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Prescription Drugs and Weed: Can You Smoke While on Medication?

One of the reasons why cannabis is truly popular is that it not only provides fantastic health benefits, but it also can supplement the positive effects of certain medications. So far, there is plenty of evidence that shows pot can enhance the effects of some prescription drugs, including those for epilepsy, HIV, and even cancer.

There are also studies that confirm cannabis when used in conjunction with particular drugs can ironically help lower cases of addiction. Plus, it can help soothe the symptoms of withdrawal which is why it is now a part of drug rehabilitation programs along with prescription drugs.

Cannabis and Popular Medications

There is a multitude of medications available, so it is still wise to be careful when smoking weed while you take prescription drugs. Some compounds in cannabis can interact with medications – either positively or negatively.Prescription Drugs and Weed: Can You Smoke While on Medication?


Opioid meds are used to reduce pain signals to the brain. The National Institute of Health recognized that there is a growing body of evidence that medical cannabis can be used either as an addition to the treatment process or a substitute.

Some believe that cannabinoids (a compound in cannabis) can intensify the effect of opioids on pain relief. With such result, there are some who use cannabis and reduce their opioid consumption for relieving pain.

However, combining opiates with cannabis can have negative side effects as well, including an addiction that is often difficult to overcome. It may also lead to too much depression, which when prolonged, can become very dangerous.

Blood Pressure Medication

For those with hypertension, cannabis has been proven to lower blood pressure almost instantly. However, smoking weed is also known for causing a spike in blood pressure, especially Sativa strains.

The results of research can be confusing, particularly on stimulants. Some studies show that cannabis’ THC when mixed with caffeine can increase heart rate and the possibility of paranoia. Meanwhile, there are also studies that show they complement each other.


Several studies have discovered the wonderful effects of cannabis to the blood sugar, especially when consumed regularly. It can even help manage weight, which is a huge factor in diabetes risk. However, too much cannabis has also been found to cause blood sugar to become excessively low, which results to hypoglycemia.


Initially, marijuana boosts serotonin levels, which has a positive impact on our mood. However, serotonin has a tendency to drop to frighteningly lower levels than normal. When this happens, the likelihood of dependency and eventual addiction increases.

It becomes even worse when you fuse antidepressants with cannabis. At first, there will be overabundance of serotonin. Unfortunately, it can lead to the body’s demand for these substances. As a result, depression and anxiety can worsen over time.

The Best Advice

Before you smoke weed while you are on prescription medication, listen to your body and make sure you talk to your doctor about your plan. Drug interactions can be quite complicated. It is possible that cannabis and another drug could interact with each other and may even have an effect on the anomalies you may have with your personal biochemistry.Dried marijuana sativa seeds

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