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Sativa Outdoor Seeds

Order Sativa outdoor seeds online here. Growing these plants is ideal if you’re living in a warm climate. Sativa-dominant strains tend to be as tall as 2–3m and their vegetation and flowering lasts longer than for Indica. Though, for those cultivating in temperate climate things can go well too. Read on to know how to do that.

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Planting Time for Sativa Seeds Outdoors in Temperate Climates

Sativa originally is a tropical plant. It loves the warmth and bright sun, and also flowers for a long time. Planting Sativa seeds outside must be carried out as soon as possible. A favorable time for this comes when the temperature during the day does not fall below +18C.

In order for Sativa seeds sown outside to grow better, it is recommended to germinate the seeds in advance in a covered ground. This can be done even one month before planting. You can also plant Sativa in the greenhouse back in March or April.

A Place for Planting Sativa Outdoors

Sowing outdoor Sativa strain seeds should be undertaken on a small hill so that water does not accumulate nearby during rain. The soil must be well-drained and fertile. Only under such conditions, the plant roots will receive a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients, which will ensure healthy and rapid growth of the aerial parts of the plant. The minimum amount of moisture in the soil will significantly reduce the likelihood of mold.

Sativa likes light. Therefore, the sun at the planting site should be present at least 10 hours a day, and the amount of shade is minimized. If necessary, you will have to remove the branches of trees or shrubs that block the light. Best of all, if the shadow does not fall on the plant at all. The tropical climate of the place of its origin has made Sativa resistant to high temperatures. In hot summer, sativa-dominant strains will feel comfortable with a thermometer hitting 30-35C. The main thing is that at this time is watering.

If you are going to plant a few Sativa outdoor seeds in your garden, then the rows should be made in the form of a line running from north to south. So all plants will receive an equal amount of light throughout the day – they will not cast a shadow on each other.

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