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Are Marijuana Seeds Good When They Float in Water?

The process of getting the seeds to germinate can be challenging, as anyone who has attempted to grow marijuana will attest. There are many variables at play, and if even one is off, it can make the difference between a plentiful and a meagre harvest. So you’ll take any advantage you can obtain to help your seeds germinate. Because of this, some individuals only use the float test.

Should my marijuana seeds float?

The seeds of marijuana are known to float. Some individuals, however, think that marijuana seeds float on water. The answer to this issue depends on the particular water conditions and the variety of marijuana seed, so there is no right or wrong response.

Are seeds viable if they float?

Though they float in the water, are marijuana seeds still alive? The succinct response is: “It depends on the marijuana strain.”

Some marijuana strains are more likely to float, while others are more likely to sink. The majority of marijuana seeds, however, can survive if they float in water.

How do you tell if a seed is good or bad?

Sometimes, marijuana seeds will float on water and resemble tiny, white stones. The seed will immediately drop to the bottom if it is rotting or has fungus developing on it. Healthy marijuana seeds will initially float on the water’s surface before slowly sinking.

Why do some seeds float on water?

Have you ever wondered why some seeds float in water while others sink when you put them in? The embryo and the seed coat play a significant role in the solution. The buoyancy of the seed is due to the embryo.

A layer of cells that makes up the embryo makes up 65% of the seed weight. Air pockets in this layer of cells let the embryo float on water by increasing its resistance to sinking.

Additionally, the oil globules in these cells give the seed its distinctively oily texture. The strong layers that make up the seed coat protect the embryo and absorb water. Air bubbles and oil globules are also present in these levels.

When water gets into these pockets, it pushes against the oil globules that cover the seed. This makes the oil push up, which makes the seed float on the water.

how long germinate marijuana seeds in water

How long do you leave seeds in water?

Whether you should leave your seeds in water while growing marijuana is one of the important topics to consider. Many people think that seeds will germinate and grow if they are placed in water. How long you should soak the seeds in water before taking them out, however, is a question that has no clear-cut solution.

A lot of growers advise soaking the seeds in water for 12 to 24 hours before rinsing and planting them. The seeds should be put in water for a certain amount of time, which mostly depends on a few things like temperature, humidity, and light.

What happens when seeds are soaked in water?

When seeds are submerged in water, they begin to float. This is because the water will cause the seeds to sink by filling in the crevices between them. The seeds will swell as a result of the water, making them heavier and causing them to sink even further.

Can seeds germinate in water only?

Some people think it’s bad practise to immerse marijuana seeds in water because they can sink to the bottom. Does this theory hold water—true or false?

Both yes and no are the responses. In reality, some of the seeds will float while others will sink, but it doesn’t matter because they will all grow into marijuana plants in any case. How thoroughly the seed was soaked in water and the presence of mould or fungus on it are more important considerations. If the seed contains pollutants, exposure to water can cause mould growth or even cell death.

water seeds germination

It is generally accepted that marijuana seeds need to float in water in order to be effective. However, there is no scientific proof to back up this assertion. There is no assurance that sinking seeds will be more successful, despite some people’s beliefs to the contrary.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that poor-quality seeds can also float, so this is not a 100% accurate means of judging seed quality. It is advised to soak seeds in water for 12 to 24 hours before planting them if you choose to do so. This will give them enough time to bud and begin developing into strong plants.

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