Canadian Government Is Allowing Patients to Use Magic Mushrooms for Treatment

Canadian Government Is Allowing Patients to Use Magic Mushrooms for Treatment

Canadian government will now be allowing 4 patients with incurable cancer to receive psilocybin therapy that uses the drug found in the so called Magic Mushrooms or even known as shrooms for making their life stressless. This decision of Health Minister Patty Hajdu is the first time since 1974 that a legal exemption is going to be given in Canada for patients to access psychedelic treatment. According to one of the news releases by TheraPsil, one of the non-profit organizations is going to help Canadians gain access to psilocybin therapy.

Laurie Brooks who is a terminally ill patient out of the four patients expressed her gratitude for the approval as it came over 100 days after the four patients made their plea to the government. The acknowledgement of the pain and anxiety that Laurie Brooks have been suffering with means a lot to her. She is really happy with results. She hopes that this is just the beginning and soon each and every Canadians will be able to access psilocybin for therapeutic use to help with the pain they are experiencing and that too without having to petition the government for months to gain permission. Thomas Hartle, who is also a patient said that thinking about his inevitable death triggered his anxiety on a daily basis. The magic mushroom gives you a rapid heart rate and it also makes you feel good. He also mentioned that the anti-anxiety medication which he was using was not helping as much as he wanted. And that is the reason why he and three others urged the government to make a legal exemption for them to use the drug which has been illegal in Canada for almost 46 years now.

Some of the research shows that psilocybin which is the drug found in magic mushrooms has significantly relieves anxiety and depression in patients with advanced cancer. There is another very common stress relieving option, THC Vape Juice. As THC vape juice is mainly concentrated THC, so the effects are the same as you’d experience when smoking a high THC strain. One of the published study by researchers at NYU Langone Health also found that among 29 patients with cancer related depression and anxiety who were given a single dose of psilocybin in combination with psychotherapy which is about 60 to 80% showed clinically good amount of  reductions in anxiety, depression and existential distress and it also improved attitudes toward the death. Also, the study included that nearly 3 to 5 years later, around 15 of the patients showed long term improvements. Therefore, more than 75 percent of them attributed positive life changes to the therapy experience rating it among the most personally meaningful and spiritually significant experiences of their lives, based on the study.

Magic mushrooms which are also known as Psychedelic Mushrooms aka shrooms belong to a group of polyphyletic fungi which humans use for their medicinal properties. If it is used correctly, Psychedelic mushrooms can be helpful for people to deal with a range of physical and psychological conditions. The most important ingredient in Psychedelic mushrooms is called psilocybin. It is responsible for the psychedelic effects normally associated with shrooms.   

So you must be thinking how magic mushrooms work in the body. So let us help you with its functioning in the body. When psychedelic mushrooms are ingested the psilocybin interacts with that part of the brain which regulates abstract thinking, mood, thought analysis, and perception. And this results in the distortions of time and hallucinogenic effects and reality common to shroom use. The Psychedelic mushrooms have now become a very popular medicine and continues to make a name for itself. It is in large part because of the wide range of therapeutic effects that magic mushrooms provide users. 

So, before you use magic mushrooms it is important to note that not all psychedelic mushrooms are the same. For example, some magic mushrooms strains contain higher concentrations of psilocybin and are more potent than milder types. Also, even the same strain sometimes can vary in effects and potency depending on the particular batch. It actually depends on the farmer’s expertise and practices and it plays a large factor. At the same time, the amount of psilocybin taken will largely determine how intense your experience will be. For instance, a guy who ingests 3 grams of potent magic mushrooms Canada is expected to experience the full effects. However, people who microdose are not likely to experience any psychedelic effects. The Canadian Health Department had started granting exemptions to people with terminal illness from this year. They are now allowed to consume the drug without any legal problems. Psychedelic mushrooms are the best to treat depression. If you have anxiety or depression then you can also consume it for getting relief from depression and anxiety.

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