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Marijuana Promises To keep Away Heart Attack Risks!

Marijuana Promises To keep Away Heart Attack Risks! Marijuana, in the recent times, has gained a lot of attention as a medicine herb rather than a weed enjoyed for its buzz. With a series of studies and researches performed, it has now been proved by universities and labs that certain strains of the Cannabis plant […]

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Tips on Growing Marijuana Indoors!

Do you want to grow Marijuana indoors, yourself? Well, it's not at all a very tedious task nor is it some rocket science which needs a lot of care. Growing marijuana in your home has great many advantages, particularly for your health. The strains are scientifically treated to grow in the specific conditions, and for […]

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Research proves – Marijuana Kills Cancer

Cancer is a lethal disease. With a huge population being diagnosed with the diseases every year, in every country, fighting the disease has become a more challenging task nowadays. But, according to a study performed in August 2015, it has been reported that Marijuana kills Cancer! You read it right! Marijuana, the medicinal plant has […]

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Medical Marijuana Strains That Relieve Pain!

Pain relievers bring great relief to our life, especially when we suffer from chronic pain caused due certain diseases. But, consuming allopathic pain killers is not the solution for it, nor does it have a good effect on our body. Painkillers give you temporary relief but affect your kidneys in the long run. This is […]

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Marijuana Benefits You Should Know!

Marijuana is a weed smoked by a wide number of people across the world for its high buzz. But what a lot of people don’t know about, is its varied use for medicinal purposes. The plant, apart from being a weed, has innumerable medicinal benefits which can help cure and even aid in the treatment […]

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The Cannabis Rescue – Curing Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most primary health conditions affecting every 1 individual among 10 people in the United States. Some live with the pain, while many look for various treatments that kill the pain and helps us live with ease. The damage done to our bones and health by the disease makes it one […]

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Weight loss is effective with certain marijuana strains

Obesity is a serious health problem. Due to changes in the lifestyle and because of industrialization and mechanization, more and more people are becoming obese/. Obesity can lead to a plethora of other deadly diseases. Obesity has been linked to diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and even cerebro vascular accidents, commonly known as stroke. […]

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Weed Can Heal Concussions: Harvard Psychiatrist

A Harvard professor has concluded after extensive researches that weed which is the other name by which marijuana is called, can help in the treatment of concussions. Concussions happen when there is damage to the brain after head injury. All of us have bumped our heads as kids, but most of these incidents do not […]

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Role of cannabis in treating PTSD Symptoms

Post traumatic stress disorder is a common problem that is seen in veterans. These days, people who are involved in car accidents, other trauma are all affected by this disease. The disease is usually treated by a psychiatrist by providing affected people with prescription medications. Most of the prescription medications for this chronic disease condition […]

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