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Autoflowering Indica Seeds

Autoflowering indica seeds are the seeds that we are delighted to offer for sale online in our webshop. As the genetics of autoflowering strains have become more potent in recent decades, they’ve begun attracting the attention of cannabis growers. Autoflowering strains need constant light, from the beginning to the end, without changes in the light cycles to force them to bloom. They will grow fast and then offer the consumer desired relaxing effects.

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Gelato Auto (10 seeds)

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How Indica Can Flower Automatically

Auto Indica strains are crossbreeds of Ruderalis and Indica with the dominance of Indica. They were bred by adding the genes of ruderalis, which enabled it to automatically flower after a certain period of time, regardless of the light cycle. This is the main difference between such marijuana and the classic Indica, which blooms only after the reduction of daylight hours. Indica autoflowers enter the flowering stage after three weeks from the germination of the seeds.

More about Ancestors of Autoflowering Indica

Cannabis Ruderalis was first discovered in a cold climate. The natural resistance of this type of cannabis allows it to grow in not very favorable climatic conditions. Ruderalis is a short plant (about 90 cm or 35 in), with narrow leaves and a small amount of buds. Due to the low level of THC, ruderalis in its pure form is not attractive to breeders. The main advantage of ruderalis is the ability to autoflower, i.e. the transition to the flowering stage is determined not by the amount of light, but by the degree of maturity of the plant.

Cannabis Indica is a type of marijuana originating in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. It is a compact plant with dense dark green leaves and a large number of juicy buds. It has powerful sedative effects, popularly known as “stoning.” The life cycle of these plants is shorter than that of Sativa, it is more resistant to temperature changes and is much easier to grow.

Features of Autoflowering Indica Cannabis Seeds

So what is the result after crossing these two types of marijuana? As a result, we have autoflowering Indica seeds and the following set of positive qualities.

  • The rapid growth of plants (50-60 days);
  • Hybrids retain the sedative effect of the parent Indica;
  • They are compact and convenient for growing in small grow boxes;
  • They are resistant to mold and various pests.

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