Buy Sweet Tooth Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale - DSS

Buy Sweet Tooth Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale - DSS



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Buy Sweet Tooth feminized marijuana seeds for indica dominant strain offering abundant yields, potent buds and high THC levels. Free shipping ✓!

  • Genetic: Nepalese x Hawaiian
  • Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • THC: 16 to 19%
  • CBD: 0.1 to 1%
  • Flowering Time: 56 to 63 days
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Climate: Mild
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Plant size: Medium
  • Indoor: 1.4 to 1.6 oz/ft²
  • Outdoor: 17 to 20 oz/plant
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Free & Discreet Shipping

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Worldwide Delivery

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Germination Guaranteed

About this strain:

  • Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy
  • Helps with: Bipolar-Disorder, Chronic Pain, Menstrual-Cramps, Muscle-Spasms, PSTD, Rheumatic Arthritis
  • Flavors/Taste: Floral, Sweet, Woody
  • Terpenes: Bisabolol, Camphene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Terpinolene

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5 free seeds for every $100 spent

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Sweet Tooth Feminized Seeds Information

Dive into the world of Sweet Tooth, a strain that encapsulates the essence of an enchanting experience with every puff.

With its intriguing lineage and impressive stats, this strain has garnered a robust reputation in the cannabis community.

Here's an all-encompassing guide to help you decode the magic of Sweet Tooth feminized seeds.

Sweet Tooth Strain Origin

Sweet Tooth Strain Origin

Hailing from an illustrious lineage, Sweet Tooth carries the genes of AfghaniNepalese, and Hawaiian strains.

It's not just any cannabis strain; it's a blend of some of the best.

Boasting a balanced mix of 60% indica and 40% sativa, Sweet Tooth offers a harmonious experience tailored for those who appreciate the best of both worlds.

With its vibrant genetics, this strain radiates a unique aura, promising a surreal experience.

Sweet Tooth Weed Effects

A puff of Sweet Tooth is like a gentle caress, setting off a cascade of relaxation.

Users often describe the experience as a serene journey punctuated with moments of euphoria and profound calmness.

It's a dance of sensations, where every note is harmonious, and every move is graceful.

But there's more to Sweet Tooth than just relaxation.

As the high sets in, a wave of happiness washes over, painting the world in brighter hues.

The day's stresses fade, replaced by a blanket of tranquility and a touch of drowsiness.

It's nature's lullaby in its purest form.


With THC levels swinging between 16% and 19%, Sweet Tooth is not lightweight.

It promises a robust experience marked by clarity and euphoria.

Every drag is like a step into a world where worries are distant echoes, and joy is the prevailing tune.

On the other hand, its CBD content is modest, hovering below 1%.

But don't be mistaken; even this tiny percentage plays a crucial role.

Together with THC, it crafts a holistic experience, addressing both the mind and the body.

It's a symphony where every note adds depth, no matter how subtle.

Aroma and Flavor

Aroma and Flavor

To describe Sweet Tooth's aroma is to narrate a tale of enchanting gardens and mystic woods.

It beckons with floral whispers, deep woody undertones, and a dominant sweetness that lingers.

Every whiff is an invitation to a sensory fiesta that's hard to decline.

Taste-wise, Sweet Tooth doesn't disappoint.

It mirrors its aroma, flooding the palate with a melange of flavors.

The first drag brings a burst of floral notes, quickly followed by a rich sweetness reminiscent of fresh berries and tropical fruits.

It's a carnival for the taste buds, with every puff promising a new delight.

Growing Sweet Tooth Plants

Sweet Tooth is like a dream come true for the cultivators at heart.

Not only does it promise bountiful yields, but it's also a joy to grow.

With its vibrant colors and robust growth patterns, it's a sight to behold, promising rewards that go beyond just the harvest.

Whether you've got a sprawling garden or a tiny balcony, Sweet Tooth adapts and thrives.

It's not fussy; it's fabulous.

From germination to flowering, it's a testament to nature's wonders, showcasing resilience, beauty, and abundance.

Preferred Climate

Every plant has a comfort zone; for Sweet Tooth, it's the mild climate.

Think of regions where the sun plays peek-a-boo and the winds sing lullabies.

While it's a hardy strain, a bit of love in the form of the right temperature and humidity can work wonders.

But here's the best part: Sweet Tooth is resilient.

Even if Mother Nature throws a curveball, this strain stands tall, braving the challenges and promising a hearty yield.

It's like that friend who shines brightest during adversities.

Indoor and Outdoor Yield

When Sweet Tooth promises, it delivers.

Grow it indoors, and you're looking at a lush yield of 1.4 to 1.6 oz/ft².

But let it bask under the sun, and it outdoes itself, offering a staggering 17 to 20 oz per plant.

It's like nature's jackpot, waiting to be claimed.

What's the secret behind its generosity?

It's a blend of genetics, care, and a touch of love.

While its parents lay a strong foundation, a bit of attention ensures that Sweet Tooth reaches its maximum potential, promising a harvest that's both abundant and premium.

Flowering Time

Flowering Time

In the world of cannabis, the flowering time is a period of anticipation, and with Sweet Tooth, it's worth the wait. 

56 to 63 days post-flowering, and you're rewarded with buds that glisten with promise and potency.

However, this timeline isn't rigid.

Factors like growing techniques and environmental conditions can influence it.

But here's a tip: let nature take its course.

Patience, in the case of Sweet Tooth, yields rewards that are both bountiful and beautiful.

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Similar Marijuana Seeds

While Sweet Tooth reigns supreme with its unique blend of flavors and effects, the vast universe of cannabis has other stars that shine brightly.

Here's a lineup of strains, each compared to the beloved Sweet Tooth:

  • Cotton Candy: A tantalizing treat much like Sweet Tooth, Cotton Candy boasts a sweeter aroma. Though they both promise euphoria, Cotton Candy's high leans more towards a cerebral uplift.
  • Super Silver Haze: Known for its electrifying buzz, Super Silver Haze contrasts with Sweet Tooth's relaxing embrace. They might share some aromatic notes, but their effects are worlds apart.
  • Ice Cream Cake: A decadent dessert strain, Ice Cream Cake brings a creamier flavor profile to the table. While both strains can lead you to a dreamy state, Ice Cream Cake offers a more soothing nighttime high.
  • Cookies & Cream: Rich in flavor and potency, Cookies & Cream is a worthy contender to Sweet Tooth. Both strains entice with sweet undertones, but Cookies & Cream adds a hint of baked goodness to the mix.
  • Blueberry Teeth: Blueberry Teeth resonates with fruity vibes, setting it apart from Sweet Tooth's woodier notes. The former might surprise with bursts of berries, but both promise a memorable experience.
  • Sweet Tooth X Gorilla Glue: A hybrid that marries Sweet Tooth's charm with Gorilla Glue's potency. This fusion intensifies the relaxation, making it a strain for those seeking a deeper dive into tranquillity.


How much does Sweet Tooth yield? 

Expect indoor yields of 1.4 to 1.6 oz/ft² and outdoor yields ranging from 17 to 20 oz per plant.

Is Sweet Tooth hard to grow? 

Not at all! Sweet Tooth is known for its easy-growing nature, suitable for both novices and experts.

What is Sweet Tooth good for? 

Besides its euphoric high, it offers potential medical benefits like alleviating fatigue, muscle spasms, and stress.

3 reviews for Sweet Tooth Feminized Seeds

  1. Helena Varela

    Sweet Tooth seeds exceeded my expectations! As a novice grower, I found this strain incredibly easy to cultivate. The balanced Sativa-Indica ratio provided a mellow and uplifting high, perfect for daytime use. The buds were resinous and aromatic, and the plants showed great resilience. Highly recommended for beginners!

  2. Helena varela

    I can’t recommend these seeds enough! These plants were a breeze to grow, making them a dream for beginners like me. The balanced Sativa-Indica blend delivered a gentle, uplifting high ideal for daytime use. The buds, oozing resin and aromatic, were a true delight. My plants demonstrate remarkable resilience. This strain has far exceeded my expectations by a lot

  3. Happy Gardener

    great flavor, and easy growth

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