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Germinate Marijuana seeds

Germinating marijuana seeds is not as simple a process as it may seem to be. It requires a lot of your attention apart from an ideal climate. The plant and its varying strains do not grow easily in all climatic conditions. In order to grow and vegetate beautifully, along with its flavour, smell and smoke, you need to know the germination procedure closely. However, the feminized seeds or the hybrid marijuana seeds are now easier to grow, you still need to be precise about the germination marijuana procedure.

How to Germinate marijuana seeds?

  • 1. Take 2 saucers / plates and some moist tissues.
  • 2. Layer the first plate with a few wet tissues. Drain excess water from the plate.
  • 3. Place the marijuana seeds on the tissue. Give ample space to each of the Marijuana seeds.
  • 4. Place a few more layers of moist tissue on these seeds. Again drain all the excess water.
  • 5. Cover the entire layer with a second plate (upside down) giving it a clam-shell shape. The structure will create a darker and moist environment for the proper germination of the seeds.
  • 6. Keep these plates at a place with a warm temperature around 21ºC. Also, keep away from direct light.
  • 7. Check the Germinating marijuana seeds every day. Make sure the tissue doesn’t go dry, else the cannabis seeds will dry off. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle some water on the tissues, if required.
  • 8. Roots will start emerging within a few days (from a week’s time to about 14 days)
  • 9. When the root grows to a first few millimetres, transfer the seeds carefully into a small container with little soil or rockwool. Make a small 2-3 mm deep hole in the growing medium. Germinate the seed into it and cover the hole.
  • 10. The seedling will emerge within 1 or 3 days.

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