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Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

Here we offer marijuana seeds for beginners for sale online. Most novice growers choose mold-resistant feminized autoflowering strains with indica dominance. These cannabis cultivars are easy to grow – they are compact, they flower independently of the light cycle and do not demand much maintenance. But if your preferences lie well beyond the THC levels of ~20%, then you should opt for a photoperiod variety. Some of them aren’t that hard to grow too. Especially, if you are provided with the right knowledge – before purchasing weed seeds, feel free to read our marijuana grow guide for novices.

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Why Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Are Best for Beginners

Autoflowering strains are less susceptible to diseases and mold since they have ruderalis genes in them. The genes of the very same subspecies that gave marijuana one of its names – weed – because, just like ordinary weed, ruderalis can basically grow anywhere!

Auto strains are compact (especially indica-dominant ones), they flower quickly (within 15-20 days after germination), their life cycle varies from 90 to 120 days, which lets you harvest them 2-3 times (though they are difficult to recover). You cannot clone them and they usually have low THC levels, but, nevertheless, these easy to grow cannabis seeds are ideal for beginners.

Why Do Some Beginners Choose Photoperiod Marijuana Seeds?

It is also easy to find and purchase some “professional” photoperiod varieties through the Internet that aren’t that hard to grow. The reason why this type is preferred by many is simple – photoperiods usually contain much more THC. You can control the beginning of their flowering by setting the light cycle. At the same time, the risks of poor-quality marijuana growing outdoors in a cold climate increases, because the summer can simply be too short for a photoperiod strain. Beginners order marijuana seeds of this type less often than experienced growers, who are more interested in experimenting with FIM, SoG and other training techniques, which in the end can increase the total yield.

Why Feminized Cannabis Seeds Are Better for Beginners

Male cannabis bushes can’t bring forth buds. They only can pollinate females. This thing is best avoided if your goal is to merely smoke some decent home-grown weed. Sowing non-feminized seeds means you’ll have to tell male plants from female ones and to uproot the males afterwards. Buy non-feminized seeds only if you want to seriously cultivate cannabis.

Why Mold Resistance Is Important for Beginner Growers

When it comes to cannabis, there is no harmless mold. Cannabis, like other plants, is susceptible to various diseases, pests and infections. But they are not all as dangerous as rotting caused by fungal spores that hit buds. Such a disease in just a few days can completely destroy your entire harvest.

Mold is a colony of microorganisms that begin to multiply actively in favorable conditions. Risk factors for the appearance of mold on marijuana are insufficient lighting, high humidity, temperatures around 15°C and lower. Mold resistance is a characteristic desired by all growers, no matter whether they are beginners or not.

Indica or Sativa Seeds For Beginner Growers?

Almost all strains of today are hybrids. Indica- and sativa-dominant hybrids don’t differ much in grow difficulty. Even though some growers claim indica (or indica-dominant) strains to be less demanding, other genetic factors usually play a much more important role.

Indoor Cannabis Growing for Beginners

When growing cannabis indoors, growers put the plant in an enclosed space, the size of which is limited. Only the cannabis bush that can fit there can grow in it. The size of a marijuana bush growing indoors shouldn’t be large. The average height of a grow box is about 1-1.5 meters. Therefore, for indoor growing, a novice should pick a compact indica-dominant auto-strain. In our online store we offer a multitude of such autoflowering indica-leaning marijuana seeds for beginners.

Outdoor Cannabis Growing for Beginners

Sown outdoors, a sativa strain will be able to fully demonstrate its size and productivity. Nothing will limit its growth, and mother nature will take care of the plant for the most part. However, it must be remembered that sativa loves a warm climate and flowers for a long time. Indica better tolerates low temperatures and is more stress resistant. It is these qualities that make it more suitable for outdoor cultivation in northern regions.

Cannabis Strains Popular among Novice Growers

These strains tend to be easy to grow. If you’re a beginner in cannabis growing, consider buying the seeds of the following cultivars.

Northern Lights (Both Autoflowering and Photoperiod)

The Northern Lights strain and the other varieties with its genetics are easy to care for – they have strong immunity and do not need bright lighting. These cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for beginners since their cultivation does not need a lot of experience or expensive equipment. These varieties are able to survive in almost any environment.

This variety has another feature that can also be associated with the name. This is the production of a large number of trichomes that completely cover the buds, turning them into nuggets shining brightly in the light. It’s like your own real northern lights, visible only to the elect in your own garden. You can admire this beauty for hours.

Blue Dream (Photoperiod)

The Blue Dream cannabis variety is a sativa-leaning hybrid that prefers warm, dry climate when grown outdoors. This strain’s sprouts are very viable and vigorous. Easy-to-grow, high-yielding, potent ganja seeds for novices. Isn’t that what you need?

Blue Dream is one of the most common cannabis strains out there for a reason. This classic strain has a lot to offer to any consumer and grower. Both indoors and outdoors, it will be able to amaze you with the amount of resin and a beautiful blue tint. The aroma is similar to that one of Haze – citrus and cedar. The taste has notes of lemon, pine, and frankincense. Expect clear consciousness and a cerebral effect.

Easy Bud (Autoflowering)

Easy Bud, extremely easy-to-care cannabis seeds variety, is a godsend for lazy growers. The buds have a rich aroma and sweet taste. This strain boasts a strong relaxing effect, relieves insomnia and depression. Suitable for use at the end of a hard day. The THC level is only 12%.

Durban Poison (Photoperiod)

A mold-resistant strain hailing from South Africa. Buying these cannabis seeds will probably be the best option for beginners willing to grow a photoperiod sativa. Where no other strain survives, Durban Poison strain’s seeds will thrive and delight you with an excellent harvest. If you’re going to grow your plants in a wet climate, and if you want them to be a robust photoperiod sativa with a THC level of over 15%, then Durban Poison will perfectly meet your needs. This variety has undergone minimal hybridization, which preserved characteristics and allowed growers to stabilize the strain. In the 70s, this 100% sativa was taken out of the South African region and crossed with an anonymous indica in order to gradually adapt it to the Netherlands – the rainy climate and windy weather of northern Europe.

At the beginning of the vegetative period, this plant may show indica-like properties such as several wide leaves. However, the growth characteristics, elongated pointed and thin leaves, and the duration of the flowering period make it possible to accurately recognize a truly sativa culture in Durban Poison.

AK 47 (Photoperiod)

Auto AK 47 marijuana seeds are also an ideal candidate for beginners. Some growers can get harvest with little or no care. It is not affected by fungi, mold, disease and does not succumb to harsh environments. The life cycle of this plant reaches 70 days, despite the fact that on one square meter it is easy to harvest up to 500 grams of buds. These plants grow from 60 to 120 cm, and the total THC level can reach 20%.

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