Are you looking for a daytime strain that delivers balanced physical effects? Blue Dream Strain is your go-to as CBD counters its THC effects. Therefore, it does not sedate you.

Are you going to attend a happy hour event and have no idea how to be social? Do not worry, because Gorilla Glue Strain will give you confidence and make you extra chatty.

Are you are undergoing chemotherapy and are tired of the pain and loss of appetite? Girl Scout Cookie strain helps you numb the pain and restores your appetite.

Are you searching for an alternative treatment for chronic pain? Wedding Cake Strain got you covered. The strain has a high THC content that gives you a head and body effect, thus numbing all the pain.

When you hear of Gelato, your mind immediately thinks of the delicious ice cream flavor. This weed strain is no different as it delights in a sweet aroma and taste. Gelato Strain is taking the weed industry by storm as it provides its users with a pleasing palate full of sweet sensations.

Purple Punch Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. It was created by crossing two Indica dominant parents, Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple Strain. It boasts an 80:20 Indica to Sativa ratio. The strain highly sought after because of its uplifting mental impacts that help alleviate stress and induce relaxation.

Ice Cream Cake Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. The ratio of Indica vs. Sativa is 75% and 25%, respectively. The strain was created by cross-pollinating Gelato 33 with a Wedding Cake Strain. It is a highly potent strain with a sweet and creamy taste that takes you back to your birthdays when you were a kid. Ice Cream Cake won the Highlife Cannabis Cup for two successive years, 2008 and 2009.