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Is It Easier to Grow Sativa Seeds?

Nope. It all hinges upon individual strains and your own experience. Some Indica strains are easier to grow than Sativa. What cannabis species is the easiest to grow is Ruderalis and – derived from it – autoflowering cultivars.

Sativa Effect VS Indica Effect

Strains, harvests, and even individual buds have varied amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. They bring forth a variety of effects when consumed, but overall the general rule is the following: if you go to the movies late at night after smoking an Indica strain, in all likelihood, you will fall asleep. Use Sativa and you will enjoy the movie to the fullest.

Sativa seeds. Drawing of a pure Sativa plant

Drawing of a pure Sativa plant with seeds

Pure Sativa or Hybrid

Go to a store and most likely they will try to sell you one of two kinds of strains: Sativa or Indica, but the truth is no one really knows specifically what they are these days. There isn’t really that division as much as there used to be. There are certain physical reactions that people have to these two strains, but there’s been so much crossbreeding that you can have something that looks like 100 percent Sativa seeds but actually grows into something indica-like.

Nearly everything out there is an Indica-Sativa hybrid unless it’s one of the few landraces. And sure enough even the landrace seeds are sometimes mislabeled as hybrids.

Moreover, some crossbreeds have Ruderalis genes in them.


Why You Might Want to Get Sativa Seeds

Some prefer Sativa, since Indica makes them stuck in bed or wherever they are. You can’t go out or socialize when you are smoking Indica as you can doze off when aren’t expecting to.

If you are hanging out with other cannabis users and want to stay awake to talk, play video games or go for a bushwalk, take a puff of what is grown out of Sativa marijuana seeds.

Sativa users love how euphoric and energetic it makes them feel. It heightens creativity and on the whole makes life more colorful. Daily usage isn’t recommended though; moderation is key.

A lot of people’s favorite sativas are Feminized Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, Feminized Amnesia Haze, Lemon Haze and Blackberry.

Benefits of Sativa Strains

Sativa is a stimulant. These plants can suppress your appetite, help with headaches, soothe chronic pain, cure nausea, and in some people, relieve depression. Sativa-dominant nugs often have higher levels of THC and bring forth a cerebral energetic high. When smoking sativa flower you can focus better and feel like getting into deeper thought. You can concentrate better and feel more aware of your surroundings. These are the main reasons why people prefer to buy sativa strain seeds.

Users find Sativa strains invigorating and uplifting. They often use these strains in social settings and to energize themselves for creative events and physical exercises.

Sativa seeds for sale. Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis - how are they look?

Pure Sativa and Indica Look Different

The two kinds of cannabis also look and grow differently. Indica is short and has wide leaves. The plants have shorter blossoming cycles and are fit for colder climates with shorter seasons.

Sativa is taller with thinner leaves and has longer flowering cycles. These plants grow better in warm climates where there are longer growing seasons.

One thing you should understand when buying cannabis seeds is that a seller can use either Sativa or Indica to describe almost any strain of marijuana.

How to Get Pure Sativa from Hybrid Strains

Certain growing conditions can pull pure Sativa features out of a hybrid strain.

Soil conditions

Warm soil, low pH (5.8-6.2). Light use of nutrients. Especially low level of nitrogen in the blossoming period.

Photoperiod vegetation cycle

Lights on for 14 hours, off for 10 hours. For two-three weeks.

Photoperiod flowering cycle

Lights on for 11 hours, off for 13 hours. For a long, slow ripening period of ten or more weeks.

These conditions replicate the equatorial environment from which Sativa plants come.

So you can likely take a few ‘mostly Sativa’ seeds, grow them in Sativa friendly conditions and select a fit mother plant that exhibits strong ‘Sativa’ characteristics and work from there.

Sativa seeds. Dried out crossbred sativa seeds and plant

Ordering Seeds in Our Store

We have a huge range of female seeds and sundry strains. You can choose between buying 5 or 10 marijuana seeds at a time. Also, we sell 50 seeds in a bundle. We have helpful customer support, ship throughout Europe, the US and worldwide, and offer various payment methods.

Order our products and enjoy your own rich harvest!

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