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Orange Is the New Black

Agent Orange cannabis seeds are world-famous due to their strain’s unique citrus, fragrant, and very pleasant effect on the body and mind of the user. Made by TGA Genetics, it is a cross between Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet. You can always buy Agent Orange seeds online on our website!


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Indoor Yield 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft2 (400 – 500 g/m2)
Outdoor Yield 14 – 18 oz (400 – 500 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 49 – 63 days
Height Medium
THC level 12 – 16 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Moderate
Flavors Herbal / Fruity / Pine / Citrus
Effect Creative / Depression / Anxiety / Stress
Type 25% Indica / 75% Sativa
Parents Orange Skunk x Jack’s Cleaner x Space Queen
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

Agent Orange seeds represent a very nice cannabis strain. The THC level is not that high, the taste and fragrance are really sweet, and the effect that this marijuana causes on people is absolutely loved by users. No surprise here – wouldn’t you love your body to achieve complete relaxation in no time? You will almost feel lethargic, though very happy and giggly.

One cannot say that Agent Orange feminized seeds are actually beginner-friendly. It is not something completely impossible, but it would be better if a grower already has some experience in cultivating cannabis seeds.


Even though Agent Orange seeds have a medium growth difficulty, they are still quite manageable, and there is nothing extremely complicated about the process. The flowering time is just like ordinary marijuana seeds: it is between 7 and 9 weeks. Nevertheless, the result will absolutely please you as these Sativa dominant feminized seeds will reward you with great dense buds covered in large leaves.

What makes cultivating these orange seeds a bit more complicated is the fact that you need to trim the bush once in a while. Otherwise, you risk having a chaotically growing tree instead of a nice and neat plant.

The Agent Orange strain loves a warm Mediterranean climate. One can cultivate it both outdoors and indoors. This cannabis will reward you with a pretty high yield: it is about 1.3-1.6 oz/ft² indoor. The outdoor harvesting time is somewhere around October.

Character & Flavor

Agent Orange cannabis is a classic Sativa – it gives you a strong body and mind relaxation fast! However, the effect is like a roller-coaster: as now you will be glued to the couch, and an hour later, you’ll experience a very uplifting and motivating effect.

Talking about flavor, well, the name speaks for itself. It has a strong citrus presence with hints of herbs and pine. And the smell of oranges will definitely blow your mind.

Medicinal Application

Agent Orange strain is widely used for medicinal purposes. Its cheerful and uplifting effect helps with stress-related issues a lot. This marijuana can also come in handy when suffering from depression.

As Agent Orange has a very strong relaxation effect, this makes it useful for fighting anxiety and pain or fatigue. Your body and mind can just finally relax without having to struggle with any issues.


Just like any other marijuana out there, plants grown from Agent Orange seeds will definitely cause a dry mouth or dry eyes effect. Keeping that in mind, it’d be wise to prepare a bottle of water in advance (you may not be able to get up from the couch later). There’s also the possibility that one will face such unpleasant side-effects such as paranoia or dizziness.

16 reviews for Agent Orange Seeds – Feminized

  1. kristinnelson36

    delivery was a little longer than I expected

  2. Alice Tomm

    My favorite strain with a sweet citrus smell. I am full of energy after smoking the mj. So Agent Orange is very good for daily use. I bought here 5 seeds, all of them germinated, I am very glad, many thanks

  3. Weber

    impressed with the speedy delivery and quality seeds! 100% germination.

  4. Peterson D.

    customer service and delivery are as awesome as seeds! my plants are growing fine and look very healthy.

  5. Steve C.

    Thank you so much. Very happy with results.

  6. Hunter Hill

    Agent Orange is a nice heavy Sativa hybrid that has a really clean, and happy high. I ordered 5 Agent Orange seeds and planted them indoors. Took about 9 weeks to harvest and I got a pretty good yield from my plants.

  7. Otto A

    Agent Orange makes me smile all day. It boosts my energy and deals with my pain and nausea. That’s why I love to cultivate the strain in my garden. With seeds from the Dutch Seeds Shop, I always have a good yield. Highly recommend this online seeds bank

  8. prosmoke

    Agent Orange is one of the tastiest and most enjoyable Sativa dominant strains! My seeds grow quickly! For me, agent orange is a real daytime treat, I like it very much!

  9. Franco Pret

    This strain is excellent for daytime use – not bad as an energizer and stimulates the appetite. I bought 10 seeds here, all of them germinated. Fast shipping. Thanks

  10. AKKER

    I ordered 10 seeds and received them in 12 days. Now my plants are so beautiful with extremely resinous large dense buds. Thank you so much.

  11. John U.

    Agent Orange is very good for treating depression. So sweet flavor and fragrant aroma. Moderately difficult to grow because of its low resistance to common strain diseases. The seeds I got here are not bad. 8 of 10 seeds are plants now. One plant was weak and died, one seed did not pop

  12. Stewart A.

    I placed and received my order within a week. Discrete packaging was perfect. All 5 seeds sprouted, one died, my falt.

  13. Tompson T.

    This strain provides a strong orange taste and completely reversed my seasonal depression. Not easy to grow, but I have a good yield. As a beginner marijuana grower, I can recommend the seeds.

  14. James Perry

    I purchased 10 Agent Orange seeds. Loving the aromas and speed at which my seeds are growing. I do not give a lot of nutrients only once a week. Can’t wait for the final result

  15. richard23

    I ordered the seeds and got speed delivery and had no problem with germinating the seeds

  16. Morgan

    I received my seeds within 9 business days from the time I placed my order. By the third day after planting 3 seeds had sprouted and by the fourth day, all 10 had sprouted. I’ve purchased many strains from DSS and I have never had a bad experience

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