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Can an autoflower turn male?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds have become increasingly popular among growers around the world, due to their ability to flower without the need for changes in light cycles. However, one of their biggest potential downsides is the risk of hermaphrodite flowering – commonly known as ‘autoflowers turning male’ or ‘female autoflower becoming male’. In this article we discuss what an autoflower hermie is, and how you can reduce your chances getting them when growing from auto feminized weed seeds.

What Are Autoflower Hermies (Hermaphrodites)?

Hermaphrodite or “hermie” cannabis plants are the flowers which have both the male and female sex organs in the same flower. Autoflowering cannabis growers often encounter female hermies that have some male flowers.


The phenomenon occurs when a plant produces flower sites at different stages than normal due to environmental stress, genetic instability, and other conditions. The most common reason is triggering changes in hormones. These changes can disrupt buds that were supposed to form one gender but end up forming ones of another gender instead.

Distinguishing Features of Male and Female Autoflower Plants

When it comes to knowing the difference between male and female autoflowers, there are a few things that growers should be aware of. It is important to know the features of male and female autoflower plants in order to avoid male flowering in your crop.

Male cannabis plant

Males are easily identifiable by their tall, tapered size compared to females that typically have shorter, more bush-like appearances.

Male flowers produce pollen, while female flowers produce buds. The males will grow a sac filled with pollen at their flowering stage which is visible.

Female cannabis plant

The most obvious distinction between male and female cannabis species is the appearance of specialized reproductive organs known as “pistils” on the calyxes (bud sites) of mature female plants only. Female pistils look like fine, white hairs or silk fibers that stick straight out from calyxes in all directions when viewed under magnification (or even by eye for larger buds).

Is it Possible for an Autoflower to Become Male?

The short answer to this question is yes. Autoflowering plants can become male (“hermie/hermaphrodite”) and produce pollen rather than flowers. How likely it is for an autoflower to turn male depends on various factors such as the genetics of the plant and environmental conditions.

Female marijuana flowers

Autoflowers have been specifically designed so that they automatically switch from vegetative growth into flowering mode without the need for special light cycles or reduced daylight hours, instead relying solely on age alone to determine when their flowering stage will begin. Although this ensures the efficient production of marijuana buds even with limited growing experiences, it also leaves them more vulnerable to hermification due to stress factors such as heat, drought, overfeeding, or nutrient deficiencies among other things which may vary depending on season and location where they are grown.

To increase chances of avoiding any unwanted “surprise males” during the growth process it’s always advisable to pay close attention to what environmental conditions your plants are exposed to so you can make necessary adjustments on time to avoid having them veer off course or fail altogether due unexpected stresses placed upon them during cultivation.

How to Avoid Male Flowering in Autoflowers

The best way to prevent any kind of hermaphroditism from occurring in your autoflowers is to start with quality genetics from reputable sellers who guarantee feminized seeds. Additionally, providing the plant with stable growing conditions, controlling temperature & humidity levels properly, keeping nutrient levels balanced – these all play a part in helping promote proper female development throughout the entire growth cycle.

Other measures include keeping an eye out for stress caused by external disturbances like too much competition among plants and possible pest infestations which could cause gender switching among mature plants several weeks down the road; be sure to take care of those issues before they become serious problems if you spot them early enough!

Can You Prevent a Female Autoflower From Becoming Male?

The short answer is ‘No’ – it’s not possible to prevent an autoflower from becoming male, but you can do your best to reduce the chance of it happening.

The best way to try and prevent your female autoflowers from becoming hermaphrodite is by ensuring you give them a good growing environment and keep an eye on any potential stress factors that may affect the plant negatively – like temperature fluctuations or light problems.

Additionally, make sure your selected strain that produces feminized seeds as these have been designed specifically with gender stability in mind.

Another thing you can do to protect against hermaphroditism is select a reputable seed company and check out customer reviews. At Dutch Seeds Shop we guarantee quality auto-flowering marijuana seeds!

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