What Are Autoflowering Seeds: A Game-Changer

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a type of seed that automatically flowers, regardless of light exposure, in as little as 8 weeks. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are revolutionizing the way growers cultivate their crops. Unlike conventional photoperiod strains, which require careful light timing to trigger and sustain flowering phase, autoflowers take care of this automatically. They also…

What Are Autoflowering Seeds: A Game-Changer

Non-Photoperiod Strains: Inventive Solution

Non-Photoperiod Strains Inventive Solution

The era of autoflowering seed strains has dawned, presenting cultivators with unique opportunity to transcend the limitations of both nature and technology.

These non-photoperiod strains exhibit remarkable characteristics that distinguish them from traditional photoperiod strains:

• Plants flower automatically after mere weeks, independent of hours of light received.
• Average period between planting and harvest is substantially reduced to mere 10 weeks.
• Autoflowering seeds can also be feminized, eliminating the hassle of male plants.
• Plants remain compact in size, ranging from 30 to 100cm in height.
• Stealthy grows are a breeze with autoflowers, as they tend not to attract much attention.
• Several harvests per season can be reaped, making them a wise choice for commercial growers.

Autoflower Evolution

Autoflower Evolution

Autoflowers that first hit market some 15 years ago were not quite a match for seasoned cultivators.

They lacked potency, were devoid of aroma, and did not offer exceptional yield either.

But, times have changed.

Modern autoflowers are now considered to be equal to – if not superior to – their feminized photoperiod counterparts in terms of potency, aroma, and yield.

They also continue to boast their original benefits – namely, stability and ruggedness – even as they evolve into powerful strains that can satisfy even the most discerning of users.

Unearthing the Origin of Autoflowering Plants

Unearthing the Origin of Autoflowering Plants

Autoflowering strains are the result of a unique crossbreeding process, combining the best aspects of both indica and sativa plants with wild and adaptable subtype, ruderalis.

This subtype is commonly seen in regions with short yet abundant daylight hours, such as Northern Europe or Siberia.

But what makes ruderalis so special?

Unlike other types of cannabis that rely on daylight to flower, ruderalis have evolved to flower according to age, not time.

Despite its usefulness in cultivation, alone, ruderalis buds do not produce a high and plants are small with low yields.

However, breeders discovered they could enhance potency and size of high-quality indica and sativa strains by crossbreeding them with ruderalis to create autoflowering strains.

Who Uses Automatic Cannabis Strains, and Why?

Autoflowering seeds have become increasingly popular amongst both growers and recreational users.

  • Growers appreciate their convenience and ease of cultivation, producing a swift harvest with respectable yields.
  • Their compact size makes autoflowers a fantastic choice for indoor or micro-grow setups.
  • Their robust nature makes them ideal for growing outdoors as well, making stealthy guerrilla grows a breeze.
  • Recreational smokers can enjoy the same autoflower strains as feminized photoperiod cannabis, experiencing the full range of highs from relaxing to uplifting to fun and giggly.
  • Some autoflowers are naturally lower in THC than average strains, making them ideal choice for those who prefer milder and more balanced effects when smoking cannabis.

Terpenes: A Key to Distinctive Aromas and Flavors

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis.

Each strain possesses its own distinctive terpene profile, which provides characteristic aromas and flavors.

To illustrate, if you’re smoking your autoflower buds and notice the distinct citrusy, floral, fruity, skunky, or even fuel notes, rest assured that these terpene variations are responsible for the unique qualities of your strain.

But terpenes do more than just provide appealing tastes and smells – they may also influence the effects of a strain.

What Does Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Mean

What Does Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Mean

Autoflowering strains are cannabis plants that flower automatically, without the need for extensive hours of sun or grow light.

They’re a unique type of marijuana that grows and blooms when it’s ready, not when it’s been manipulated by its environment.

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