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Lupus and Cannabis

Can Cannabis Help in Controlling Lupus?

Often hard to recognize, Lupus is considered to be among the most chronic diseases. It an autoimmune disease that results when the immunity system of your own body starts attacking your own organs and tissues. It not only widespreads inflammation all over your body but can also lead to a lasting damage if the conditions are not treated.

Lupus does not have a cure but the symptoms can be controlled and what better way than to control these symptoms through Cannabis, right? Yes, Cannabis can help and serve as a great means in curing Lupus and it’s symptoms.

Lupus Symptoms

Lupus Symptoms

Symptoms of Lupus:

Lupus is among the diseases which are difficult to diagnose because it’s symptoms are often similar to other ailments. But among those symptoms, the most distinctive is the facial butterfly, i.e., a facial rash that appears like the wings of a butterfly, unfolded on both the cheeks. This symptom occurs in majority of the cases but not all due to which Lupus is a hard to tell kind of disease.

No two cases are the same with Lupus. It depends upon the body and how the diseases is affecting it. The symptoms can go from mild to even severe and come and go in Flares. Though, the most familiar symptoms observed can be:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain along with swelling and stiffness
  • Sun lesions that occur or worsen due to sunlight
  • Finger or toes turning white or at times blue when in contact with stress or something cold
  • Butterfly shaped rash on your face
  • Dry eyes
  • Feeling out of breath
  • Headaches, memory loss and confusion
  • Chest Pain

Cause of Lupus:

The direct cause of Lupus can still not be understood but gladly the disease is not at all contagious and can be transmitted genetically. Still, there are few potential triggers like:

  • Sunlight: When a person who genetically has Lupus and comes in contact with sun, the person can start seeing the skin lesions and rash
  • Infections: Infections can cause relapse or initiate Lupus
  • Medications: Drug induced Lupus are easy to cure as they stop when the patient stops taking the medicines. It can be caused due to certain kinds of anti seizure medication, antibiotics or at times medications used for blood pressure.

Who are at risk?

The risk of getting a Lupus depends upon factors such as your sex, age and race. Lupus is considered to be more common in women. Even though it is said to affect the people of all ages, oftenly the patients fall under the age group of 15 to 45 and is more common with the African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanics.

Lupus, a condition that stirs in about 5 million people globally, can be controlled through Cannabis.

Cannabis Inflammation

How can Cannabis help?

Cannabis for Inflammation:

Inflammation is caused due to your body’s reaction to the infection. This is your body’s way to show you that your body needs healing.

Cannabis is very effective in suppressing the inflammation caused due to Lupus.

CB2 receptors balance the inflammatory reaction and along with the cannabinoids, the widespread caused due to the disease can quickly be brought to ease. Medical marijuana strains can also help in increasing the anti-inflammatory proteins. Not only that, it can help the patient relieve from the Chronic pain induced by this disease.

Cannabis to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Just like managing all the diseases, a healthy lifestyle is a must as it works beyond medication. A huge number of Lupus patients prefer using Cannabis in their routine and consume it in several types.

When smoked, Cannabis is known to provide  an instant relief but many patients choose to use it in an edible way as it works best when cannabinoids are directly combined with the other chemicals of stomach.

Over-all Impact:

The most important function that makes CBD the best cannabinoid for Lupus is the anti-inflammatory function. With more options available in the market like CBD rich flower and various extracts, it easier for the patients to use it as a medication.

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