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Medical Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Dutch Seeds Shop is proud to offer one of the largest selections of medical marijuana seeds for sale online. Whether you’re looking for the latest high CBD cannabis seeds or award-winning standards, you’ll find quality Sativa or Indica seeds that are sure to soothe both body and mind. Even if you’re new to cannabis cultivation, Dutch Seeds Shop has plenty of marijuana seeds for beginners that produce reliably high yields. We encourage patients to take a look at all of Dutch Seeds Shop’s premier medical cannabis seeds for sale.

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How Does Medical Marijuana Work?

The primary reason marijuana offers so many medicinal benefits has to do with unique compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids can directly bind with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is essential for maintaining homeostasis.

Although not as widely known as other bodily systems, the endocannabinoid system plays a critical role in regulating mood, digestion, and cognition. In addition to helping maintain a sense of internal balance, the endocannabinoid system also seems to play a role in the body’s immune and inflammatory responses. By altering the endocannabinoid system with cannabinoids, doctors believe patients can slow down numerous disease processes.

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Here is a short-list of a few diseases where medical marijuana shows great promise:

  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Attention-deficit disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Anorexia

The Rise Of High CBD Strains

A significant reason medical marijuana has gained prominence in the 21st century has to do with the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD). Found mostly in hemp strains, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has become wildly popular in the health & wellness space. Unlike THC, CBD does not induce a “high” sensation, but it does have a calming effect on the central nervous system.

CBD gained huge prominence when doctors discovered its potential to reduce epileptic seizures in children. In addition to epilepsy, studies suggest CBD could provide a therapeutic benefit to patients dealing with issues such as social anxiety, eczema, and arthritis.

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Patients who have never used cannabis before are usually the best candidates for high CBD strains. Amazingly, CBD can block THC from binding to CB1 receptors, which significantly reduces the “high” sensation.

Many people who take CBD strains claim they feel a sense of relaxation and contentment without feeling spaced out. Depending on what strain you’re using, you might also feel a bit of sedation.

Currently, Cannatonic is one of the most famous high CBD mmj seeds for sale on Dutch Seeds Shop. This third-place Cannabis Cup winner is perfect for those who enjoy earthy aromatics and want to relax at the end of the day.

Besides Cannatonic, here are a few other high CBD medical marijuana seeds for sale online on Dutch Seeds Shop:

Is There Therapeutic Potential For THC?

Since THC is the main culprit behind marijuana’s psychoactive effects, it often gets bad press in the mainstream media. In reality, high THC strains show great medical potential for a wide variety of ailments.

Recent research out of New Mexico found that THC might offer patients more therapeutic benefits versus CBD. A few areas where THC shows great promise include pain management, appetite stimulation, and stress reduction. Although all of this research is in its initial phases, it suggests THC has tremendous medicinal potential.

What Is The Entourage Effect?

There’s a growing consensus in the cannabis community that the “entourage effect” is a real scientific phenomenon. In a nutshell, this theory proposes that all the compounds naturally found in cannabis work synergistically to produce an enhanced therapeutic effect.

So, while taking CBD or THC in isolation may provide some benefit, they probably won’t be as effective as smoking a well-cured strain. The entourage effect is a significant reason why medical cannabis patients prefer growing strains at home and using their strain’s buds.

Don’t Forget About The Terpenes

Unlike cannabinoids, terpenes are not unique to the cannabis plant. Indeed, many of the terpenes in cannabis strains can also be found in commonplace herbs, fruits, and spices.

For many years, cannabis enthusiasts only paid attention to terpenes for their aromatic properties. New research suggests, however, these smelly substances can have a dramatic effect on our physiology.

To help you distinguish different medical strains, here are a few of the top terpenes and their standard benefits:

  • Limonene: Strongly associated with citrus fruits, this sweet terpene is known to have energizing and anti-nausea effects.
  • Myrcene: Found in tropical fruits like mangoes, myrcene is the most prominent terpene in indica strains and has a strong sedative quality.
  • Alpha-Pinene: Reminiscent of fresh pine trees, alpha-pinene has an uplifting effect on users and could help improve concentration and memory.
  • Beta-Caryophyllene: The spicy terpene beta-caryophyllene has potent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Linalool: Closely linked with lavender, linalool is an ideal terpene for use before bedtime thanks to its relaxing qualities.

The Benefits Of Ordering Medical Cannabis Seeds Online

Convenience is the obvious benefit of working with an online seed bank like Dutch Seeds Shop. You have all the time in the world to browse our massive array of medical seeds. Once you’ve finished shopping, use your preferred payment option and we’ll ship your seeds in stealthy packaging.

Not only is ordering seeds online convenient, it could also be the only option for many mmj patients. Remember, marijuana is often used for conditions that restrict a patient’s mobility (e.g., arthritis and lower back pain). Patients who use marijuana for mental conditions like depression or PTSD might also feel more comfortable ordering their seeds online.

Picking The Perfect Medical Pot Strain: A Few Tips For Beginners

Every marijuana strain has different effects on different people. So, finding the perfect strain for your needs requires a bit of experimentation.

The best way to judge a strain’s medicinal potential is to take a good look at its cannabinoid and terpene counts. Examining these ratios will tell you a great deal about the typical effects these strains have on users.

If you’re new to growing ganja, Dutch Seeds Shop encourages you to look through our list of autoflowering seeds. These fast-growing seeds are very forgiving and will help you get familiar with how to grow marijuana at home. As you gain more experience, please consider looking through Dutch Seeds Shop’s indica and hybrid seeds before moving on to sativas.

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For those who don’t know much about medical cannabis, we suggest looking into these iconic medical cannabis seeds that you can buy online in our shop:

  • Jack Herer: Named after one of the cannabis community’s top advocates, Jack Herer is a citrusy sativa that offers a unique blend of relaxation and euphoria. A few conditions that respond well to Jack Herer include ADD, social anxiety, and depression.
  • Auto Blueberry: Winner of multiple Cannabis Cups, Blueberry is a fruity indica strain that’s a favorite in the chronic pain community. Due to Blueberry’s strong indica heritage, it is also a fantastic strain for people with insomnia. Dutch Seeds Shop now offers an autoflowering variety of Blueberry, so even beginners could grow this legendary strain at home.
  • Northern Lights Xtreme: Northern Lights is another highly decorated indica that’s popular with insomnia patients. Patients struggling with chronic pain or anxiety disorders also usually enjoy this earthy strain.
  • Girl Scout Cookies: Often abbreviated GSC, Girl Scout Cookies is a standby hybrid with reliably high THC levels. It’s common for patients struggling with cancer or anorexia to use GSC to stimulate appetite. Due to its couchlock effects, however, GSC is best reserved for later in the day.
  • Blue Dream: Patients with chronic fatigue conditions might want to pick up a batch of Dutch Seeds Shop’s Blue Dream seeds. This sweet, sativa-heavy hybrid offers a noticeably uplifting high that’s ideal for conditions like fibromyalgia and depression.

Of course, if you have any questions on our medical marijuana seeds for sale, feel free to reach out to Dutch Seeds Shop’s Customer Care division on our official Contact Us page.

Why Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds From Dutch Seeds Shop?

Since 1998, Dutch Seeds Shop has successfully sent our high quality medical cannabis seeds to roughly 15,000 satisfied customers. No matter what strain you choose, we promise our weed seeds will have a germination rate of at least 87 percent. Dutch Seeds Shop is also one of the few online seed banks to offer worldwide shipping of all of our premium seeds. As a bonus, we promise to ship six complimentary feminized seeds to any customer who spends over $100 on our website.

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