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Cannabis seeds and cannabis in general are gaining momentum globally, with more countries legalizing it for personal and medical use. Do you love cannabis? Are you looking to grow a batch in your backyard? You need first to find a reputable supplier of cannabis seeds. Dutch Seed Shop has been around for several decades and has a vast collection of premium seeds bred to deliver easy and consistent homegrown cannabis.

Our seeds, from regular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, high THC seeds, and High yield seeds, guarantee premium results irrespective of whether you are cultivating indoors or outdoors.

Why Buy Cannabis Seeds From Dutch Seed Shop?

Why Buy Cannabis Seeds From Dutch Seed Shop?

Dutch Seeds Shop is the best online seed bank to buy all types of seeds, from autoflowering seeds to feminized seeds. You must ensure that the seed bank meets the following requirements before purchasing cannabis seeds.

Seeds quality

This is the most crucial consideration when buying cannabis seeds because you need seeds offering a 100% germination guarantee. And with high-quality sources, you are assured of getting quality plants and maximum production output.

Satisfaction guarantee

For any seed bank to rank among the best, it must provide its clients with a satisfaction guarantee. They acknowledge that as a customer, you might buy seeds that do not meet the high-quality standard and work to solve this issue without inconveniencing the customer.

Providing a satisfaction guarantee to customers shows that the seed bank has a high trust in the quality of their cannabis seeds.

Worldwide and discreet shipping

Yes, cannabis is legal in your state, but before the cannabis seeds get to you, they might pass through states where it is illegal; as such, they must be packaged discreetly. In addition, you might not want your neighbors to know you are looking into growing your batch. So, having the seed banks send your parcel discreetly removes a lot of worries.

Because of these reasons, Dutch Seed Shop uses discreet packaging, where they disguise its appearance.

Customer service

A good cannabis seed bank must have top-notch customer service. They must understand that growers, especially first-timers are apprehensive about their first batch. So they have to be ready to answer all their questions. Even the best seed banks experience issues with their supply and seed quality which can affect the growing process. And that's where Dutch Seed Shop comes in, as their customer service is available 24/7.

Excellent reviews

When buying things online, customers first look for reviews from previous buyers. Trust Pilot rated Dutch Seed Shop at 4.2/5, showing that it's a reliable seeds shop and that customers trust their seeds.
There are many cannabis seed banks, and they differ in their policies, customer services, seed collection, and quality. And when you see customers having positive and honest reviews, you are sure that you can trust the seed bank.

A vast collection of cannabis seeds

Choose a seed bank with a vast collection of marijuana seeds as it gives you a pool of options. Dutch Seed Shop has more than 100 different cannabis seed strains whose germination is 100% guaranteed. We are a trusted and authentic cannabis seeds bank that prides itself on providing customers with excellent services.

A Guide to Cannabis Seeds Cultivation

The number of people choosing to grow marijuana at home is increasing daily, so deciding whether to cultivate it indoors or outdoors is essential.

A Guide to Cannabis Seeds Cultivation

Indoor Growing

There are various places you can grow marijuana seeds indoors, especially for personal use. This can be in your basement, garage, attic, closet, or balcony. Due to limited space, autoflowering seeds are ideal as they require very little time to mature and do not get very big. However, a grow tent is the perfect place to germinate cannabis seeds.

Why should you grow indoors?

  • Controlled environment

Unlike outdoors, where cannabis seeds rely on on the sun and seasons, in an indoor growing environment, you provide everything from the soil, nutrients, light, correct temperature, and humidity for better growth of cannabis plants.

  • Better lighting

Unlike outdoors, where you are solely dependent on the sun, in an indoor environment, you have total control over the lighting. Therefore, you can increase the lighting duration allowing your plant to receive enough light to bloom.

  • Multiple harvests

The most significant benefit of growing cannabis indoors is the freedom to grow all year round, as you are not restricted by seasons. Therefore, you can prepare for your next grow immediately after harvesting your first batch.

  • Privacy and better-looking nugs

Growing indoors affords you the privacy of nosy neighbors. And, indeed, you will get better-looking nugs as they are not exposed to outside forces, such as dust.

Cons of growing cannabis seeds indoors

  • High cost

Unlike outdoors, where you need cannabis seeds and other nutrients, indoor growth requires heavy investment from buying and setting up the grow tent. Then outfit it with the lights, heating, exhaust fans, and other vital items.

  • No predators to ward off mites

Outdoors, you have ladybugs, ants, and wasps which feed on the mites that tend to cripple your plants. However, indoors you'd be required to use chemicals as there are no mite predators.

  • Not easy to get rid of contaminants and toxins

When growing in a grow room, you ensure that you aren't contaminated because once you allow contaminants or toxins to enter the grow tent, getting rid of them is not easy. And they might end up killing your entire batch resulting in more losses and stress.

Outdoor Growing

Growing cannabis seeds outdoors is cost-effective as you don't need to spend tons of money on a grow tent and can rely on sunlight.

Benefits of growing marijuana outdoors

  • Low cost

Since you do not need electricity, and sometimes you can use rainwater, growing weed costs go down. The only thing is to generate your seeds indoors, then transplant them when they are ready.

  • High yields

Outdoors, you are not limited by space, so you can allow your plants to grow as big as possible. However, training your plants is essential to enable them to grow outwards instead of upwards. This will help redirect nutrients to the needed places and maximizes yields. That's why outdoor plants produce more yields.

  • Eco-friendly

Growing indoors requires you to spend tons of electricity while outside; you rely on on sun, rain, and wind, which are free and friendly to the environment.

Cons of growing cannabis outdoors

  • Weather elements

Your crop is secure from weather elements indoors, but when cultivating cannabis seeds outdoors, brace yourself for climate changes. Sometimes your plants may be exposed to extreme sunlight, heavy rain, and storm, which could cause significant damage to your crop.

  • Location of your growth

Growing outside is not just a matter of sowing your cannabis seeds; you have to plan and choose a location that is close to the water source and receives adequate sunlight. And most importantly, hide it from the public eyes to avoid the risk of being stigmatized.

Choosing the right cannabis seeds for your needs

Choosing the right cannabis seeds for your needs

Choosing the right cannabis seeds is paramount to getting quality buds and high yields. So be careful when selecting your cannabis seeds strain. There are many seeds to choose from, and they include:

Types of cannabis seeds

  • Autoflowering cannabis seeds

These seeds are ideal for beginners as they are easy to grow and mature within the shortest time possible with decent yields. With autoflowering cannabis seeds, you don't need to switch the lighting schedule during the flowering phase because of their short lifecycle.

They are compact; thus, they are ideal for indoor cultivation, especially for people with small grow spaces.

Benefits of using autoflowering cannabis seeds strains

  • Short lifecycle
  • Great for growing discreetly
  • High CBD content

Some of our seed shop's best autoflowering cannabis seeds include Amnesia Trance, CBD Critical Mass Seeds, and Gelato.

  • Feminized cannabis seeds

These are cannabis seeds that produce female plants. These cannabis plants are modified to have only flower-bearing plants. The female plants are the most important as they produce the psychoactive compound THC, a recreational user favorite. There are also other cannabinoids found in the cannabis bud, which treat various medical conditions.

With feminized seeds from Dutch Seed Shop, you are assured of a 100% germination guarantee, meaning that there will be no male plants.

How do cannabis breeders modify cannabis plants to get feminized cannabis seeds?

Initially, feminized seeds were obtained by growing female cannabis plants with male and female characteristics; these were known as hermaphrodite plants. These plants were exposed to extreme stress such as water deprivation or low temperatures that forced them into survival mode. Thus, triggeting the female plant to produce male staminate flowers that pollinated the plant's female pistil.

However, through research, breeders found that using colloidal silver helps modify cannabis seeds, guaranteeing the production of feminized seeds only.

Benefits of using Feminized Cannabis seeds

  • No presence of male plants

Growers prefer using feminized seeds as they are assured of having no male plants. However, you best check your crop after blooming to ensure that

the plants are female, as a male plant can ruin your batch.

  • Vast choice of cannabis strains

Having several feminized seed strains to choose from is essential for cultivators. Luckily, Dutch Seed Shop has a varied collection of feminized seeds.

  • Best for recreational users

Feminized cannabis seeds grow into plants that produce flowers that give users a cerebral, relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting high, which is what most recreational users are after.

  • High yields

Compared to regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds produces high yields as all the plants are female and capable of producing flowers.

  • Saves time

You do not have to spend time removing male plants as you are assured of 100% germination of female plants.

Downsides of feminized seeds

  • Feminized seeds do not offer growers stable genetics as they may develop hermaphroditism if the plants are exposed to extreme conditions.
  • Photoperiod cannabis seeds

All cannabis seeds are photoperiods except for autoflowering seeds, which do not require a change in light hours to bloom. Photoperiod marijuana seeds require growers to change the lighting schedule for the plant to transition from vegetative to flowering stage.

Why should you grow photoperiod cannabis seeds?

  • Compared to autoflowers, photoperiod plants produce more yields.
  • They have a higher cannabinoid content than autoflowers
  • You have a chance to clone your high-performing strains
  • You have a variety of strains to choose from

Cons of growing photoperiod 

  • Requires more care and attention
  • They take a long time to mature
  • Growing indoors will require you to induce flowering by changing the lighting schedule.
  • Regular cannabis seeds

These are marijuana seeds that contain both male and female seeds. In most cases, the male-to-female ratio is 50:50. But in some rare cases, you might be lucky and have more female than male seeds. Either way, when growing using regular seeds, you must be keen to remove the male plants as soon as you identify them to prevent cross-pollination.

The greatest thing about using regular seeds is that they are pure and have not undergone any human tampering.

Benefits of using regular seeds

  • They are viable for cloning. Unlike other autoflowers and feminized seeds, regular seeds produce healthy and sturdy clones that grow fast. And when you clone plants from regular seeds, your resulting plants will have strong genetics.
  • They are an excellent option for breeding: regular seeds are the best if you are looking to develop a new strain.
  • They are less prone to stress and weather changes
  • You can trace the strain origins
  • A wide variety of strains to choose from


  • They are unpredictable as you can identify males or plants until the flowering stage. Thus wastage of resources.
  • New growers might misidentify male and female plants
  • High risk of cross-pollination
  • High THC Seeds

These cannabis seeds are ideal for experienced users as they contain the highest THC levels. Some cannabis contains up to 30% THC concentration. The most potent cannabis strains' THC content has to be above 20%, and these newbies must steer clear.

So what is THC? THC is an abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants. And you can see THC by looking at the flowers. A typical bud is covered with a thick layer of crystalline trichomes, mainly contributing to the high THC content. So, if you are growing marijuana and notice that your buds have a thick and sticky-to-touch resin, your crop is highly potent.

  • High CBD Seeds

These are cannabis seeds with a higher ratio of CBD. You may have noticed the hype around CBD as more people take CBD products. The reason why high CBD cannabis seeds are a favorite of many. In the past, most people cultivated cannabis because of its psychoactive effects of THC, but now people are more focused on the therapeutic effects of CBD. The CBD content in these marijuana seeds ranges from 2% to 10%. Some of our store's most common high CBD seed strains include Critical Mass feminized seeds and Harlequin feminized marijuana seeds.

  • Easy-to-grow Cannabis Seeds

When growing cannabis, there are different levels, some are easy-to-grow, moderate, and others require advanced experience. So, if you are starting, it would be best to choose easy-to-grow cannabis seeds. These include White Window autoflowering seeds and Candy Kush seeds.

  • High-yielding Seeds

These are cannabis seeds that yield the most buds. High-yielding marijuana seeds are perfect for every grower, personal and commercial. Here is a list of the high-yielding seeds on Dutch Seed Shop.

  • Sativa Seed

Sativa seeds grow into tall and thin plants, which must be controlled through training. These seeds produce buds that deliver a cerebral buzz and energetic boost. Compared to their counterpart Indica, Sativa plants take longer to mature and tend to have more THC and less CBD.

  • Indica Seeds

Indica seeds grow into short and stocky plants with wide and chunky leaves. Indica strains deliver a full-bodied high. Indica seeds grow quickly and produce more buds. They also have high levels of CBD and THC.

  • Hybrid seeds

These are cannabis seeds that offer the user the best of both worlds; Indica and Sativa. These seeds have the best features of Indica and Sativa strains, making them so potent that their effects are felt immediately.

Hybrid seeds offer users a full-body high that relaxes and energies them. These marijuana seeds are perfect for growers looking for a complex blend of flavors and effects. Dutch Seed Shop has a comprehensive collection of hybrid seeds that produce high yields and are resistant to pests and mold.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds

One of the most important decisions you can make when buying cannabis seeds is where to buy them from? There are many cannabis seeds sellers, and to get your hands on some, you should ask yourself, which one is best for you?

The best way to start growing cannabis seeds is to start. So, when someone asks "where to buy cannabis seeds," the most common answer is "online." But all too often, cannabis seed buyers may spend hours on the internet reading reviews and trying to find the best deals. Let Dutch Seed Shop be your ultimate cannabis seeds supplier.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds