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Dry Ice Hash: Recipe, Dosage, Health Benefits & More

Dry ice is a popular choice for THC extraction from marijuana for preparing hash. Once the hash is extracted, it is compressed into pellets or cakes so that it can be preserved easily for future use. This article will cover the know-how of the entire process.

Dry Ice Hash



  • 1 Bubble bag of 1 gal capacity with a 73-micron silk filter
  • 1 Bubble bag of 1 gal capacity with a 90-micron silk filter
  • 1 Bucket of 1 gal capacity
  • One pair of gloves for safety
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Pollen press for making the hash cakes from the powdered kief

Safety precautions for handling dry ice

Dry ice comes with some inherent hazards because of its extremely low temperature and the reason that it turns directly into gaseous form (sublimation), nonetheless, it is pretty much safe to use. The following safety protocols should be maintained.

Choose a well-ventilated place

As dry ice sublimates, i.e., transforms directly into carbon dioxide gas; it is always wise to select a surrounding that is well-circulated with air.

Never keep dry ice in airtight containers

Dry ice will turn into gas, and the vessel will be pressurized because of this. Ultimately; the top will shoot off, or worse, the vessel could even explode.

Never handle dry ice with bare naked hands

The surface of dry ice is -190.30F when it is warmest and ain’t no fun to have a freezer burn!

Safely dispose of the dry ice

If you simply throw the dry ice in the sink or the toilet, it will freeze the pipes for water supply and damage them to a great extent. The right way to dispose of any such item is, merely putting it in an area that is adequately ventilated so that it becomes gas and disappears eventually.


Step I

  • Put on the safety gloves first and start hammering the slab of dry ice on a sink to break it into 1 in3 cubes
  • The rule of thumb to calculate the quantity of dry ice is 3 to 2 handfuls are required for every ounce of weed needed

Step II

  • Now place the weed inside the bucket and also the appropriate quantity of the dry ice along with it
  • Then gently toss them together to prepare a mixture
  • Wait for a few minutes to allow the blend to settle and cover the bucket with the 73-micron bubble bag in such a fashion so that it can be tied off at the floor of the bucket

Step III

  • Now start shaking the bucket and also the bubble bag for about 2 or 3 minutes, until the bag cools down completely
  • Carefully invert the bucket over a clean and flat surface, without removing the bubble bag, after the dry ice, and the weed is chilled for around 2 minutes
  • Shake the bucket the way one shakes a salt shaker
  • It is necessary to perform this step so that the THC is filtered through the fine pores, while the weed content remains deposited inside the bag
  • It typically takes around 2 minutes or 3 at most, and make sure to shake the bucket until all the kief came out
  • The kief obtained is indeed of high-quality, because the pores of a 73-micron bubble bag are finer and smaller than that of a 90-micron bubble bag
  • Sweep the floor of the bubble bag and scrape the kief accumulated on the surface using a credit card or anything similar in thickness
  • This kief comes with a yellowish amber hue

Step IV

  • Repeat the entire procedure as described above, but this time using the 90-micron bubble bug, to collect the lower grade hash that has a coarse texture
  • The bubble bag with large pores does permit to obtain a large volume of kief
  • However, it is not as more strong as that of which was obtained with the bubble bag that has small pores
  • Accumulate the kief carefully in a pile as mentioned before. It sports a greenish color because of the pronounced presence of plant materials

Step V

  • Now measure the weights of both the kief
  • The aforementioned extraction method yields 1 oz of weed, 2.9g of low-potent kief, and 0.6g of high-potent kief; which then can be turned into cakes or pellets of hash with the help of the pollen press


Though it is substantially dependent on the potency of the kief and individual tolerance, 117mg per person would pretty much suffice for many and 4 to 6 hours.


It can be used in butter and consumed as a bread spread.


The yellowish amber kief is pretty strong, while the greenish one is comparatively milder.

Health Benefits

  • Sedative
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Antispasmodic
  • Anti-inflammatory

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