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Pure Indica Seeds, Feminized

Pure Indica seeds feminized are available for order on our website too! Here you can buy such seeds as the Hindu Kush seeds or others. Over time, pure Indica strains have undergone a process of thorough selection. Most cannabis seeds are a product of multiple crossings between various Indica-dominant cultivars and phenotypes. There’s been so much crossbreeding over the past few decades that truly 100% Indica strains have become very rare, that’s why the crossbreeds with a high percentage of Indica genes are often called pure.

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Pure Indica Effects

As a result of hybridization, now we’ve got a whole lot of different properties having been evolved. Notwithstanding, the rule of thumb is the following: if your goal is to get things done, pure Indica strains are not for you. Also, when these effects kick in, you will not be able to do much socializing. Keep in mind, pure Indica will provide you with the effects of total relaxation – that’s one of the reasons why it is successfully applied medicinally by those having trouble falling asleep.

Do Pure Indica Strains Exist?

In today’s cannabis seed market almost all strains are hybrids. Though, a few marijuana landraces hailing from the remote parts of Asia can be legitimately called pure. However, the cultivation of such strains is oftentimes less preferable, as they are too demanding, have a long flowering time and small yields.

Most Notable Pure Indica Strain

Indica originally comes from the valleys of the Hindu Kush region (also known as Caucasus Indicus) which mostly stretches across the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Several strains from this region can be found in various seed banks.

The most notable pure (most likely the purest) Indica strain is Hindu Kush. Be sure, the product of this variety will give you clean Indica effects.

Ordering Pure Hindu Kush Seeds

Prepare to feel completely stoned. This truly historical strain is hard to find as it sells out quickly! Great for severe pain, sleeplessness and stress. Make sure you don’t have things to get done after consuming this weed.

This treasure comes straight from the lush hills of the region of Hindu Kush. Feel free to purchase these pure Indica seeds at our online store. You cannot call yourself an Indica connoisseur without ever trying this strain. And, of course, growing this legend is a must-do.

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