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High THC Cannabis Seeds

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Do Cannabis Seeds Contain THC?

Cannabis seeds themselves often have small trace amounts of THC on their surface and low concentrations inside them which can be extracted. Though, for most buyers germinating the seeds and getting full-grown feminized flowers full of THC are much more desirable options.

Indica or Sativa? Which Strains Are Stronger?

Both Sativa and Indica plants can blossom heavy with a high THC content. The seeds that bring forth plants that make you stoned and sleepy are mostly Indica-leaning. Sativa’s psychoactive effects are more energizing and uplifting. Yet, over the past 40 years, there have been so many hybrids that there is no longer pure Indica or pure Sativa on the market. There are only varieties with dominant Indica or Sativa genes. At the same time, there are such crossbreeds where the parameters are balanced to be 50/50.

These days, any grower can find high THC marijuana seeds fully satisfying in all respects, notwithstanding Indica or Sativa dominance.

THC Grading

There’s no universally accepted grading of THC, therefore you should know your personal threshold from your own experience; what is “high” for you can actually be “medium” for the market of cannabis seeds. That is to say when buying anything labeled as high THC weed seeds make sure you know what you are doing.

Low 1-9% THC
Medium 10-19% THC
High 20–35% THC

Strains with Highest THC Levels

Most growers try to find the balance of the ease of growing, high potency, good taste and high yielding. Of course, for experienced growers big yielding cannabis seeds is the best choice. Below is the list of the highest THC cannabis. The seeds of these strains can be purchased from our store online. Make sure you have enough skills before ordering these strains as some of them aren’t the easiest ones to handle.

  • Sour Diesel (Spain)
    THC level: 20-25%
    Yield: Indoor: 600 g / m², Outdoor: 800 g / bush
    Flowering: 60–70 days
    Effect: Sativa prevailing effect
  • Super Skunk Fem (Spain)
    THC level: 24-27%
    Yield: Indoor: 600 g / m², Outdoor: 1300 g / bush
    Flowering: 60-70 days
    Sativa 100%
    Effect: Severe and prolonged euphoria
  • Gorilla Glue Fem (Netherlands)
    THC level: 24-27%
    Yield: Indoor: 600 g / m², Outdoor: 300 g / bush
    Flowering: 55-70 days.
    Indica / Sativa
    Effect: Strong and prolonged euphoria
  • Bruce Banner (USA)
    THC level: 25-29%
    Yield: Indoor: 800 g / m² Outdoor: 1000 g / bush
    Flowering: 50 – 65 days
    Indica / Sativa
    Effect: Quick and strong
  • Girl Scout Cookies Fem (Netherlands)
    THC level: 25-29%
    Yield: Indoor: 650 g / m² Outdoor: 1000 g / bush
    Flowering: 60 – 65 days
    Indica 80% / Sativa 20%
    Effect: Powerful surge of energy
  • Strawberry Banana Fem (Netherlands)
    THC level: up to 30%
    Yield: indoor 500 g / m, Outdoor: 250 g / bush
    Flowering: 60 – 63 days
    Indica 70% / Sativa 30%
    Effect: Strong and prolonged euphoria

How Strong Is Enough for Beginners?

Beginner cannabis users, in combination with novice growers, we strongly recommend you use substance with a content of THC lower than 15%, and know your tolerance level.

Best High THC Strain For Beginner Growers

Autoflowering marijuana strains are best for beginner growers even though most of these strains have low THC levels because of Ruderalis genes. The perfect solution is to buy the seeds of the strain Autoflowering Amnesia Haze; its THC level is relatively high and amounts up to 20%, the flowering period is 65-70 days, and the effect is Sativa-like.

As to growing cannabis for the first time, equipping a place for 10 or more seeds is enough, as some of them will most likely wither or not germinate if you lack experience. When you can objectively evaluate your achievements, develop further, cultivate and explore the world of different THC levels, Sativa-Indica and THC-CBD combinations.

Hone your skills on the path to perfection, become a real expert, but begin your journey with undemanding strains.

Ordering Seeds of Strongest Cannabis Plants

We do not forget about the safety of our customers, it is absolutely safe to receive your parcel. We provide an absolute guarantee of quality and full confidentiality of all data of our users.

Bruce Banner plants with seeds

All the marijuana seeds offered for sale here have been subject to strict quality control from the seedbank itself. They are trustworthily protected by tight, hermetic packaging, which confirms the absolute originality of the products sold. To raise the fecundity of seeds and the THC content of buds, we recommend growers examine the main properties of a chosen strain, as well as read specialized forums and guides for proper care.

Order female seeds from our seed bank and grow the most potent harvest!

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