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Medical Marijuana Seeds

Many marijuana strains are currently grown for medical use, including strains of both types in varying potentiates and also as hybrid plants. Medical Marijuana is a great treatment for many ailments. It can contribute to the maintenance of chronic pain. Dutch Seeds Shop is an Amsterdam based cannabis seed bank, partially focusing on marijuana as pharmaceutical substitution treatment . These strains are explicitly designed for such users. Consistent levels of THC so you know how much cannabis to smoke. Doctors routinely recommend marijuana as herbal therapy, to maintain pain, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Bi-Polar Disease, treat migraines and melancholia, as sleeping aid and many other conditions. Chemo therapy and other nasty pharmaceuticals often lead to nausea and vomiting, against what marijuana is quite effective


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As patients, doctors, researchers, and growers continue to explore the potential of Marijuana, the realization is the beginning of Medical Cannabis that has few to no side effects, especially when compared to prescription drugs.

Medical Marijuana Seeds for sale online is one of the most popular seeds to buy online, Many of our customers grow weed for theurapic use. The most easy way to start growing Medical Marijuana strain starts from buying Medical Cannabis Seeds online at Dutch Seeds Shop!

The following selection of our marijuana strains are those that work best for medical.