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Cannabis in Drought

Can You Grow Cannabis In Draught Conditions?

Growing cannabis is an art and also a science as you need to take care of a lot of parameters like the climate, soil condition, area available for growth etc. Of these pre requisites, one important factor is the availability of water. Cannabis plants require adequate hydration in order to grow properly. Cannabis plants can stop thriving in draught like conditions. Owing to the drastically changing climatic conditions, commercial growers need to ensure the countermeasures to deal with such conditions.

The commonest problems faced by cannabis growers across the globe are different and specific to their location. Wildfires in California, Snow storms in Europe are some of them. The rise in pollution has caused the carbon dioxide levels to rise leading to melting of polar ice and thinning of the ozone layer. A major impact of this is on the summer temperatures that are steadily on the rise making it impossible for cannabis and other plants to thrive. Hence all necessary precautions need to be taken by the farmers and growers.

Bubble kush

Bubble kush

Choosing The Correct Strain

When growing cannabis, it is very important to choose the right strain. This is because not all strains can tolerate high temperatures. There are many growing options for cannabis like indoors, outdoors and greenhouse. A wise outdoor grower will choose seeds that thrive in hot temperatures in order to get a good yield. Some of the popular strains that grow well in Mediterranean climates with little water are Critical and Bubba Kush Automatic.

Growing Methods In Draught Conditions

  1. Soil Mix: In outdoor plants, this is the most important factor. If you want to get a good crop in a dry and hot climate, then the best way to do so is to enrich your soil by using nutritious mixes that can trap water and make it available to the plant. One such popular mix is peat moss that has the capacity to hold water 20 times its weight. The only disadvantage is that it increases the ph of the soil. For this another substance called Oyster shell powder is added that is rich is calcium and it maintains the soil ph. Cannabis plants grow very well when you give them calcium. Such kind of rich and absorbent soil mix forms an excellent base for the growing plants when there is a shortfall of water.
  2. Compost: Fertilizers can also be used to make the soil fit for draught conditions. Slow releasing fertilizers can absorb water very efficiently. Majority of the composts available are acidic so it is advisable to check the ph before buying. For outdoor cannabis plants, the best thing to use is a mix of peat moss, compost and oyster shell powder as it is provides the perfect ph and absorbs water very nicely.
  3. Coconut Coir: Coconut coir is another very absorbent material used in the soil. It is however more expensive than peat moss and does not alter the soil ph.
  4. Sawdust: Sawdust is an inexpensive soil enhancer that has very good absorbent properties. Sawdust must however be dried and stored outdoors before it can be used. It is rich in potassium and calcium. Earthworms and soil microbes also have an affinity towards sawdust making it beneficial to the plant
  5. Leaf Mold: Dried leaves are collected during fall and dried. They can hold a lot of moisture. Leaves cannot be used all by themselves and so they are mixed with lime and blood meal following which the mixture is composted outdoors. The resultant thick soil conditioner is then rich in magnesium, calcium and other essential microorganisms.
  6. Polymers: Apart from all the above, water absorbing polymers are also available these days or outdoor plants. The polymers contract and expand with the rainwater thus providing the plants with necessary nutrients. Adequate water to the plant will ensure a good and healthy crop.

Rain water harvesting and greenhouse crop growing with artificial water supply are also some of the methods that are being employed by cannabis growers these days.

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