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Auto Skunk Seeds

Auto Skunk seeds for sale can be found and ordered online on our website. Making the good old Skunk flower autoflowering became possible through the process of hybridization with Cannabis Ruderalis. It shortened the flowering time, facilitated growth, and made it blossom independently of the light cycle. If you’d like to cultivate the purest auto Skunk strain – just a combination of Ruderalis and Skunk #1 – then go for Royal Dwarf.

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Autoflowering Strains with Skunk Genetics

Skunk, being an Indica-Sativa hybrid, originally known for its pungent smell, gave rise to various new cultivars. To ensure the best properties, aside from Ruderalis, the Skunk genetics has been enriched. We’ve selected the most interesting varieties here.

Royal Dwarf

The purest form of autoflowering Skunk. Just a mix of Skunk and Ruderalis. Nothing else.

This compact, mold-resistant plant flowers automatically in a period of 6 to 8 weeks with dark buds. Its effects hit quickly. It’s a very relaxing, nighttime strain. The THC level reaches up to 16%, which is pretty high for an auto strain.

Autoflowering Jock Horror

This hybrid strain is a cross of Skunk, Northern Lights, Haze and Ruderalis. It grows better and faster when planted indoors, gives cerebral and euphoric effects. Optimal for using during the day.

Autoflowering CBD Critical Mass

Another example of successful breeding. Descending from Skunk #1, Afghani and Ruderalis this CBD-rich skunk based strain won’t get you too high but will provide you with a decent portion of CBD. You can expect a strong calming body high.

This variety isn’t as mold resistant as most other auto strains, so make sure the humidity level is kept low.

You can order these strains online here. Sow these autoflowering skunk seeds and enjoy your perfect harvest.

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