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Firecrackers Weed: Recipe, Dosage, Health Benefits & More

Weed firecrackers are one (the other one being the pot brownie) of the two most popular cannabis-laced desserts,and its popularity can be successfully attributed to three factors; namely, extreme potency, delicious taste, and ease of preparation.

Firecrackers Weed



  1. 5g of weed to prepare one cracker
  2. Any saltine crackers like Graham or Ritz
  3. Nutella or organic peanut butter

(TIP 1: Use smooth peanut butter instead of a chunky one, as the former will readily absorb the THC.

TIP 2: Ordering Kush weed seeds for growing the best tasting cannabis plants is a popular choice.)


  • Toaster oven or oven

(TIP: Never use a microwave…unless it is stolen from Justin Bieber…just kidding!)

  • Any one of the following:
  • Shot glass
  • Pair of scissors
  • Grinder
  • Mixing bowl
  • Dinner plate
  • A tablespoon
  • Butter knife
  • Aluminum or tin foil


TIP: You are required to DECARBOXYLATE the cannabis first, as it will unleash the potential of cannabis’ psychoactive effects in entirety.

  • Preheat the oven to 3200F and finely chop the weed using a pair of scissors, or a shot glass, or a grinder, or you can even utilize your hands
  • Make sure to remove the cannabis seeds or any stems
  • Take a tablespoonful (enough for a pair of crackers) of peanut butter, put the butter in a serving bowl, and gently blend your ground weed and whatever stuff you are using
  • Apply each serving on one cracker with the help of a butter knife and place one more on top to form a sandwich
  • Wrap a pair of sandwiches using a tin or aluminum foil and put them in the oven, preheated for 22 minutes
  • Serve in a dinner plate and garnish as per wish, they usually do not emit any strong smell just like the brownies or other types of preparations do
  • Optional: Open a bottle of champagne, now you are an OCC, official cannabis chef


1g of medium-potent bud per dose is typically considered standard for ganja aficionados.


You can mix your powdered firecracker (put solid firecrackers in a Ziploc plastic pouch and hammer them as if there is no tomorrow!) with anything you want!!

  • Chocolate pop tart
  • Cream or milkshake
  • Smoothie
  • Ice cream


Strain: desired effect: THC/CBD:  flavor:  Indica/Sativa

  • Critical Mass: relaxation:  22%/5%:  syrup:  80/20
  • Bubblegum: stimulation: 19%/0.2%:  candy:  50/50
  • ACDC: relaxation:  6%/24%:  citrus pine:  50/50
  • Chemdawg: balance:  26%/0.1%:  diesel:  55/45
  • Animal cookies: relaxation:  23%/4%:  cookies:  75/25
  • Harlequin: medical:  15%/15%:  floral:  25/75
  • Super Lemon Haze: psychoactive:  22%/0.1%:  lemon: 20/80
  1. Select the Critical Mass or any similar high-CBD Indica to maximize RELAXATION
  2. Choose the Bubblegum or any similar balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid to optimize STIMULATION
  3. Go for the Mauie Wowie or any similar high-THC for a real high KICK

Health benefits

Firecrackers can be prepared pretty fast,and they can be made as potent as one wants them to be, and trust us, this is why most folks go with them. Also, the reason that one can use ABV or already been vaped weed, also makes firecrackers a favorite edible for many. Instead of throwing the pot after vaping, you can place them on your preferred cracker, put them in your oven, and save every last bit of those precious cannabinoids for rejuvenating your body and mind. Finally, it is indeed pretty impressive at a party to make an appearance with your ganja firecrackers hors-d’oeuvres. You are going to steal the show and be the most famous medical cannabis vendee on the block.

  • Firecrackers offer a great way to consume the marijuana that does not involve exposing your precious lungs to harsh smoke
  • It is a good way of delivering the medicine in such kids who may use high-CBD THC-free cannabis preparations
  • The weed tastes fantastic on a cracker paired with peanut butter,and the CBD can effectively treat cases of childhood seizures without causing any significant psychoactive inductions except stress resilience and relaxation
  • It offers an excellent way to deliver the beneficial effects of medical cannabis to older patients, those who do not like to smoke or vape, and such persons can also be benefited from firecracker edibles

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