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What You Need to Know about Blackberry Strain

These days, it is almost too easy to acquire weed. However, if you really want quality marijuana, it has to be from a good lineage made up of only the best variety in the market. Blackberry is one of the best marijuana strains you can find. It has an interesting ancestry and a great effect that is hard to beat. Blackberry mixed with Afghani have given rise to Blackberry Kush – a well-known Kush cannabis strain.

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush

The Blackberry Lineage

Blackberry is a mix of its parents: the Netherlands native Raspberry Cough, which is its mother and the father is a marijuana clone called Black Domino from an area in Settle. The combination has given way to Blackberry to provide one of the best spouts and effects that you could ever experience.

It is indeed unique and gives an outcome that combines the powers of indica and sativa. The history of the blackberry strain dates back in 2009 when Nirvana Seeds, a Dutch company, decided to cross the US’ Black Domino clone and their very own Raspberry Cough. The result of the cross of two of the best grade cannabis strains is a plant with a close-fitting leaf structure with frosty buds.

Why Buy Blackberry

You have probably heard the saying, “the darker the fruit, the sweeter the berry,” which is so true with Blackberry. This dark strain comes in a shade of witchy deep purple that is truly one of the tastes you will not forget and at the same time, is beautiful to look at.

The unmatched hue of this deep purple hybrid is just a hint of how sweet its flavor is. The Blackberry Feminized is a true stoner, and it is classified as such for a very good reason. It has a 15% THC but can reach 24% in optimal conditions, giving you the high you have been longing for within such a short time.

If you are a foodie, you will love how Blackberry is a mix of almost everything. The strain actually produces a combination that will certainly tickle your taste buds and give you the most pleasurable sensations. It provides a powerful mixture including spicy, sweet, pine, wild berries, and fruity flavors.

For most people though, Blackberry is one of the sweetest tasting marijuana strains out there, a quality it retains from its Asian roots. Its berry aroma makes it even more of a succulent weed that only its purple Kush and Blackberry strain genetics can give. Throw in traces of a little bit of Sativa and this strain is born to be one of the luscious wonders out there.

What Effects Can You Expect from the Blackberry?

As a hybrid, Blackberry offers the best of both worlds. While it can stimulate every significant cerebral sense we have, it also gives a smooth period of calmness. Therefore, it is perfect for relaxation, which is why it is recommended for use before sleep. If you want a good night’s rest, you should definitely buy Blackberry seeds.

When used shortly before you go to bed, you will feel its mellowing effects. As a result, you can sleep soundly all throughout the night. Blackberry is actually known for being able to induce sleep. If you are a light sleeper and you want to enjoy a much deeper sleep, this strain can give you a fantastic outcome.

Meanwhile, Blackberry is one of the acclaimed strains around. Due to its relaxing effects and its efficiency in helping people who suffer from insomnia, it has been used medically to help alleviate the effects of the sleep disorder. Additionally, the strain is also used to relieve muscle pain, stress, and anxiety – all of which have a role in the sleep quality of a person.

Aside from helping people sleep better as well as the effects mentioned, Blackberry is also known as a part of treatments for the following health problems and conditions:

  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Rheumatism
  • Arhtritis
  • Herpes
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Tumors
  • Migraines
  • Nausea
  • Back pain

While there is still no cure for AIDS, this marijuana strain is said to have positive effects on treating patients with the disease. Moreover, Blackberry can also be used as an expectorant.

Growing Feminized Seeds of Blackberry

When you buy feminized Blackberry strain, and you grow it, it will produce a plant that is quite small in size, ranging from 27.5 to 45 inches (up to 3.75 feet). Although small, it can definitely pack a punch with up to 24% THC. The plant has a short intermodal length with plenty of small branches sprouting from its stem. The budding process of the plant is actually quite interesting as the buds will start to develop gradually, resembling a Christmas tree – and it is right around the month of December.

The embryonic strain will go through the normal development stages that other strains also go through. The difference though is that during this time, the plant will soon give off a strong fruity flavor. Since it is recommended that you grow it indoors, you can expect to smell the fruity aroma floating around your home. Aside from the scent, the plant also looks so unique, and it has this very rare ability to produce and emit shades of pale purple and vibrant red. It is like the perfect gift you can give to your date on Valentine’s Day.

While outdoor cultivation is accepted, you may want to choose to grow it inside the comforts of your home unless you live in a warm climate that does not change a lot in temperature. To get the maximum benefits, you should give the plant at least 18 hours of light exposure and make sure it is in darkness for six hours every day.

If you give the plant proper care, it will soon be ready in just eight weeks, producing up to 600 grams per square meter (17.70 ounces per square yard). The plant has Pakistani roots, which gives it a quality that keeps coming back, so re-growing it will be easy.

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