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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Breeding and Cultivation of Feminized Marijuana Seeds

What’s so special about feminized marijuana seeds that have made them so trendy? The seeds are subjected to a unique botanical selection, which eliminates all male chromosomes from a plant. After this selection, there are only female chromosomes left in the seeds. Thanks to that, the cultivation becomes faster, and the end product reaches high quality with good yields.

How do cannabis breeders achieve this effect? How do they produce only females?

The method of feminization is simple: two full-grown female plants are planted next to each other so all their offsprings are also female. Flowers are sprayed with a particular composition (gibberellic acid or colloidal silver). As a result, one plant begins to produce pollen bags like male individuals. Breeders use “female” pollen to fertilize another feminized plant, which seeds contain pure female genes.

Difference Between Female and Male Seeds

Naturally pollinated cannabis produces seeds of both sexes. Therefore, the chance of a cultivator being able to get a female plant is 50%. However, sometimes the quality isn’t as good as it seems; too many male plants can spoil the growth. Also, for breeders who need blooms, male plants are not useful.

Of course, one can just plant twice as many seeds to get more female plants. But why complicate your life so much if you can get only female weed seeds? The only key is to find a trustworthy supplier.

Pros and Cons of Feminized Weed Seeds

There are two sides of a coin when it comes to marijuana sexes. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of cultivating feminized marijuana seeds.

Pros of female plants

  • You will have buds on every plant
  • No seedy buds (thanks to pollen bags)
  • No need for wasting space on useless male plants
  • If you’re going to grow feminized seeds, they will increase your productivity and also the quality of your weed
  • Plants are genetically controlled and give only the best features in your cannabis strain

Cons of female plants

  • You need males for breeding
  • It might be challenging to spray the plants constantly
  • Not every seller provides high-quality feminized seeds

Why You Might Want to Get Feminized Seeds

Growing cannabis by yourself is a great way to save money and also get to know the marijuana production industry from the inside out. If you are new to marijuana cultivation, feminized pot seeds will be a great start! Buy feminized seeds from a trusted supplier (our website, for example) and start the process.

Auto-flower and feminized seeds optimize the growing process, saving space and time. For those who want to get the most out of it, girl cannabis seeds will be a great choice. Having only girl plants in the garden means you do not have to waste time and look for additional room for male plants. Also, you don’t have to cultivate plants until they reveal their gender because you will know it beforehand. Specially treated seeds raise the likelihood of obtaining a female plant up to 99%.

Here at Dutch Seeds Shop, we have feminized cannabis seeds for sale with promotions. Purchase an amount priced over $100 and get 10 free seeds.

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