Fast feminized marijuana seeds

What are Fast Feminized Seeds?

Fast version strains typically have shorter flowering times than traditional varieties, which means that growers can harvest higher yields in less time than before.

This type of strain comes from a cross between feminized and an autoflowering plant. Fast strain depend of on the amount of light they recieve, unlike autos, they need to have growth period 18 hours light and 6h dark, and flowering period 12/12 light cycle.

Introduction to Fast Version Cannabis Strains

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These ultra-fast versions of their regular counterparts are specially bred to flower and mature quickly, making them ideal for growers who don’t want to fine tune every growth stage in order to produce a bountiful harvest. Fast version cannabis plants tend to be shorter, bushier and less potent than regular varieties, however, they still contain high levels of THC depending on the strain and can provide an enjoyable experience if handled properly during cultivation.

Fast version cannabis plants are created by crossing a feminized strain with an autoflowering plant. This combination allows the breeder to manipulate their genetics and create cultivars that will flower quickly without sacrificing quality. Unlike traditional auto-flowering strains which don’t depend on light cycles to trigger flowering, Fast versions require both light and dark periods in order to do so optimally; specifically 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours darkness during vegetative growth, then switching over to a strict 12/12 lighting cycle when initiating flowering.

Different Types of Fast Version Strains

When it comes to fast version cannabis strains, there are two primary categories: regular and feminized.

Fast version cannabis strains offer options, each with its own advantages and characteristics. From Indicas to Sativas and Hybrids that pack the effects of both – there are many unique choices when it comes to fast version cannabis. At Dutch Seeds Shop, you’ll find pure feminized seeds that have been specifically bred for fast flowering times: these F1 versions require less time spent growing compared to regular photoperiod plants. You can choose from Indica-dominant Fast Feminized varieties or Sativa-dominant Fast Feminized genetics, in both cases expect shorter vegetation period, higher yields and strong aromas!

Benefits of Growing Fast Version Cannabis Strains

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Growing fast version cannabis strains is gaining popularity due to their many benefits. Fast version cannabis plants offer growers the advantage of short floral cycles and quicker harvests compared to regular varieties.

The most attractive benefit of growing a fast version of cannabis is that it gives growers an edge over traditional breeding methods by producing larger yields in less time than standard vegetation cycles allow.

In addition, this type of plant tends to be more resilient than its conventional cousins when it comes to avoiding pests and diseases during its more rapid growth cycle! Fast versions also preserve the aroma and the flavor of the original strain.

Popular Fast Version Cannabis Strains

When it comes to choosing the right cannabis strains, speed matters. Fast version cannabis strains are gaining popularity due to their ability to provide fast-acting effects and great yields in a short period of time. The following list is full of popular fast version cannabis strains that you can find at Dutch Seeds Shop!

Afghan Kush: This strain has quickly become one of the most sought for its quick flower times, making it ideal for indoor growers with limited space. On top of having easy maintenance and care requirements, this strain also provides plenty yield and powerful body effects that come from its high THC content.

Critical Plus 2.0 Auto: For those looking for a classic legendary strain without waiting too long in exchange, Critical Plus 2.0 Auto has got your back! It boasts an almost instant flowering process which makes them super easy and fun plants for beginner growing enthusiasts as well as experienced cultivators alike.

Other top sellers include:

  • Northern Lights whose unique genetics stem from mixing Thai Sativa and Afghani Skunk genes resulting in a very strong body buzz followed by an intense cerebral effect reminiscent of classic landraces.
  • White Widow Feminized, the flavour is clean and pine-fresh, with the hint of citrus making a tasty smoke.
  • Master Kush Fem that gives relaxing effects along a full-bodied lemon skunky aroma but makes sure not overpower one overwhelming smoke thanks to its balanced stone stoned nature

Shopping for Quality Fast Version Cannabis from Dutch Seeds Shop

Shopping for the perfect fast cannabis seeds doesn’t need to be stressful. Dutch Seeds Shop offers a wide selection of high-quality fast feminized seeds, so you can find exactly what you are looking for with ease. With hyper quick flowering times, these cannabis varieties provide maximum yield in minimal time frames, ensuring growers get great results every time.

At Dutch Seeds Shop, we understand the need for quality cannabis that can flower in record time. Not only do we offer a variety of Indica, Sativa and hybrid options – but they all have short flowering times!

By selecting premium genes from both indigenous and modern strains, our wide range of fast-feminized cannabis plants ensures ‘no mistakes when it comes to creating your masterpiece garden or that special secret hideaway where you can relax surrounded by lush greens without having years invested waiting on buds form. With Dutch Seeds Shop in your corner – crafting highly sought-after cultivars has never been easier!

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