treat you to some spectacular buds!

Flowering Time and Yield of Grape Stomper Seeds

Flowering Time and Yield of Grape Stomper Seeds

The magic moment! Flowering time typically spans 8 to 10 weeks.

You’re looking at a yield of around 450-500g/m^2 indoors and up to 600g per plant outdoors.

So yeah, these plants are not just for show; they’re super generous too.

Comparison of Alternative Strains to Grape Stomper Strain

How does Grape Stomper measure up to other strains? Time for a showdown!

StrainTHC LevelCBD LevelEffectsGrowing Difficulty
Grape Stomper19%-23%0.1%-0.3%Euphoric, Creative, RelaxedModerate
Sour Grapes17%-20%0.2%-0.5%Uplifting, EnergeticEasy
Sunken Treasure15%-18%0.2%-0.6%Calming, SleepyDifficult
Pac-Man OG18%-22%0.1%-0.2%Body High, RelaxedModerate
Pacific Blue Chemdawg20%-24%0.1%-0.3%Cerebral, Euphoric, HungryHard


How tall does Grape Stomper grow?

Indoors, expect heights of around 4-5 feet. Outdoors? It can stretch up to 7 feet!

Is Grape Stomper good for beginners?

This strain can be a bit finicky, so it’s recommended for those with some growing experience under their belt.

What’s the aroma profile like?

Imagine stuffing your nose into a grape-flavored candy bag and then taking a walk in a diesel factory. Yeah, it’s that wild!

Can I grow Grape Stomper hydroponically?

Absolutely, but keep in mind it requires a well-maintained setup to thrive.

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