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Spannabis Awards

Candida (CD-1) And Nightingale (NN-1) Win Two Awards At Spannabis 2017, Madrid

Spannabis one of the largest festivals of copious cannabis consumption held in Pebellon de Cristal of Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain this year, was celebrated with much fanfare this year also from 13th-15th October. Madrid, the capital city of Spain became the world cannabis capital. The seventh edition of the festival was received with a lot of enthusiasm by people from all around the world and the attendance was mind blowing.

Medical Cannabis and It’s Popularity

The medical usage of cannabis, weed is growing in popularity day by day. The benefits extracted help in curing a lot of health related problems at a much faster pace. People, including researchers and doctors are becoming aware about this and are conducting a lot of researches to support the cause of vital benefits of cannabis and why it should be legalized. Many countries have already legalized cannabis owing to its medical purpose and many doctors have started prescribing it to their patients too.

One of the major contributors to the research on the therapeutic qualities of cannabis are the founders of Medical Marijuana Genetics who first discovered about its benefits in 2014 while trying to find a cure for one of the founder’s last stage pancreatic cancer. The usage of cannabis oil was very effective for the mother and she was able to move around freely without any pain. Even though she died, as she was in the last stage but the founders of Medical Marijuana Genetics were encouraged to expand their research and understand the full benefit of marijuana strictly for therapeutic purpose. Cannabis strains were created only to realize its massive positive effects.

In the 2017 Spannabis, Medical Marijuana Genetics won two awards in the CBD category for Nightingale (NN-1) 3RD place and Candida (CD-1) 2nd place. The company won the 1st place in the CBD category for Orinoco (OR-1) at the same event held in Barcelona earlier this year.

As a part of research, the founders talked to a lot of patients and communities (cannabis) from all over the world to understand if the cannabinoids with cannabis genetics high existed or not. It was soon understood that the number is very limited and hence began the journey of working with award winning breeders from Spain’s Basque region to specifically create CBD dominant cannabis strains.

A combination of several established strains from genetics led to the creation of Candida (CD-1) which means ‘bright light’ (Latin) and is named after one of the founder’s mother. The initial tests showed promising results and has helped the founders keep their spirits high. The consistency in the ratio of CBD:THC has been rarely seen in other strains and the percentage ratio point out that it is the most consistent CBD-rich seed strain ever created in Europe. The high level of CBD and lesser amount of THC helps in ensuring that it will remove the “high” factor and a non-psychoactive plant.

After the success of the first strain, the founder-duo went to create 12 such strains using Candida. Within the lawful jurisdiction, the cannabis plant has a lot to offer in terms of therapeutics. It includes treatments for different symptoms like skin conditions, nausea, vomiting, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, intestinal disorders, infections and many more.

Nightingale, on the other hand named after Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, is a poly hybrid indica bred from the CD-1 and Shiskaberry. The testing of Nightingale showed amazing CBD levels ranging from 20.3% to 10.3% and the THC levels varied from 1:1 to 20:1.

One of the founders of Medical Marijuana Genetics, John Green was quoted by at the award function, “We are lucky and proud to have the best breeding team recognized at Spannabis Madrid 2017 and for our strains Candida CD-1 and Nightingale NN-1 to take two prizes in the CBD category. With 3 out of our 7 available strains now recognized cup winners, we hope that all customers and patients can take the same pleasure and health benefits that we know these strains can provide.”

The team continues its research and plans to create many such strains with beneficial amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. With the way marijuana researches are being carried out, it can only be said that the progress in the healthcare sector is going to be in the upward direction with such amazing creations being carried out.

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