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Sour Diesel (20 seeds)


Sour Diesel marijuana seeds produce one of the classics of modern marijuana breeding. There are so many different stories about its origins itís sometimes hard to know which one to believe. Sour Diesel weed is probably derived from NYC Diesel and Sage, although there are competing histories. Whatever the origins, the result is very high quality marijuana. Sour Diesel shows its mostly Sativa pedigree in the grow room with some incredible stretching during flowering that will cause you space problems unless you plan for it in advance. Consider SOG or SCROG methods to keep the size of this plant in check. Buds are long and loose and plentiful with a distinctive spear shape and pink hued pistils. Another thing worth considering in advance is odour control. Sour Diesel marijuana is a stinker, with a pungent lemony diesel odour. If stealth is very important to you then you should give this some serious thought. Of course, the proof of the weed is in the smoking and Sour Diesel cannabis will not disappoint. The first toke of this weed is like entering the express elevator. A rapid ascent that could cause a spot of altitude sickness. Although mostly cerebral the hit is physical too and you may need to take a seat as the psychedelic fun unfolds. Sour Diesel is high grade weed that should be on every smokerís Ďto doí list.
sour weed - 400 / 500 (g/m≤)
400 / 500 (g/m≤)
sour weed - Average height
Compact plant
sour weed - Average (55 - 65 days)
Average (55 - 65 days)
sour weed - Dry
sour weed - High
THC Level
sour weed - Feminized
sour weed - Inoutdoor
In and outdoor
sour weed - No
sour weed - Hybride


The Sour Diesel seeds are one of the most incredible Cannabis strains genetically modified ever. The strain is widely famous for its high quality, citric flavour and its energy-imparting essence. thus making it an optimal choice of all smokers. The hybrid sour weed is a genetic hybrid of 91 Chemdawg and Northern Lights Super skunk strain.
The Sour diesel marijuana strains perfectly blends some of the best features of old-school Sativas, also yielding a higher amount of produce. The yield makes the strain ideal for both indoor and outdoor vegetation.
The Nyc sour diesel strain is one of the most highly priced strains in the market. It has an extended flowering time, depending on the light schedule. Naturally, the plant takes almost 8 to 10 weeks to flower. In order to make sure the plant flowers rightly, the grower may need certain basic training which may yield almost half a pound of sour weed buds from a single plant.
The plant also has medical properties which relieves patients suffering from depression or anxiety. Buy these 100% seeds at Dutch Seeds Shop and grow the best quality cannabis strains in your own garden.