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Cannabis Patches

Cannabis Patches – Are They Effective For Pain Relief?

Cannabis is popular as a drug but it has medicinal uses too. When it is being employed for medicinal use, the method of intake of cannabis becomes very important. These methods can be changed to adapt to the needs of patients with different ailments. One such latest method of cannabis administration is cannabis patches. By applying these patches on the venous area of the body, the cannabinoids directly enter into the bloodstream. You do not have to grow, harvest or process a cannabis plant at all. These patches are effective and provide long lasting relief. They are increasingly being used for pain relief in various medical conditions and fibromyalgia patients.

You all must have commonly come across the term nicotine patches which are used by smokers as a deaddiction method. The patches cause a slow release of nicotine in the blood and prevent severe withdrawal symptoms in smokers thus helping them to quit. The nicotine released from the patch is discreet method and doesn’t have many side effects. The same kind of concept is now being applied to cannabis. The only concern here is that the drug is used for smoking and means of abuse like vaping etc. The adverse health effects that are associated with drug abuse are many. The patches however are a promising mode of treatment  requiring specific combinations of chemicals. Let us get an understanding on how these medicated cannabis patches work and where they can be put to use.

Types of Patches

Types of Patches

Types Of Cannabis Patches

Weed patches are available in many varieties containing isolated cannabinoids like THC, CBN, THCA and CBD. There are patches that have a ratio of CBD:THC of 1:1. Depending on the need, the specific patch can be chosen. For example, if an individual is buying MJ patches for pain relief, he can choose the one with high CBD (cannabidiol). For complaints like insomnia, you may need CBN (cannabinol). Both CBN and CBD have a wide range of medicinal properties and can be used for treating conditions like chronic pain.

How Do Transdermal Patches Work?

The concept is that the cannabis trapped within the patches should move out to more favourable conditions. This is achieved by use of additives like permeation enhances and substances called carriers. By using a permeation enhancer, the drug in the transdermal patch is able to cross the epidermis of the skin which is a protective layer keeping toxins away from the body. The challenge in making effective transdermal patches is that you need to create a product that is stable for good use and also contains unstable cannabinoids that want to move form the patch into the bloodstream with the help of a permeation carrier.

The patches have adhesive tape on one side which attaches to the skin, bringing in direct contact the medical gauze that contains the cannabinoids. When they are absorbed into the body, a sustained release action occurs. The effect of these cannabinoids like pain lowering and anti inflammatory action then kicks in.

Companies like Mary’s Medicinals and Cannabis Science have brought such patches into the market in year 2013. The patches introduced by Cannabis Science have revolutionised the use of cannabis by anti inflammatory CBD administration directly into the body. Currently the patches are being used to treat conditions like fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy.

High CBD marijuana strains are most often used to make these patches.

Uses Of Cannabis Patches

  • Pot patches can be used for effective and long lasting pain relief.
  • The cannabis metabolises can be used to control withdrawal symtpoms of addictions, smoking and alcoholism.
  • They are useful in treating patients with fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy.
  • The use of these patches is discreet.

What Is The Future Of Cannabis Patches?

The future prospects of transdermal patches is extremely bright. The comapanies like Cannabis Science plan to bring about more patches in coming years. Recently the legalisation of marijuana is popular talk. An effective administration mode if used, can increase the medical use of cannabis. Transdermal patches have minimal side effects when used for patients with pain and so they have trapped the interest of patients, doctors and drug manufacturers alike. The coming days and legalisation rules on marijuana will greatly impact the future of marijuana patches.

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