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Medical Marijuana Strains That Relieve Pain!

Pain relievers bring great relief to our life, especially when we suffer from chronic pain caused due

certain diseases. But, consuming allopathic pain killers is not the solution for it, nor does it have a

good effect on our body. Painkillers give you temporary relief but affect your kidneys in the long run.

This is one of the main reasons why natural pain relievers are considered a better option today.

Smoking marijuana is now considered the best solution for pain management.

Medical Marijuana, known for its varied health benefits is a great pain reliever. There are several

marijuana strains that are renowned for relieving pain, naturally. Here are a few strains you may use

for treating chronic pain, easily and without any side-effects.

Marijuana Strains For Muscle pain, wounds and Back Pain

Cramps, slipped discs, spasms and pulled tendons, you can get relief from the severe pain of all

these conditions with the aid of certain marijuana strains. These medical marijuana strains ease the

inflammation in the body associated with the musculature system, thus relieving the pain


– Afghan Kush

A powerful pain reliever, the strain is strong and has an effect on your entire body, not just the

restricted area. It is also an analgesic and has anti-cancer effects. Afghan Kush seeds

– White Widow

A well-balanced medical marijuana strain, the White Widow gives you an euphoric buzz and still

relieves the pain. It allows you to forget your pain and sleep easily without any side-effects.

Marijuana strains For Neuropathic Pain is White widow seeds

If muscular pains are bad, nerve pain is worse. According to a research, more than 3 million people

in America suffer from neuropathic pain every year which is caused by a damaged tissue or a

damage in the Central Nervous System.

– Jack Herer

The weed is known for its energy uplifting effects. It eases chronic pain and relaxes you by energizing

you rightly. It is an analgesic with anti-tumor effects which also helps keep your brain healthy.

– Super Bud

SuperBud is yet another medical marijuana strain that is a great pain reliever. The plant has an

almost narcotic effect which helps you in fighting your pain and keeping your brain cells active. The

strain is rightly named, more so because of its impressive terpene levels which make it not just

flavorful but also rich in its medicinal effects.

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