Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds for Sale

Best Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds

When it comes to cultivating hemp, nothing is more important than finding the right seeds. Autoflower CBD hemp seeds provide numerous benefits over regular cannabis and are a great choice for novice growers or those looking to maximize their yields.

In this article, we’ll discuss what autoflower cbd hemp seeds are, the benefits of growing them, how to find the best ones and other tips for successfully cultivating your own crop.

What Are Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis plants utilize light cycles which lead them through various stages: germination; vegetative growth; flowering & ripening.

Autoflowers don’t require any additional light stimulation in order to flower and produce buds – instead they respond naturally at certain points in the season regardless of lighting conditions.

CBD-rich autoflowering strains typically contain high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) but low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While both compounds can be found in most popular varieties, higher concentrations tend towards either one or another depending on individual strain genetics.

Growing Auto Flowering Hemp Seeds at Home

Benefits Of Growing Autoflower CBD Hemp

Autoflowering hemp is an attractive proposition for a number of reasons. For starters, the flowering process happens much faster than with regular cannabis, meaning you can expect to harvest your crop in as little as 8-9 weeks from planting.

The shorter growing cycle also makes it easier to fit into urban gardens or cultivation sites with limited space.

Autoflowers require less attention during their development than traditional varieties; generally needing only basic maintenance such as fertilizer and water throughout the season.

autoflower seeds for Indoor growers

Finding The Best Autoflower Hemp

When looking to buy autoflower CBD hemp seeds there are several important things that need to be taken into consideration:

  1. quality guarantee & germination rates
  2. price & availability
  3. feminization rates (if applicable)
  4. delivery timeframes etc.

Quality should always take precedent when making a purchase – try and buy organic if possible.

Always make sure to do your own research – read reviews, ask questions and look out for customer service guarantees. Look into the company’s background before making a purchase; established seed banks will have reliable sources and are much more likely to provide high-quality products.

outgoor growing of marijuana

How To Choose The Best Seeds

When choosing your autoflower seeds you should always consider their strain type – CBD content, THC levels etc. It is also important to check what nutrients the soil requires in order for them to thrive.

Be mindful of potential pests that may be attracted by hemp plants & take measures such as fencing or netting.

Certified Feminized Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds

Feminized autoflowering seeds have been bred to ensure that 99% of the plants in a crop are female.

This can be extremely beneficial for those looking to maximize their yields, as it eliminates the need for growing male plants alongside females; drastically reducing resources and effort.

Tips For Growing Autoflower CBD Hemp Seeds

Once you have chosen the right seeds for your needs, it’s time to get started on cultivating. Here are a few tips to help with successful germination:

  • Use high-quality soil – preferably organic.
  • Maintain temperature & moisture levels.
  • Give plants plenty of space to grow – too much crowding can lead to fungal issues.
  • Ensure adequate air circulation and light exposure for maximum yields.
autoflower cannabis seeds cultivation

Advantages Of Feminized CBD Seeds

Investing in feminized seeds has a number of advantages over regular varieties. As mentioned, they reduce the effort required in cultivation as there is no need to identify and separate male plants; which can take away valuable resources that could be better devoted elsewhere.

Feminized seeds also tend to offer higher yields and greater uniformity across each plant – however some growers prefer non-feminized varieties for their larger flowers & cannabinoid content.

How To Buy High-Quality, Affordable Hemp Seeds

When buying seeds online, always choose reliable sources and do research into their background. Many seed banks offer discounts and deals so it’s important to compare prices before making a purchase.

It is worth noting that some countries have strict laws surrounding the sale of hemp products – make sure you check this out beforehand in order to avoid any legal issues.


Autoflower cbd hemp seeds are a great choice for novice growers or those looking to maximize their yields. Growing autoflower cannabis can be highly rewarding – follow the tips outlined above and you will be on your way to successfully cultivating your own crop.

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