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Outdoor Indica Seeds

We offer outdoor Indica seeds for sale online. Most seeds of Indica-dominant cannabis are well suited for cultivation in the soil right in your garden. Living in a colder climate? Not a problem! These cultivars can easily grow even when it’s as cold as 18C (65F) at night. Choose the seeds of an outdoor Indica strain you like most and grow your own rich harvest!

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Most Indica Strains Are Well Adapted for Outdoor Growing

In the wild, you will not find indica and sativa growing near each other. Each of these subspecies grow only in certain geographical latitudes.

Indica’s homeland is the highlands of Hindu Kush, located in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is where it was able to adapt to low temperatures and become stress resistant. Some Indica varieties can withstand 0C. The optimal temperature range for Indica is 20-28C (70-82F). At night, it can drop to 18C (65F).

To successfully grow outdoor Indica cannabis seeds, it needs to get 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day. Since the spectrum of sun light is much wider and richer than the light of the most powerful lamp (and ventilation in the grow box, to put it mildly, is inferior to the natural movements of the air), many growers focus on outdoor cultivation, leaving the basic needs of their plants in the care of wise mother nature.

Watering and Fertilizing of Outdoor Indica Seeds

Outdoor Indica is considered more demanding in terms of fertilization. After germinating the seeds, It is better to start giving sativa fertilizers from a quarter or half of the recommended dose, gradually increasing it afterwards.

Young indica plants will require little water at regular intervals – up to two times a day if the temperature is high and humidity is low. Later they may be fed less frequently with larger amounts. Large flowering plants must be watered at least every 2-3 days.

Test the moisture level of the soil first, that’s how you will know the right time to water the plants. It should feel dry on top, but still a little damp under the surface. If it feels dry at a depth of more than 5cm, the plant may be too dry.

This Indica cannabis seeds are better adapted to adverse environmental changes than Sativa; it is less whimsical and more stress resistant. The most unkillable varieties of marijuana have dominance of Indica genes.

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