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The Cannabis Rescue – Curing Arthritis

CBD cannabis

Arthritis is one of the most primary health conditions affecting every 1 individual among 10 people in the United States. Some live with the pain, while many look for various treatments that kill the pain and helps us live with ease. The damage done to our bones and health by the disease makes it one of the major cause of disability. However, what we don’t know is that Marijuana is and has been used as one of the best medications for treating Arthritis since a long time period. 

According to the Chinese medicine history, Cannabis is known as a plant that treats Rheumatisim.

Even today, a lot of people use the extracts of the plant to treat arthritis and get relief from its pain.

In the early 19th century, Cannabis tinctures were easily available in various pharmacy stores as a medicine or a pain killer. But with its wide usage as a weed to enjoy its buzz, the plant soon became illegal in most states.

Photo of cannabis seeds high in CBD

Cannabis and Osteo-Arthritis

A common type of arthritis, where the cartilage in the bones of the affected person, wears away. CBD is known as a compound helping to treat arthritis pain.

The arthritis can affect your knees, hands, neck, hips and even your lower back. Taking Cannabis in prescribed amounts has considerable effect on the disease. It reduces the swelling in the joints, and also relieves us from the pain.

Cannabis and Rheumatoid-Arthritis

An auto-immune condition, Rheumatoid-Arthritis attacks the joints in our body causing severe debilitation in the patients. Cannabis, with its wide range of bio-chemical components prove to be a great treatment against the disease. It provides relief from the severe pain, also curing the condition slowly.

Cannabinoids for Treating Arthritis Pain

CBD and THC are two cannabinoids that have a profound efficiency against Arthritis. The components have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are helpful against Rheumatoid arthritis. THC, one of the most renowned components of Cannabis helps reduce anxiety and also depression in the patients usually suffering from arthritis and other painful diseases. Many people with arthritis choose to order a few high THC level seeds and grow therapeutically potent cannabis plants at home.

The efficiency of the plant in reducing the effect of arthritis and curing the disease makes it one of the most important components in the medications for arthritis. The plant has no side-effect, unlike other medications consumed by arthritis patients which affect their kidneys. It helps you to recover your appetite, usually lost due to the high medicinal doses. However, it is best when you take the cannabis extracts within the mentioned prescribed amount.

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