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How to Make Shatter BHO? Recipe, Dosage, Health Benefits & More

Shatter hash is necessarily a powerful THC extraction. The end product is Shatter that contains a high level of THC, and hence, only a small amount is needed to get high. Shatter is clear and solid in appearance and has a smooth surface. This article will illustrate the whole process for making Shatter hash using the home-grade inexpensive equipment.


10gm to 0.5 oz of ganja

The weed should be crammed inside the tube in such a fashion so that it does not leave any room for air pockets. You should not clog it as it could result in a blow-back or backfire. Blow the tube to test whether or not air is passing through it.


  • Two numbers of Pyrex pie pans, one is supposed to fit snugly inside the other
  • One glass tube for the purpose of extraction, and if you are unable to find one, a turkey baster made of stainless steel can also be used
  • One large bandanna or towel
  • A thermometer, preferably a laser one
  • A couple of rubber bands

A large insulated container or cup like a Thermos®

  • Non-bleached filters that are used to strain coffee, they are going to be doubled up during the process
  • Vector butane

You are required to have a device that fits on your extraction tube’s end. If you are unable to get vector butane, just perform this simple trick to find out whether or not the other kind of butane can be used. Spray the butane in question on the mirror and allow it to evaporate. If it leaves a smelly whitish residue, then it means that the butane cannot be used.


  1. Fill the tube with the doobage: Pack your tube but make sure that air can pass through it
  2. Put the doubled-up filters in such a manner that the tube’s large end is covered. Secure the filters as tightly as possible using a strong rubber band.
  3. Put water on a stove and set the flame a tad below HIGH. Use the thermometer for checking the temperature of the water, and when it becomes 1600C, pour the hot water into the Thermos® to retain the heat
  4. Put a small quantity of water at the bottom of the bigger Pyrex pan so that the poured water barely covers the floor of the pan: Now place the smaller pan inside the bigger one without draining the water

STATUTORY WARNING: One should go to a well-ventilated place and relocate anything that is even remotely flammable

  1. Wrap a bandana or a towel around the tube. The tube will be ice-cold and make sure not to get frostbites
  2. Hold the tube carefully, keeping the filter down, about 3 to 4 inches on top of the Pyrex pan
  3. Make sure not to hold it pretty far away as it might splash, however, do not allow the filter to touch the floor of the pan
  4. Fit the tip attachment over the glass tube’s top: Your butane may already come with one
  5. Position the tip of your butane into the one that is placed over the top of your glass tube: Put a little amount of pressure very gradually, until the butane touches the pan underneath, and then remove the pressure for about 5 to 7 seconds
  6. Repeat this process until the butane is completely consumed and the container is dead empty
  7. Remember to shake the bottom end of the can so that all of the buds remain in the middle portion of the tube
  8. Allow the pan to stay in the water unless it completely cools down. Once the water completely cools down, replace it with hot water, and allow that to be cooled as well
  9. Wait for 15 minutes and put all your stuff in a well-ventilated place which is free from freezing cold or direct sunlight
  10. Allow the yield to sit for 48 to not more than 56 hours, and the end product will produce about 3gm for every 0.5 oz of ganja used


As the end product contains a high concentration of THC, it will be wise, to begin with, an initial dose of 0.1g.


  1. Cookies
  2. Brownies
  3. Hard candies


BHO concentrates can very well contain as much as 80% Of THC or even more and it is indeed not something that one can play with

Health benefits

  1. Soothes pain
  2. Relieves nausea and vomiting
  3. Effective sleep-aid
  4. Treats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD)
  5. Protects brain cells

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