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Legality of Buying Cannabis Seeds

The legality of buying cannabis seeds is vague in most countries. An essential part of the debate is where growing, harvesting, drying, storing, possessing and buying cannabis and its seeds fit in the legislation.

Technically, seeds contain almost no narcotic analgesics or cannabinoids. If they do, the amount is too small and negligible even in the seeds of high THC strains, let alone low THC/high CBD strains’ seeds. There shouldn’t be any problem as most laws don’t forbid buying products free of illegal chemicals. However, growers and users still have to deal with a lot of vagueness, so you should look at each country’s law individually.

Can You Order Hemp Seeds in the Netherlands?

Seen as the homeland of marijuana in Europe, the Netherlands does not forbid buying seeds. But notwithstanding Dutch legislation being very tolerant towards marijuana, it remains unclear if you can order seeds online in bulk. As far as the current policy states, you can buy cannabis seeds from a Dutch seed bank, in a perfectly safe way, unless you cultivate more than five plants. Growing plants in quantities that exceed that amount may lead to problems with authorities.

Current Status of Hemp Seeds in Germany

You are in a very fortunate position if you want to purchase cannabis goods in Germany. While you will not be able to buy them directly in Germany, it will be very easy to order them on the Internet if you take into account the Free Movement Law.

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds in the UK?

In general, smoking marijuana as a recreational activity is not allowed. But possession and purchase of seeds are not against the law provided you are not caught using them to cultivate plants. 

The Legality of Buying Cannabis Seeds Online in the USA

These days, many US states have been changing their stance on cannabis regulation. This has led to quite a range of rules depending on state – from maintaining zero-tolerance policies to decriminalization and lastly, to legalizing weed for all purposes.

Fully legalLegal for medical use
New Mexico
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
West Virginia

There are also varying positions on how you can lawfully purchase seeds (and whether they can be purchased abroad), and how many plants you are allowed to grow. Therefore, you should research local state laws to avoid any potential legal problems.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal for Sale in Canada?

The Parliament has yet to make an all-encompassing decision and rule on the legality of buying seeds. Canadians looking to start the cultivation process can have no more than four plants, so growing can’t be done on a large commercial scale. The seeds themselves must be obtained from a legit seed bank. Home cultivation laws may vary in different parts of the country. 

Moreover, provinces that support legal home growing can enforce their own rules —British Columbia has applied a ban on publicly-visible plants. Whereas, on the east coast, plants must be located behind a five foot locked enclosure. Unluckily, while it’s legal to grow cannabis, there is no lawful way to find the seeds.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia?

Medical marijuana has been legal (with certain limitations) since 2016, but non-medical growth falls into a different category. Growing marijuana plants and having seeds in your possession is not allowed in any Australian state unless you have a prescription.

If you can’t prove that the seeds are necessary to treat a serious, fatal, or treatment-resistant illness, they will be confiscated and subsequently, the owner will face a penalty (which could be a fine of $100-$300). 

Laws regarding cannabis in Australia vary from state to state and are always changing. Overall, growing cannabis lawfully in Australia is possible and is widely practiced. Dutch Seeds Shop has been legally shipping seeds to Australian growers for years.

Is It Illegal to Buy Seeds in New Zealand?

There are several ways you can try to obtain weed seeds in New Zealand but remember that it can’t be done in dispensaries. In case you are caught violating the law, there might be a fine or even jail time.

The New Zealand cannabis referendum is going to take place In 2020, after which the regulations on buying medical cannabis seeds are likely to loosen.

As for where seeds can still possibly be bought, it is possible on the black market but the quality leaves much to be desired. Therefore, a better option is to purchase seeds on the Internet.

Legal Position on Cannabis Seeds in Spain 

Over the years, the Spanish government has made significant changes with personal use and growth of cannabis seeds becoming decriminalized. However, some independent regions have their own rules about users and growers. Considering how fast laws tend to change, you should always be safe and research the particular region you are in, but in general, there is no legal ban on buying seeds.

Is It Lawful to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in France?

The legislation in France permits buying hemp seeds online if you are not using them for commercial planting. Interestingly, French residents can harvest hemp with 0.2% THC or less. Although seeds are not sold directly, you can order them from abroad with no worries.

Where Is It Legal to Buy Weed Seeds in Italy?

Weed seeds are considered a planting equipment product, so you can buy them easily both on the Internet and in local shops. Still, there are reasons to be cautious because the Italian government prohibits planting. In Italy, although there are exemptions for medical reasons, it remains illegal to participate in any other marijuana-related business activities. 

How to Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa 

While some aspects of the policies on buying marijuana seeds remain hazy, it can be said, for a fact, that a person is allowed to buy cannabis seeds and cultivate them in small quantities. Hemp seeds can be bought locally in South Africa, but importing them is recommended.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, depending on the country or state, customers may encounter various reactions from authorities when trying to purchase cannabis seeds online. While purchasing seeds on the Internet is the safest option, DUTCHSEEDSHOP.COM does not advise you to act in violation of your local administration. 

As for shipping, DUTCHSEEDSHOP.COM makes sure that all products are shipped in discrete and secure packing. But the legal responsibility effectively falls on you. Therefore, you should always make an educated decision before taking action.

cannabis seeds

Overall, most countries allow the sale of weed seeds since they aren’t placed in the same category as other cannabis products. It’s the cultivation that authorities have put tougher regulations on. Other than that, you have a very good chance of being successful at getting the cannabis seeds you’re looking for online.

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