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Buy Psychosis Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale - DSS



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Elevate your cannabis experience with Psychosis Seeds. Find them at DSS for an extraordinary journey. Free worldwide shipping available.

  • Genetic: Querkle x Urkle
  • Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • THC: 18 to 22%
  • CBD: 0.1 to 1%
  • Flowering Time: 55 to 60 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Moderate
  • Climate: Mild
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Plant size: Medium
  • Indoor: 1.4 to 1.8 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor: 26 to 35 oz/plant
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Free & Discreet Shipping

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Worldwide Delivery

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Germination Guaranteed

About this strain:

  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy
  • Helps with: Insomnia, Mood, Pain
  • Flavors/Taste: Earthy, Fruity, Skunk, Sweet
  • Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene

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5 free seeds for every $100 spent

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Psychosis Feminized Seeds Information

Listen up, green-thumbed adventurers and connoisseurs! 

Are you hunting for a strain that's got it all - indica vibes, sativa pep, and flavors that twist your taste buds? 

Then look no further than Psychosis Feminized Seeds

Let's dive into this captivating strain, offering not just a trip down euphoria lane but also gifting growers a satisfying challenge. 

Trust me, this is an offer you don't want to sleep on.

Psychosis Strain Origin

Psychosis Strain Origin

Born from the tantalizing genetics of Querkle and Urkle, Psychosis is a spectacular hybrid that boasts a 60% indica and 40% sativa ratio. 

Its blend of indica and sativa characteristics makes it a standout performer in both the medical and recreational fields. 

This groovy hybrid doesn't just ride the middle road - it makes it its own.

Psychosis Weed Effects

Heads up! 

When you light up Psychosis, get ready for a rollercoaster of sensations. 

The strain offers a euphoric onset, coaxing your senses into pure bliss before easing into a relaxed, sleepy finish. 

That's right; it's not just another couch-locker or mind-racer; it's a well-balanced experience that'll make you say, "Ah, this is just right."


When it comes to cannabinoid content, Psychosis strain is a heavyweight champion. 

Boasting THC levels that range from 18% to a staggering 22%, this strain is not for the faint-hearted. 

While the CBD levels linger below 1%, the high THC levels offer significant medical benefits, particularly for those dealing with insomnia, mood swings, and chronic pain.

Aroma and Flavor

Aroma and Flavor

One puff, and you'll know what I'm talking about! 

Psychosis is a symphony of fruity, earthy, skunk, and sweet notes that play a captivating tune for your olfactory and taste buds. 

It's the kind of strain that leaves a lasting impression and has you coming back for another sensory dance.

Growing Psychosis Plants

Why keep experiencing Psychosis from a distance when you can cultivate it in your very own garden? 

The journey of growing this plant is as rewarding as the high itself. 

Whether you're a veteran cultivator or a rookie looking to add an intriguing project to your cannabis garden, Psychosis brings you a moderate challenge with massive payoffs.

Preferred Climate

This beauty prefers a mild climate to show its true colors, literally and figuratively. 

A cold climate might pose a challenge, but if you can maintain a temperate environment, you'll be gifted with a lime-colored plant adorned with brownish-orange hairs.

Indoor and Outdoor Yield

You're in for a good harvest with this one. 

Expect an indoor yield ranging from 1.4 to 1.8 oz/ft², and when the great outdoors beckon, anticipate a whopping 26 to 35 oz per plant.

Flowering Time

Flowering Time

From the moment those buds start flowering, you're looking at a quick 55 to 60 days until it's harvest time. 

Talk about efficiency! 

And while the growth starts off small, around six weeks, this plant will shoot up and cap off at a moderate height.

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Get the highest quality seeds that come with the promise of an extraordinary cannabis journey.

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Guess what? 

Dutch Seeds Shop goes beyond just delivering quality seeds; we also offer free worldwide shipping, including to the USA. 

Considering we also offer a fast delivery option (just 2 to 5 days) along with the bonus of free seeds on all orders over $100, it's pretty clear why Dutch Seeds Shop is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

Similar Marijuana Seeds

Hey growers and tokers, if Psychosis has piqued your curiosity, why stop there? 

Let's dive into other intriguing strains that share similarities with Psychosis yet bring their own unique flair to the table.

These strains have something for everyone, whether it's yield, flowering time, or that magical indica-to-sativa ratio.

  • Skunk #1: A cornerstone in the cannabis world, fem Skunk #1 seeds offer a 65/35 indica-sativa ratio, similar like our friend Psychosis. However, its THC levels usually hover around 15-19%, making it slightly less potent. The yield is comparable, but Skunk #1 is known for its pungent, skunky aroma that contrasts Psychosis' fruity notes.
  • Ghost Train Haze: This one's for sativa lovers, boasting an 80% sativa blend. While Psychosis takes you on a balanced ride, Ghost Train Haze is like a shot of espresso for your soul. Yields can be hefty, but remember, this strain's longer flowering time and sky-high THC levels (up to 27%) make it a ride for the more experienced.
  • Purple Flo Berry: Ah, the beauty! Like Psychosis, Purple Flo Berry offers moderate growth difficulty and a colorful presentation. It leans towards indica with a 60/40 ratio, mirroring Psychosis. However, its yield tends to be on the lower side, and it swaps out Psychosis' earthy tones for a more berry-centric aroma.
  • Sour Tsunami: This strain is a game-changer for CBD lovers, boasting CBD levels that can reach up to 10-11%. Unlike Psychosis, which leans more on the THC side, Sour Tsunami weed seeds provide a milder high. Both strains share moderate growth difficulty, but Sour Tsunami is your go-to if you're looking for medicinal benefits without the intense high.


How much does the Psychosis strain yield? 

Expect indoor yields of 1.4 to 1.8 oz/ft² and outdoor yields of 26 to 35 oz per plant.

How long does it take for Psychosis to flower? 

Flowering time ranges from 55 to 60 days.

Is Psychosis a sativa or indica? 

Psychosis is a hybrid, comprising 60% indica and 40% sativa.

1 review for Psychosis Feminized Seeds

  1. Dan Wiroth

    Exodus Psychosis is an exceptional strain! The resin production is off the charts, and the lime-colored buds with orange hairs are a sight to behold. The aroma is a unique blend of grape and skunk, and the dense, crystal-loaded buds deliver a powerful punch. Just be patient with the slow start, but it’s totally worth it in the end!

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