Acapulco Gold Seeds Feminized

Acapulco Gold Seeds

  • THC 17% - 23%
  • CBD 0.1%

Acapulco Gold seeds: This cup winner seeds are a cross between Mexican Sativa, Skunk 1, and Thor's Hammer. This strain has been around since the 1960s and is still popular today. It is a very potent strain with a sweet scent of fruit and the pungent taste of coffee. The high is powerful, physical, and relaxing.



Indoor 1.5 – 1.7 oz/ft2 (450 – 520 g/m2)

Outdoor 14 – 18 oz (400 – 500 gr) per plant

Flowering time


Indoor 70 - 75 days

Outdoor Late September


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TYPE Type SATIVA HYBRID Sativa (80%)
Indica (20%)
THC LEVEL 17% - 23%
Height Height Medium
Climate Climate Warm
FLAVORS Earthy PUNGENT Coffee Pine
Indoor 1.5 – 1.7 oz/ft2 (450 – 520 g/m2)
Outdoor 14 – 18 oz (400 – 500 gr) per plant
Flowering time 70 - 75 days
Mexican Sativa
Skunk 1
Thor's Hammer
Cultivate Cultivate Indoor / Outdoor

Table of content

Growing Acapulco Gold Strain Seeds

This sativa cup winner is a legend among cannabis lovers. It’s a Sativa dominant strain grown initially in Mexico and came to California with the hippie movement of the 1960s. Its pedigree comes from:

  • Mexican Sativa – A Sativa variety originally from Mexico. It’s one of the most vigorous Sativa varieties globally, offering a cerebral, uplifting high.
  • Skunk #1 – It’s the most popular marijuana strain in the world, it’s been around longer than any other, and it’s been tested more than any other.
  • Thor’s Hammer – A potent Sativa strain with a creative and energizing cerebral high makes this an excellent strain for daytime use.

The aroma of this particular strain is pungent and spicy with a hint of piney undertone, making it very popular among cannabis users.

Acapulco Gold plants produce dense flower clusters covered in resinous trichomes coated by some unique crystals – this strain is perfect for making hash.

The flowering time of this marijuana plant is between 70 and 75 days, which makes it a long-maturing hybrid that requires patience from growers.

You can expect to harvest up to 18 ounces (510 grams) per plant when grown outdoors and up to 1.7 ounces per square foot (500 grams per square meter) indoors – these are very high yields!

This seed produces dense buds covered in resin that exude some impressive crystals – this marijuana strain would make any grower proud! In addition.

Dutch Seeds Shop, offers you 100% germination for all our seeds, so you can start growing today!

Preferred Climate and Conditions

These marijuana seeds were bred for hot, humid tropical climates. This incredibly potent strain was a favourite among the 1960s counterculture and has gained legendary status. The Acapulco Gold plant thrives in a sea of green set-up with its large, healthy leaves and extensive root system.


This seeds are ideal for cultivation outside because these plants love warm and sunny weather.

During germination, growers should pay close attention to each plant’s growth stage as well as its size. However, there is no need to be too hasty during the vegetative stage of this weed since it has an average growth rate.

Don’t let excessive watering ruin your harvest! After all, you’re trying to grow thick colas with high THC concentrations; the worst thing you can do to them is overwater them!


Marijuana that’s bred from these seeds produces sturdy plants with a rich and pungent aroma featuring sweet and earthy notes. Growers can grow this strain indoors or outdoors, preferably in Mediterranean climates.

The harvest can be produced indoors, too, if the plants are given enough space to develop (at least one square foot per plant). It’s recommended that you give your marijuana enough light (around 18 hours) during the vegetative stage of its life – this will ensure healthy development.

It’s also essential to provide plenty of nutrients, especially phosphorous, if growing in soil or soilless mediums. LEC or LED grow lights are also highly recommended since they promote proper growth while reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.


This variety produces high yields and has a strong, relaxing effect on users. This strain may be slightly less potent than other varieties. Still, its reputation makes it popular among recreational users who enjoy smoking a joint before heading out for an evening of fun.

When growing this seeds indoors, expect to get approximately 1.5 to 1.7 ounces per square foot, which equals 450 to 500 grams per square meter of growing space, using a 12-12 lighting schedule. Outdoors, in warm climates, outdoor harvest month is late October, and you can expect to get about 14 – 18 ounces (400 – 500 grams) per plant.

Flowering Time

Acapulco Gold strain will flower for 70 to 75 days on average. This is considered a long flowering time and may cause stress for some novice growers who have never seen such growth before!

Luckily, this strain is not exceptionally tall at about 4 feet indoors, so you can still manage to ensure lower buds receive sufficient light with careful pruning of lower branches or nodes.

It’s recommended that you keep an eye on your gold plants, as they grow fast and can quickly grow out far taller than most strains around two weeks into budding if not trimmed earlier in the flowering stage.

Most growers trim excess leaves during the first few weeks of growing; however, if you’re trying to save money by starting with a smaller indoor tent, you should know that these extra leaves will come in handy later!

As mentioned above, make sure any nutrient deficiencies are treated early on to prevent more severe problems late in the flowering cycle!

Keep an eye out for signs of nitrogen deficiency – stunted plant growth accompanied by yellowing or browning/dead leaves could signal an issue with nitrogen levels. If left untreated at this stage of development, it can cause that plants become much more susceptible to mold and other serious diseases – avoid this at all costs!

You must keep tabs on your plants throughout flowering cycle because unique growth pattern makes them prone to bud rot under certain circumstances.

Acapulco Gold Effects

Acapulco Gold is one of the most common marijuana strains in Mexico and around the world! This potent Sativa-dominant hybrid has been famous for its exceptional quality and energetic high.

The 21% to 23% THC content makes it one of the most potent recreational marijuana strains globally. Yet, despite its high THC concentration, Acapulco Gold delivers a pungent earthy aroma with hints of pine and spice that you’ll love from the first puff onward.

Once inside your body, the high will hit your brain quickly and efficiently through blood vessels directly connected to the limbic system – this part controls emotions and memory!

No wonder this gold buds are so memorably pleasurable: you get euphoric feelings followed by happy waves that enhance creativity, sociability as well as fun moments with friends.


The name Acapulco Gold is synonymous with quality cannabis. This iconic strain delivers a euphoric, energetic high ideal for daytime use. In addition, experienced smokers will love this strain’s complex aroma and taste – it’s perfect for pairing with food or simply enjoying on its own.

The effects of Acapulco Gold are evident in both mind and body, providing potent pain relief without any sedative side effects like sleepiness or dizziness.

Its cerebral effects make it great for social events; you’ll be able to better connect with others while maintaining focus in conversation.

After just one hit, you’ll feel energized by the Sativa dominant power of this legendary flower’s genetics – enjoy its pungent earthy flavours as well as the relaxing full-body buzz that follows shortly after smoking.

Recreational Effects

These seeds are mix of Sativa and Indica origins that are popular with recreational users. Its high THC levels, up to 23%, make it an excellent choice for its potentency.

It’s one of the most famous strains because of its uplifting effects, making this a great option if you need motivation or energy to get through your workday.

The strain may also give you some relief from chronic stress or anxiety symptoms, making it perfect for social events like parties where you’ll be surrounded by friends and strangers alike!

This marijuana strain has a pungent scent that can help eliminate any negative emotions lurking in your mind, thanks to its euphoric effects.

As with other Sativa-dominant hybrids, Acapulco Gold provides an energetic buzz that can promote activity among creative types who want to be more productive during their free time or at work before they head home for the day.

Acapulco Gold Feminized Cannabis

These Gold seeds are a Sativa-dominant hybrid with an 80/20 ratio. With THC levels up to 23%, this marijuana strain induces a relaxing, happy, and social high.

Acapulco Gold marijuana plants are green with lots of orange pistils and deep purple leaves that make it easy to identify in the optimum harvest time, which is late October when the plant reaches its maturity.

Acapulco Gold Plants Appearance

This marijuana seed strain has a unique appearance. Its buds are covered in bright orange hairs, with the leaves and calyxes with purple tips.

The exterior of its calyxes is primarily dark green with hints of brown or purple pistils, while the interior is bright orange with lighter orange pistils.

This seed variety also features forest green and light green leaves that you can watch grow under sunlight, revealing vibrant colored terpenes such as caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene and humulene amidst its pistils.

Acapulco Gold Aroma

The best way to describe the Acapulco Gold scent is to think of freshly crushed coffee beans dosed with kief and sugar. That sweet, earthy aroma will hit you first upon breaking open a bud from the bag. Then, some more spices give it an intense aroma to go along with its strong taste.

Like a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee on a chilly morning, there’s no better time than now to smoke or vape this strain if you require an energy boost or just want something nice and relaxing after having your morning jolt.

Acapulco Gold Fragrance

The scent of an Acapulco Gold fragrance is a mix of earthy aromas that are deep, woody and sweet. However, as soon as you open up the container where your stash is kept, you’ll be met with sharp and musky scents that are unlike your typical marijuana aroma.

The pure bud will carry these potent yet pleasant scents along with earthy, herbal tones. As soon as you burn your weed, the aroma will be similar to that of a musky incense with hints of amber and sweet spices luring you in for another scent. The delicious taste is mellow but potent.

Acapulco Gold Flavors

These feminized cannabis seeds produce buds that can be vaped because of their pleasingly sweet, smooth, and uplifting earthy flavours. One hit of this marijuana is enough to make you feel relaxed in body but at the same time energized in your mind – one fantastic combination indeed!

These are not only complex flavours coming from this carefully-bred seeds; they’re layered like an onion with multiple penetrating scents hitting your nostrils after grinding up the buds into fine particles before vaping or smoking them.

Those familiarities paired with unfamiliar ones give off one delicious aroma that’s sometimes overpowering – especially if you notice it right away upon grinding them up.

Seeds Terpenes

This seeds contains high levels of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. The aroma is earthy, pungent and coffee-like. Acapulco Gold has a strong effect on the mind.

It may temporarily relieve aches or pains from muscle spasms due to minor injuries or arthritis but should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment when necessary.

  1. Myrcene is a monoterpene that gives off the earthy, herbal aroma of thyme, hops and basil. When consumed with other cannabinoids like THC or CBD, myrcene can help relieve pain and inflammation.
  2. Caryophyllene is a sesquiterpene that smells like pepper and cloves. This terpene is found in black pepper, cloves, rosemary, and hops. Caryophyllene is known to interact with the CB2 receptors in the body, providing anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits.
  3. Limonene is a monoterpene that is the main component of the oil of citrus peels. It has a strong, lemony aroma and is also found in diesel fuel and other solvents. Limonene elevates mood, relieves stress and anxiety, and promotes weight loss.

Seeds Genetics

  • Acapulco Gold feminized seeds combine Mexican Sativa, Skunk 1, and Thor’s Hammer genes.
  • A popular strain in the 1960s and 70s, it has returned to the market with more potency than before.
  • Seed genetic profile is 20% Indica and 80% Sativa.
  • It is known for its energetic, euphoric effects accompanied by an intense physical high that makes you feel like dancing all night long.
  • The buds have an aroma of earthy tones mingled with spicy coffee undertones that make this cannabis suitable for true connoisseurs of exotic strains.
  • The THC level ranges from 17% to 23%, while CBD levels are 0.5 to 0.9%.
  • Cultivated seeds indoors, it requires a more extended flowering period – up to 75 days – compared to other seeds on the market today.

Final Thoughts on Acapulco Gold Cannabis seeds

Let’s travel back to the 60s and 70s when people actually cared about good old quality weed rather than cheap leaves with frosty trichomes!

Back in those days, Acapulco Gold grew wild on the coastal areas of Mexico, where this strain was so popular that it became an international legend.

Let’s see what makes it worthy of such praises – after all, some might say that today’s modern marijuana is a far cry from those “glory days.”

The effect has been described as a kick-ass hybrid of Afghan hashish and Mexican goldens.

You’re either going to enjoy being absorbed into weightless happiness or get lifted up to paradise by mighty waves rolling down humid mountainsides.

Either way is perfect for those who just want to get lost, even for just one moment…

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