Autoflower Seeds

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If you're looking for the best autoflowering cannabis seeds, then look no further than Dutch Seeds Shop.

We have a wide variety of autoflowering seeds that are sure to meet your needs and preferences.

Whether you're looking for a high yield or to grow fast flowering plant, we have the perfect strain for you.

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What Are Autoflower Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a type of cannabis seed that will flower automatically regardless of the light cycle (photoperiod). This means that autoflower plant can be grown in any environment and under any conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers.

Autoflowering seeds are also known as automatic, auto, autoflowers or autoseeds. They were originally created by crossing Ruderalis with Indica or Sativa strains, which resulted in a plant that flowers based on age instead of light exposure.

The Advantages of Growing Autoflower Seeds

There are many advantages to growing automatics, especially for beginner growers. Some of the most notable benefits include:

The Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Seeds
  • Faster growing cycle – Autoflowering seeds have a shorter growing cycle than photoperiod plants. This means that autoflower can go from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks, which is much faster than traditional feminized strains.
  • Discreet plants – Autoflowers are usually smaller and more compact than their photoperiod cousins. This makes them perfect for growing in small spaces or places where discretion is important.
  • Resilient plants – Autoflowers are known for being tough and resilient plants. Auto plant can withstand high winds, heavy rains, and other adverse conditions that would normally damage or kill other types of plants.
  • Not affected by changes in lighting – One of the great things about autoflowering plants is that they are not affected by changes in lighting. This means that you can switch from veg to flower without having to worry about your plant's light cycle.
  • Doesn’t need a lot of nutrition – Autoflowers are known for being relatively low-maintenance when it comes to nutrients. Plant don’t need as much nutriens as other types of plants, so you can save money on fertilizers and other growing supplies.

There are many reasons why you might want to choose autoflowering seeds over traditional photoperiod plants.

Dutch Seeds Shop Offers A Wide Variety Of Autoflowering Seeds

Dutch Seeds Shop offers a wide variety of autoflowering seeds for sale, including some of the most popular strains on the market like Amnesia Haze Autoflower or CBD Critical Mass Autoflower.

We also offer a wide variety of feminized, which are perfect for growers who want to ensure that all of their plants are female. Feminized seeds are also great for beginner growers who want to avoid the hassle of sexing their plants.

In addition to our wide selection of autoflowering seeds, we also offer a variety of other cannabis seeds for sale, including Indica, Sativa, THC and CBD seeds.

Are Autoflower Seeds Feminized?

Yes! All autoflowering cannabis seeds are feminized. This means that plant will only grow into female plants.

feminized autoflower seeds

Why is this important?

Female plants are the ones that produce buds (the flowers or “nugs”). Buds contain all of the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids that make marijuana so medicinally and recreationally valuable.

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Autoflowering Seeds Indoors

Auto feminized seeds can be grown in almost any kind of soil, but plant do best in a light, sandy loam. If your soil is too heavy or clay-like, it will compact around the roots and stunt the growth of your plants.

auto flower seeds for Indoor growers

It's a good idea to mix in some organic matter, like compost or manure, to help improve drainage and aeration. You can also add perlite or vermiculite to your soil mix.

What Kind of Soil Do Autoflower Seeds Need?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are easy to grow and don’t need a lot of attention, but plant do need the right kind of soil.

The best soil to grow autoflower is a light, airy mix that drains well. Heavy, clay-based soils will hold too much water and can drown your plants.

What Kind of Soil Do Autoflower Plants Need?

Sandy soils aren’t ideal either, as they can dry out too quickly and stress your plants. The perfect autoflower soil is somewhere in between – loamy with good drainage.

If you’re not sure what kind of soil you have, the best way to test it is to water your plants and then wait a few hours. If the water drains quickly, you have sandy soil. If it takes a long time for the water to drain, you have clay soil.

You can also take a handful of moistened soil and try to form it into a ball. If the ball breaks apart easily, your soil is loamy. If it’s difficult to form a ball or if the ball cracks when you try to squeeze it, your soil is either sandy or clay.

How To Improve Your Soil

If your soil isn’t ideal for autoflowers, don’t worry – there are ways to improve it.

The first step is to amend your soil with organic matter. This will help improve drainage and aeration while also adding essential nutrients.

Some good organic amendments for autoflowes include compost, coco coir, perlite, and vermiculite. You can also add commercial soil mixers like FoxFarm, Happy Frog, or Roots Organic Original.

The Perfect Humidity And Temperature For Your Autos

There are a few things you need to know about growing autoflower indoors. One of the most important things is controlling the humidity and temperature.

Perfect Humidity And Temperature for autoflowering marijuana seeds

Autoflower plants are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If the temperature is too high, plant will stop growing and start flowering early.

Ideal Temperature for Growing Auto Plants

If the temperature is too low, plant will take longer to flower. The ideal temperature range for autoflower is 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

The ideal humidity level for autoflower is 40-50%. You can control the humidity by using a humidifier or dehumidifier.

Tips for Controlling Temperature and Humidity

Here are some tips for controlling the temperature and humidity in your grow room:

Controlling Temperature and Humidity for indoor marijuana growing
  • Keep a consistent temperature. Autoflower plants are very sensitive to changes in temperature. If the temperature fluctuates too much, they will stop growing and start flowering early. The ideal way to keep a consistent temperature is to use an air conditioner or heating system.
  • Monitor the humidity level closely. Autoflower is also sensitive to changes in humidity. If the humidity is too high, plant will start to get moldy. If the humidity is too low, they will stop growing and start flowering early. You can monitor the humidity level with a hygrometer.
  • Ventilate your grow room. Good ventilation is important for keeping the temperature and humidity at the ideal levels. Ventilation also helps prevent mold and mildew from forming on your plants.

Outdoor Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Growing autoflower outdoors is a great way to get started in the cultivation world. There are some things you need to know before you start to grow though. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about growing autoflowering cannabis seeds outdoors.

Autoflowers are a type of plants that flowers automatically regardless of the light cycle. This means that autoflower can be grown from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks!

Tips for Growing Autoflower Outdoors

Here are some things to keep in mind when growing autoflower outdoors:

Outdoor Autoflowering Feminized marijuana seeds growing
  • Autoflower need a lot of light. Plant require at least 18 hours of sunlight per day to flower properly. If you live in an area with long summer days, then you will have no problem giving your autoflower the light they need. However, if you live in an area with shorter days, you may need to supplement your plants with artificial lights.
  • Autoflower is small plant. Don't let their size fool you though, these little guys can pack a punch! Plant may not produce as much bud as their larger counterparts, but what autoflower lack in quantity they make up for in quality.
  • Autoflower is easy to grow. These plants are very resilient and can tolerate a wide range of growing conditions. This makes them perfect for beginner growers.

Grow Sativa and Indica Auto Pants With Dutch Seeds Shop

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What Kind of Nutrients Do Autoflowers Need?

Autoflower need a lot of nitrogen (N) during the vegetative stage, but less during flowering. They also need phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), as well as other micronutrients. The best way to get these nutrients is through a complete, balanced fertilizer that’s designed for cannabis.

What’s the Difference Between Organic and Chemical Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers are made from natural sources like composted manure or fish emulsion. They release nutrients slowly, so they’re good for autoflower that are in their vegetative stage.

Chemical fertilizers are made from synthetic chemicals and release nutrients quickly. They’re good for autoflower that are in their flowering grow stage.

How Often Should I Fertilize my Autoflower?

It depends on the type of fertilizer you’re using. If you’re using an organic fertilizer, you can fertilize your autoflower once a week during the vegetative stage and once every two weeks during the flowering stage.

Fertilizing the soil for my Autoflower plants

If you’re using a chemical fertilizer, you can fertilize your autoflower once every two weeks during the vegetative grow stage and once a week during the flowering stage.

What Kind of Water Do Autoflower Need?

Autoflowering cannabis strains need a lot of water, but plant cannot tolerate too much. Autoflower plants are especially susceptible to over-watering, which can cause the roots to rot. Make sure you check the soil regularly and only water when the top inch or so is dry.

Too much water will drown your autoflower!

Let's review the most important steps for growing autoflower seeds

Choose the Right Autoflower Seeds

Not all cannabis strains are created equal. Some strains are better suited for outdoor growth than others. When choosing a strain to grow outdoors, you will want to consider the following factors:

Choosing quality autoflower cannabis seeds
  • Climate: Make sure to choose a strain that is well suited for the climate you live in. Different strains thrive in different climates.
  • Size: Autoflower plants are small, but some strains are smaller than others. If space is limited, you will want to choose a smaller strain.
  • Yield: While autoflower don't produce as much buds as their larger counterparts, some strains are more productive than others. If you're looking for a high yield, make sure to choose a strain that is known for its bountiful harvest.

Do your research and pick the right strain for your needs.

Start With Quality Seeds

The quality of your seeds will have a big impact on the quality of your harvest. If you want to grow high-quality buds, you need to start with high-quality seeds. The best way to ensure that your seeds are of the highest quality is to buy them from advanced seed banks.

Wide Variety of Top-Notch Autoflowering Seeds

Dutch Seeds Shop is the best place to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online. We offer a wide variety of top-notch autoflower strains that are sure to please even the most discerning growers.

Preferred System

Once you have chosen your strain and sourced your seeds, it's time to prepare your grow site. Outdoor grows can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. Some growers prefer to keep things simple and just stick their plants in the ground, while others go all out and build elaborate grow systems complete with raised beds, irrigation systems, and greenhouses.

Prepare Your Grow Site

No matter what type of grow system you choose, there are a few things you will need to do to prepare your grow site:

preparing your marijuana grow site for growing auto cannabis
  • Choose a sunny location: As we mentioned earlier, autoflower need a lot of light to flower properly. Make sure to choose a location that gets at least 18 hours of sunlight per day.
  • Prepare the soil: Autoflower plants prefer loose, well-aerated soil. If your soil is heavy or clay-like, you may want to consider amend it with some organic material such as compost or peat moss.
  • Test the pH level: The ideal pH level for autoflower plants is between 6 and 7. You can test the pH level of your soil with an inexpensive home testing kit.

Seeds Preparation

Once you have prepared your grow site, it's time to plant your seeds. If you are starting with seedlings that have already been germinated, simply transplant them into your grow site. If you are starting with ungerminated seeds, you will need to germinate them first.

Seed Germination

There are a few different ways to germinate marijuana seeds:

germinating marijuana auto feminized seeds
  • Paper towel method: Soak a paper towel in water and then wring it out so that it is damp but not soaking wet. Place your seeds on the paper towel and fold it over so that the seeds are enclosed. Put the paper towel in a dark place and check on it daily. Seeds usually take 3-5 days to germinate using this method.
  • Direct planting: This method is best suited for experienced growers who know how to properly care for their plant. Simply plant your ungerminated seeds directly into your grow site at the desired depth. Keep the soil moist but not soggy and wait for the seedlings to emerge.

Water and Fertilize Regularly

Autoflower plants need a lot of water, especially during the hot summer months. Make sure to keep an eye on your plant and water them when the soil starts to dry out. If you live in an area with high humidity, you may need to water your plants less often to prevent them from getting too wet.

Pros of Autoflower Seeds

Auto feminized seeds have many advantages over traditional feminized seeds. Seeds are easier to grow, require less attention, and can be grown in a shorter time frame. Autoflower also tend to be more resilient to stress and pests, making them ideal for beginner growers.

Cannabis With Faster Life Cycle – Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have a shorter life cycle than regular feminized seeds. They can go from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks. This is a major advantage for growers who want to get multiple harvests per year.

Autoflower is also less sensitive to changes in lighting, which means seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors with ease.

Autoflower Are Discreet

Autoflower is pretty low-key. Plant don't get very big, and they don't produce a lot of smell. This makes them ideal for growers who want to keep a low profile.

Growing Auto Flower Seeds

Here are some things to keep in mind if you're growing autoflowers:

small autoflowering marijuana plant
  • Autoflowers are small plants. Plant typically only get to be about 2-3 feet tall. This makes them easy to hide and keep out of sight.
  • Autoflower don't produce a lot of smell. This is good news for growers who don't want their homes smelling like a skunk.
  • Autoflowers are resilient plants. Plant can withstand a fair amount of abuse and still produce decent buds.

Keep in mind that autoflower plant is not invincible. They still need to be given the proper care and attention if you want them to thrive.

Autoflowering Plant Is Small

One of the main advantages of autoflowering seeds is that the resulting plant is small. This is due to the fact that autoflower do not need a long vegetative grow phase to develop properly.

In fact, most autoflowers will be ready to harvest in just 8-10 weeks after germination! This makes them perfect for growers who don't have a lot of space.

Shorter Growth Cycle

However, this shorter growth cycle also means that autoflower have lower yields than traditional feminized strains. So if you're looking for maximum yield, you might want to stick with regular seeds.

Autoflowering Seeds Are Resilient

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a type of feminized seed that will flower automatically regardless of the light cycle. This means that growers do not need to change the light cycle to induce flowering.

Autoflowering seeds are a great option for beginner growers or those who want to grow marijuana plant but do not have the time or experience to change the light cycle.

Autoflower is Not Affected By Changes In Lighting

One of the great things about autoflowering cannabis plants is that they are not affected by changes in lighting. This means that you can change the light cycle from 18 hours of light to 12 hours of light without having to worry about your plant going into flower.

Lighting for autoflowering marijuana plants

Different Light Cycles

This is a big advantage for growers who want to experiment with different light cycles or who want to change their grow room set up.

Another benefit of autoflower is that plant do not need a dark period. This means that you can keep your grow lights on 24 hours a day if you want to. This can be a great way to increase yields.

Autoflower Doesn’t Need A Lot of Nutrition

One of the best things about autoflower is that seeds and plants don’t need a lot of nutrition. Unlike traditional feminized plants, autoflower get all the nutrients they need from the soil they’re grown in. This means that you don’t have to worry about fertilizing your plants or giving them extra nutrients.

Of course, you can still give your autoflower some extra love by feeding them high-quality nutrients. But even if you don’t, autoflower will still be able to grow and produce buds.

Do Autoflowering Strains Have Higher CBD Levels?

Yes, autoflowering strains tend to have higher CBD levels than non-autoflowering strains.

Do Autoflowering Strains Have Higher CBD Levels?

Why is this so?

Reason for this is that autoflowering cannabis seeds are typically derived from Cannabis ruderalis, which is a type of weed that is known to have high levels of CBD. In fact, ruderalis-based autoflowers are often bred specifically for their high CBD content.

So if you're looking for a high-CBD strain, an autoflower may be the way to go.

Autoflower Require Less Space

Autoflower is great for growers who don't have a lot of space. Plants can be grown in small spaces like closets and cupboards. Even if you only have a few square feet, you can still grow autoflower.

Auto-flower Means Multiple Harvests Each Year

One of the great things about autoflower is that they allow for multiple harvests each year. This is because autoflower have a shorter life cycle than feminized plants. traditional plants, you can only harvest once a year.

With autoflower, you can harvest multiple times throughout the year. This means that you can get more bang for your buck, and you can enjoy your favourite strains more often.

Cons of Autoflower Seeds

When it comes to growing autoflower, there are many different ways to go about it. You can grow from clones, from regular seeds, or from autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering seeds have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their many benefits.

However, there are also some cons associated with growing autoflower. Let's take a look at some of the potential cons of growing autoflower so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not autoflower are right for you.

Autoflower Have Lower Yields

Autoflower seeds are known to produce lower yields when compared to just feminized seeds. This is because autoflower tend to be smaller in size and have shorter flowering periods.

However, there are some auto flower seeds that can produce high yields. For example, the CBD Critical Mass seeds are known to produce high yields, but autoflower variety tend to have lower yields.

Autoflowers Have Low THC

One of the biggest cons of autoflowering seeds is that they have lower THC levels than regular seeds. This is because autoflowers are typically Indica-dominant, and Indica seeds have lower THC levels than Sativa seeds.

For Hight THC, Better Grow Feminized Plants

So, if you're looking for a high-THC seeds, you're better off sticking with regular feminized seeds. However, there are some high-THC autoflowering seeds available, so it's worth doing some research to find the right strain for you.

Autoflower Are Vulnerable to Growth Errors

Autoflower is particularly vulnerable to growth errors. If you don't give them the right conditions, plant can quickly become stunted or hermaphrodite. This is because Autoflower have such a short growing season. Auto plants need to be carefully monitored and managed.

Autoflower are Sensitive to Nutrients

One of the most common growth errors is over-fertilization. Autoflower are very sensitive to nutrients, and too much can quickly burn them. If you're using a chemical fertilizer, be sure to follow the directions carefully. It's always better to err on the side of too little, rather than too much.

Autoflower Need a Lot of Light

Another common grow error is not providing enough light. Autoflower need a lot of light to reach their potential. If autoflower don't get enough, they'll stretch and become leggy. Autoflower plants may also produce fewer buds.

Autoflowers are Susceptible to Stress

Finally, don't forget to monitor the temperature and humidity carefully. Autoflower are sensitive to both. If the conditions are too extreme, autoflower can quickly go into stress. This can cause them to hermaphrodite or produce lower-quality buds.

Autoflower Cannot Be Cloned

Autoflowers are a great option for new growers, but there is one downside – autoflower cannot be cloned. This means that if you want to grow more than one plant, you will need to buy new seeds each time. This can be costly, and it is a good idea to research the best autoflower seeds for your needs before you buy.

What is Cloning?

Cloning is a process where a grower takes a cutting from a mother plant and grows it into a new plant. This is a common way to grow marijuana plants, as it allows growers to keep the same genetics and produce multiple plants from one mother. Cloning autoflower is not possible, as plants do not produce enough vegetative growth.

cloning cannabis plants

Why Can’t Autoflower Be Cloned?

Autoflowering cannabis strains have a shorter vegetative stage than regular or feminized seeds. This is due to the fact that autoflower are programmed to flower automatically after a certain amount of time, regardless of the amount of light autoflower plants receive. This means that autoflower do not produce the same amount of vegetative growth as other seeds.

Not Enough Time to Grow

Because of this, autoflower do not have enough vegetative growth to produce clones. Even if you were able to take a cutting from an autoflower, it would not have enough vegetative growth to produce a new plant. Cloning autoflowers is simply not possible.

There are many different strains of autoflowering seeds available on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. To help you make a decision, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular autoflowering seeds available.

Amnesia Haze Autoflowering Seeds

Amnesia Haze Autoflowering week 4

Amnesia Haze is a popular seeds of cannabis that is known for its high THC levels and energizing, cerebral effects. These autoflowering seeds are a great option for growers who want to enjoy the benefits of this strain without having to worry about the complex flowering cycles of regular feminized seeds.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering

Girl Scout Cookies autoflowering seeds are perfect for growers of all experience levels. The plants are small and easy to manage, and the flowering time is a relatively short 56-63 days. Indoor yields will be in the range of 1.6-2 ounces per square foot, while outdoor plants can produce up to 5 ounces each.

Blueberry Auto Feminized Seeds

Blueberry autoflowering cannabis

Blueberry autoflower cannabis seeds are the product of crossing blueberry, sativa and ruderalis genetics that come from Russia. As a result, these seeds are easy to grow and produce small, yet potent plants. Blueberry auto flower seed THC level range from 18% to 21%, while the CBD levels are below 0.1%.

Critical Fast Bud Autoflower Seeds

Critical Fast Bud feminized seeds

Critical Fast Bud auto feminized seeds are the perfect choice for growers who are looking for a high-quality product that is easy to grow. These seeds are a cross between afghani, skunk, and ruderalis, and they have a 70% indica and 30% sativa genetic makeup.

60 Day Wonder Autoflower

60 Day Wonder auto feminized seeds

If you're looking for a 60 Day Wonder seeds,, look no further than our autoflowering cannabis seeds from DSS. With a quick flowering time and high yield, this seeds are perfect for beginner and experienced growers alike. With a THC level of up to 14%, this strain is sure to give you the relaxation and happiness you desire.

Gelato Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Gelato Autoflowering plants

This strain has a medium height and a flowering time of 56 to 63 days. It is an easy seeds to grow and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Yields are average to high, with an indoor yield of 1.3 to 1.6 ounces per square foot and an outdoor yield of 2 to 3.5 ounces per plant. This seeds prefers a warm climate.

Purple Kush Autoflower

purple kush autoflower cannabis

This seeds prefers a temperate climate, but it can also be grown in colder or hotter climates with some adjustments. The flavors of Purple Kush are earthy, skunk, grape, and the effects are relaxed, couch-lock, strong, analgesic.

OG Kush Autoflower Seeds

OG Kush feminized cannabis

The THC levels in these seeds are from 17% to 21%. CBD levels are below 1%. This plant is small in height. Flowering time is from 56 to 63 days. The grow difficulty of this seeds is easy. Indoor yield ranges from 1.1 to 1.3 oz/ft². Outdoor yield ranges from 2.5 to 5 oz per plant. The preferred climate for this plant is mild.

Top 15 Autoflowering Seeds USA

If you want to grow your own cannabis, autoflowering seeds are a great option. These seeds will flower automatically after a certain amount of time, and plants from this seeds don't need light cycle change to do so. All seed banks auto varieties that are offered can confuse beginners. To help you out, we've put together a list of the best autoflowering seeds in the USA.

Lowryder Autoflower

Lowryder autoflower

Lowryder autoflower seeds are a great choice for beginner growers. Seeds are easy to grow and are resistant to mold and pests. Additionally, this seeds do not require a lot of space and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Purple Haze Autoflower

purple haze

Purple Haze Auto Feminised are a sativa/indica hybrid seeds. It is known for its resistance to plant diseases, good production, and therapeutic value. Indoors, it will yield 400 gr/m2 from plants that reach 60-120 cm tall in a total growing time of 70-75 days.

Grapefruit Autoflower

Grapefruit strain

The key benefit of cultivating Grapefruit auto cannabis seeds is that the plant will start its flowering stage with no human interference. When it reaches a certain age, it'll begin to produce buds. As it's easy to cultivate and doesn't require growers to manage light cycles, it's perfect for beginners.

Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower

The Blue Dream Auto Fem plant is a hybrid of the Blueberry and Super Silver Haze strains. It is known for its high THC content and its ability to cancel out pain. It is also a sativa-heavy blend. The plant grows to approximately 4 or 5 feet in height, and with proper training, can bring beautifully balanced buds delivering yields of up to 400 grams per m2 in just 10-11 weeks.

Magnum Autoflower

magnum marijuana strain

Auto Magnum seeds are a potent, easy to cultivate feminized strain that produces hefty yields. The hybrid has a natural resistance to most common diseases and pests, and also copes well with external stressors.

Master Kush Autoflower

Master Kush bud

Master Kush Automatic is a feminized autoflowering cannabis seed strain that is easy to grow for beginner growers. This seeds has the same hash-plant parents as the original Master Kush, giving it the same astonishing resin production.

Jack Herer Autoflower

jack herrer autoflowering plant

Jack Herer autoflower seeds are perfect for beginner growers. They're easy to grow, yield a good amount of high-quality weed, and are resistant to common cultivation problems.

Hindu Kush Autoflower

Hindu Kush strain

The Hindu Kush mountain range is a 500-mile long range that runs between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The climate in this region is harsh, and the plants that grow there have to be tough to survive. As a result, the Hindu Kush seeds are a very potent autoflower plant with high levels of THC.

Strawberry Cough Autoflower

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough flowers within nine to ten weeks and are expected to produce sugar leaves with a spectrum of shades like purple, neon green, and earthy yellow, with a few patches of bright orange pistils and frosty trichomes.

Super Autoflower

Super autoflowering cannabis

Super is an autoflowering strain that is known for its large size. It's a cross of several different strains made by Dinafem, and it's known for its high THC content. Super is a great choice for growers who want to produce large amounts of potent buds.

Durban Poison Autoflower

Durban Poison autoflowering plant

Looking for an energizing and uplifting marijuana strain? Look no further than Durban Poison auto flower Seeds! This 100% sativa-dominant autoflowering strain has THC levels that range from 17-20%, making it perfect for daytime use. And with a flowering time of just 55-65 days, you'll be able to enjoy your Durban Poison buds in no time!

Blue Mystic Autoflower

Blue Mystic autoflower

Blue Mystic Autoflower seeds are indica-dominant autoflowering strain that produces high-quality buds! These premium seeds produce big, beautiful blue flowers that are simply irresistible. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

Tangerine Dream Auto

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is a hybrid strain that has been adapted for autoflowering. It's a cross of Blueberry and Haze, and it's known for its sweet tangerine flavor. Tangerine Dream is a great choice for growers who want to produce flavorful buds.

Bubba Kush Auto

Bubba kush automatic marijuana flower

Bubba Kush Autoflower Seeds are indica-dominant autoflowering strain with a powerful punch! This Indica-dominant hybrid packs a serious punch, with a THC level of up to 20%. Bubba Kush is known for its strong, sedative effects, making it perfect for relaxation or sleep.

AK 47 Auto

AK 47 auto variety of marijuana

With THC levels ranging from 17-19%, this sativa-dominant autoflowering strain is perfect for those looking to have a good time. CBD levels are below 0.1%, so you can expect to feel relaxed and euphoric. The flowering time is from 42-56 days, so you can enjoy your buds in no time. The grow difficulty is easy, so you can get started right away.