AK 47 Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

  • THC 17% - 19%
  • CBD 0.1%

A Complete Review of AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

AK 47 autoflower marijuana is gaining massive popularity, despite the confusion between it and the classic AK-47. This autoflower version is more sophisticated in harvest time, growing difficulty, and high yield in an indoor setup. The above factors partly explain why AK 47 autoflower seeds are in high demand in the market. Read on to understand why AK-47 auto cannabis seeds should be on your priority list.

seeds yield


Indoor 1 - 1.3 (oz/ft2)

Outdoor 2 - 3 oz

seeds flowering time


Indoor 42 - 56 days



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TYPE seeds type SATIVA HYBRID Indica (35%)
Sativa (65%)
THC LEVEL 17% - 19%
Height seeds height Small
Climate seeds climate mild
Indoor 1 - 1.3 (oz/ft2)
Outdoor 2 - 3 oz
flowering time of seeds 42 - 56 days
Cultivate cultivate seeds Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor Yield 1.6 oz/ft² (500 g/m²)
Outdoor Yield 2 – 3 oz (60 – 90 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 42 – 56 days
Height Small
THC level 17 – 21 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Moderate
Flavors Sweet / Herbal / Pungent
Effect Sedative / Relaxing
Type 55% Indica / 45% Sativa
Parents AK 47 x Ruderalis
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

The Genotype of AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

The major difference between AK 47 autoflower seeds and the feminized version is their origin. The autoflower version is a hybrid of AK 47 and Ruderalis, while the standard version is a cross between four strains. Crossing the two parent strains gave a 55% Indica and 45% Sativa in AK 47 auto seeds.

The Phenotype of AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

After exposure of AK-47 auto cannabis seeds to the external environment, they form distinct features. There is one feature that makes AK 47 autoflower strain stand out. The buds in the autoflower version are compact and resin-filled. The large version composition partly explains the reason behind the high potency in this marijuana strain.

Flowering Time

One of the reasons which make AK 47 auto seeds distinct and growers’ favorite is the short flowering duration. The time from the seeds’ germination through the vegetative phase to the end of flowering ranges between 42 to 56 days. Despite the strain flowering in both indoor and outdoor setup, most growers prefer the indoor setup.


AK 47 autoflowering feminized seeds harbor an average of 17 to 21% THC on average. The THC range makes this cannabis strain effective to both novice and experienced marijuana users. The tolerable THC levels also explain the reason behind the insane demand for auto AK47 seeds for sale.


Auto AK47 seeds for sale contain low CBD levels, which are recorded at the flowering stage. The highest CBD level that has ever been recorded in the flower buds is 1.5%.

Effects of AK 47 Autoflower

As a marijuana enthusiast, you should get AK 47 autoflowering seeds to experience the effects firsthand. The high THC levels and almost balanced Indica and Sativa give AK 47 autoflower exceptional effects.

When you take marijuana harvested from AK-47 auto marijuana seeds, the Sativa effects kick in immediately. You might experience waves of euphoria characterized by numerous effects. At first, you might feel lightheadedness running through the head to the limbs. As the properties continue sinking in, the body might feel super energized, and bouts of paranoia sweep your brain in twists and turns. The people around you might note your excitement.

On the other hand, Indica properties take a relatively long time to kick in. The Indica properties cause you to feel relaxed before they overwhelm you. After the sedation wears out, hunger pangs take over, sending you straight to munch any food available.

The final most common effect that AK 47 autoflower marijuana users admit to having encountered is cottonmouth. The cottonmouth occurs due to inadequate production of saliva by the salivary glands, leading to dehydration. You can counter the cottonmouth symptoms by taking enough fluids throughout the session.

Recreational Effects

The Sativa and Indica properties harbored in AK 47 autoflowering feminized seeds are crucial for recreational marijuana use. The Sativa properties in this cannabis induce euphoric effects, which might trigger users’ reactions, depending on the dosage and their THC tolerance.

If you are a novice marijuana user or take a large dose, the Sativa might induce paranoia. The paranoia is characterized by illusions that might leave you thrilled.

The Indica properties induce calming effects that allow you to stay focused. A focused mind allows you to indulge in your ideal recreational activities. You can take this moment to watch movies, meditate, or listen to your ideal music genre.

Medical Effects

Medics have hinted that AK-47 auto marijuana seeds have several medical benefits, and therefore growers should consider trying them out. The Indica, Sativa, and THC properties in this cannabis strain have great health benefits to users.

First things first, 17 to 21% of THC is vital in managing chronic pain and inflammation. It is recommended for patients who have arthritis, migraines, menstrual cramps, and muscle spasms. Patients can infuse this marijuana into pharmaceutical medication to suppress the symptoms.

Second, the Sativa properties in AK-47 auto marijuana seeds also come in handy in managing stress and depression.

Finally, the Indica in this cannabis is crucial in managing various conditions. For example, the Indica induces hunger and suppresses nausea, making the person develop an appetite. The calming effects from the Indica also help in managing insomnia. If you are thinking of buying AK 47 autoflower seeds, please enjoy the massive health benefits.

Taste and Aroma of AK 47 Autoflower

We cannot overlook the taste and aroma of weed harvested from AK47 auto seeds since they have influenced the strain’s ballooning demand. When you opt to consume smoke from this marijuana, the flavors might overwhelm you. When you inhale the smoke, herbal and pungent flavors get over your taste buds. Upon exhalation, a sweet aftertaste sweeps over your taste buds, leaving you yearning for more.

Similarly, the aroma from weed grown out of AK47 auto seeds is diverse. When you break the flower buds, a musky aroma fills the air, leaving you elated. Upon combusting this marijuana strain, a sweet incense aroma emanates. The sweet incense aroma is one of the main reasons why marijuana enthusiasts are buying AK 47 autoflower seeds on a large scale for an unlimited experience.

The Yield of AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

When you cultivate AK 47 autoflower seeds indoors, you should expect to yield 1.6 oz/ft² (500 g/m²). On the other hand, cultivating the autoflowering AK 47 seeds outdoors should yield between 2 – 3 oz (60 – 90 gr) per plant. The worrying low levels in an outdoor setup are attributed to its large sensitivity to growing conditions and short flowering time.

Final Thoughts on AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

AK 47 autoflower is yet to gain the popularity it deserves. From the article above, it is clear that this strain favors growers immensely. As a marijuana enthusiast, you could be tempted to grow this strain. But where do you get high-quality AK 47 autoflower seeds? Our team of experts has tested different phenotypes of this marijuana strain and come up with top-shelf seeds. You can reach out to us for consultancy or purchase high-grade AK 47 autoflowering seeds on our Dutch Seeds Shop website.

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