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White Rhino seeds has established itself as the ultimate powerhouse in yield, potency, and appearance. Most marijuana growers have been going for White Rhino seeds to tap on their high THC levels. The high Indica dominance in this marijuana strain makes it ideal for people looking for calming effects. Without further ado, let’s get to know why this weed strain should be on your bucket list.

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Growing White Rhino Strain Seeds

White Rhino seeds are a hybrid marijuana strain that produces beautiful and high-quality buds. It’s a cross between White Widow and North American Indica, giving it an 80:20 indica-sativa ratio. As such, it grows relatively tall – up to 5 feet indoors! However, this shouldn’t be a problem since it also has a relatively short flowering time of only 60 to 65 days.

White Rhino is perfect for those who want to enjoy a calm and cerebral high. Its THC levels range from 18% to 22%, making it quite potent. In addition, this marijuana strain has high CBD levels that can reach up to 1%.

When growing White Rhino seeds, you can expect yields of up to 3.2 ounces per square foot (900 grams per square meter) when grown indoors and 40 ounces (1 kilogram) per plant when grown outdoors!

So if you’re looking for a high-yielding strain that produces beautiful buds with high value, look no further than White Rhino!

White Rhino Seeds Grow Info

White Rhino is an easy strain to grow, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular among both novice and experienced growers. It’s a hardy plant that can withstand a fair amount of abuse and still produce high yields.

This strain has a very high yield, both indoors and outdoors – so if you are looking to produce a lot of bud, White Rhino is a good choice. White Rhino typically flowers within 8-9 weeks when grown indoors, and outdoor plants will be ready for harvest in early October.

This strain does best when grown indoors in a controlled environment. If you’re growing White Rhino hydroponically, you can expect to see yields of up to 900 grams per square meter. When grown in soil, White Rhino can yield between 550 and 650 grams per square meter.

White Rhino has a relatively short flowering time like most indica-dominant strains; it takes about eight to nign weeks for the plants to be ready for harvest. If you’re growing outdoors, you can expect to harvest in early October.

White Rhino Seeds Grow Info

THC and CBD Content

In most cases, high yields result in high THC potency, which is not the case with White Rhino seeds. It is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels that can reach up to 22%. This strain is not for first-time smokers or those with low tolerance levels. White Rhino has an low CBD content of around 0.5%.

Preferred Climate and Conditions

White Rhino is a White Widow x North American Indica hybrid that’s known for its high THC levels and bountiful harvests. If you want to grow this weed, make sure you have the proper climate and conditions!


White Rhino marijuana seeds are best suited for indoor cultivation because of their size. These plants can get pretty big, so make sure you have enough space in your grow room!

To promote healthy growth, give your White Rhino plants intense light exposure (at least 18 hours per day) during the vegetative stage. You should also provide the roots with ample humidity and nutrients during the vegetative phase.

Ensure you continue providing optimal growing conditions after switching into the flowering stage (12 hours of light per day).

It’s recommended that indoor growers use powerful LED or LEC grow lights since these types of lighting promote faster development from the seedling stage until harvest time (60 to 65 days).


Although White Rhino cannabis seeds are robust enough for outdoor cultivation, they might require some attention when planted away from home.

If autumn arrives before harvest time (October), buds will lose THC potency. Lower temperatures mark leaf degradation processes; however, milder climates will likely allow buds to reach their full potential without losing much THC content; overall, even after autumn has graced crops with her presence!

Growers should expect a bountiful yield once this weed reaches maturity since it produces large amounts of buds per plant. Outcomes vary depending on how much effort was put into cultivating correctly beforehand.

Treat this plant well so she’ll return the favor tenfold later on down the line once big fat buds start forming en masse!


White Rhino is a cross of White Widow and North American Indica. The result is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces high yields of very potent marijuana.

White Rhino is a great choice for indoor growers who want to maximize their yield per square foot. Under optimal conditions, you can expect to get up to 3.2 ounces per square foot, which equals about 950 grams per square meter, of growing space using a 12-12 lighting schedule. For outdoor growers in a warm climate, White Rhino can produce up to 40  ounces (1 kg) per plant with a harvest in early October.

Flowering Time

The White Rhino strain flowers for 60 to 65 days on average. These plants grow about 30 to 40 inches tall indoors and have a wide canopy of buds.

Lower buds on these plants will likely receive less light when growing, so you may decide to trim some lower branches or nodes where you notice yellowing or dying leaves.

The White Rhino strain is a fast-flowering indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its high yields. If you’re looking for a solid and fast-growing indica-dominant hybrid seeds, this may be just right for you.

Keep an eye out at the start of flowering to avoid under or over-watering, and be sure a significant nutrient deficiency does not occur! If you notice any nutrient deficiencies at any stage of growth, it’s essential that you treat your cannabis crop quickly before it’s too late – especially during budding!

Harvest your White Rhino crop once at least 70% of the pistils change color and suddenly become brownish-orange or brownish purple in color.

Be sure not to allow any excess stress during flowering, as this may cause a delayed flowering cycle! It’s not something you want to get wrong, so make sure you order your White Rhino feminized seeds from Dutch Seeds Shop today in stealth packaging with free worldwide shipping!

White Rhino Effects

White Rhino is a hybrid strain that is predominantly indica, with its genetics coming from White Widow and from North American Indica.

It is a highly potent and productive strain that is perfect for those who enjoy a good couch-lock high. With THC levels ranging from 18% to 22%, this strain is not for novice smokers. As such, it offers a potent high that can last for hours on end. The THC content in White Rhino is making it one of the more potent strains available on the market today. When smoked, White Rhino produces a feeling of relaxation that can be felt throughout the entire body. It is also known for causing couch-lock, which can be helpful if you are looking to wind down after a long day.

However, this strain is not recommended for use before bedtime as it may cause insomnia. Dry mouth and eyes are common side effects of smoking White Rhino, so be sure to have some water on hand.

White Rhino Feminized Seeds

White Rhino Feminized Seeds

White Rhino is a cross between White Widow and North American Indica. White Rhino is an indica dominant strain with 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics. The THC content of this strain can reach up to 22%.

White Rhino produces large, dense buds that are covered with frosty white crystals. The buds have a sweet, earthy, and woody flavor with hints of honey. The high from White Rhino is very relaxing and calming, making it a good choice for evening use.

White Rhino Appearance

As most Indica dominant hybrids White Rhino marijuana seeds give rise to short and stocky marijuana plants with dense buds that are completely covered in frosty white trichomes.

The calyxes of these buds swell up so much that they break through the surrounding leaves, making the plant look like it is wrapped in a white blanket.

Its leaves are broad and dark green, with some strains exhibiting hints of purple coloration. Its buds are dense, round, and sticky with THC. They also have sweet and earthy aroma with hints of honey, which becomes more intense as the plant matures.

The calyxes of this weed strain are small and dark green, with white to brown pistils. Its cannabis seeds sprout into short but stocky plants, with large, top-heavy buds due to the Indica influence in its genetics.

White Rhino Aroma

White Rhino has a very distinct and pungent smell. When you first open the bag, you’ll be hit with a strong wood-like aroma that can be quite overwhelming. However, once you get used to it, you’ll notice that there’s also a sweet honey-like smell that’s quite pleasant.

White Rhino strain has also quite pungent taste, but it’s not as overwhelming as the smell. You’ll notice a strong earthy flavor with hints of sweetness that make it quite enjoyable to smoke.

The smoke is smooth and creamy, making it a pleasant experience overall.

White Rhino Fragrance

The White Rhino strain has a very distinct and pungent smell that is often compared to the smell of a skunk. When you first open up your bag of White Rhino, you’ll be hit with an overwhelming earthy and woody aroma. However, there is also a sweet honey-like scent that lingers in the background.

Once you start to smoke your joint or vaporize your White Rhino, you’ll notice that the sweet honey taste comes through more prominently. The smoke itself is smooth and creamy, but it can be a bit harsh on the throat if you’re not used to smoking marijuana strains with such high THC levels.

White Rhino Flavors

White Rhino is a hybrid marijuana strain with a complex and interesting flavor profile. White Widow and North American Indica are the parent strains of this potent pot plant.

The buds have a woody and earthy flavor, with hints of sweetness that remind some users of honey. It’s a very pleasant and well-rounded flavor that’s perfect for those who enjoy sweet-tasting marijuana strains.

White Rhino weed seeds grow into plants that are tall and lanky, with long leaves that are covered in trichomes. The buds have a frosty appearance and smell very pungent when they’re ground up. When smoked or vaporized, the flavors are more subdued but still quite pleasant.

There’s a hint of citrus on the exhale, which is refreshing after indulging in the sweetness of the White Rhino buds. This strain is perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious-tasting marijuana strain without having to worry about being too conspicuous when smoking it in public.

White Rhino Terpenes

The White Rhino terpene profile contains myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene, and humulene. The aroma of this strain is woody and earthy with sweet honey notes. The taste is also sweet with hints of citrus fruit and berries.

  1. Myrcene has an earthy aroma with hints of sweetness. You will find it in the aromatic herb, thyme and hops, basil, and parsley. Myrcene is the most commonly found terpene in nature.
  2. Linalool has a sweet floral aroma that can be found in lavender, mint, and coriander.
  3. Caryophyllene gives off spicy and peppery notes to the aroma and flavor of this strain. It can be found in cloves, cinnamon and black pepper.
  4. Humulene gives White Rhino the woody taste with spicy undertones. Although it is rare in nature, you can find humulene in cloves and hops as well as some trees like fir trees.

White Rhino Seeds Genetics

White Rhino Seeds Genetics

  1. White Rhino is a potent hybrid of White Widow and North American Indica.
  2. It is an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa strain.
  3. Its THC level ranges from 18% to 22%.
  4. It has low CBD levels ranging from 0% to 1%.
  5. White Rhino is a tall plant with an average flowering period lasting between 60 to 65 days.
  6. It is ready for harvesting during late October or early November.
  7. The aroma is intense and has undertones of woody, earthy, and sweet honey, while the fragrance is complex and has overtones of incense.
  8. This strain gives off smooth citrus tones accompanied by earthy undertones.
  9. Its effects are calming, cerebral, and sleepy.

Final Thoughts on White Rhino Seeds

White Rhino is a very popular indica-dominant hybrid that has been around for quite some time. It’s no wonder, given its amazing ability to relax the mind and body while still providing a nice cerebral high. This makes it perfect for those who have to medicate but still want to function relatively normally throughout the day.

The THC levels in this strain can reach up to 22%, so it’s definitely not for beginners! But if you can handle it, White Rhino will give you an incredible high that will leave you feeling happy, relaxed, and stress-free.

So if you’re looking for a strain that can help you unwind after a long day, White Rhino is definitely worth checking out!


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