B52 Seeds – Feminized

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What Cocktail Will You Create?

What do you picture when you hear about 25 ounces of big buds covered in resin? The answer is the B-52 plant, which has the ability to make its Big Bud ancestor proud. Although you will need some gardening experience, B-52 seeds are suitable for beginners. Beware of a layered high with hidden cerebral effect.

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Flavors Berry



Flavor power Skunk
Flowering time Short
Height Average
THC level Medium
CBD level Low
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical Yes
Yield Medium
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 75% Indica / 15% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis

Anyone who is interested in throwing a decent tea party, will surely appreciate the TCH level of the B-52 seeds plant, which is 11-18%. As with any cross with Indica dominance, this one is relaxation in the flesh. The B-52 is able to produce from medium to high amount of yields, which justifies the big name of one of the branches of its family tree. You can choose to cultivate B-52 seeds in a hydro system or in the open soil, it is truly your call. These cannabis seeds are able to sprout, grow, gain strength and give bountiful yields while being cultivated to your taste.


B-52 seeds sprout and grow into vivid green plants, with long wide leaves. The buds of this marijuana strain are truly big and beautiful, and it won’t be long before you see them on the plant due to the fast flowering period of B-52 strain. Cultivate the plant from 7 to 10 weeks and then you will get you first harvest! Just make sure you have created a suitable environment for your leafy friend, which is warmth and plenty of light. Whatever method of cultivation you prefer, you can be sure B-52 seeds will meet your needs and expectations. Plant it indoors or outdoors. This strain is the best choice for advanced gardeners, but novice growers will have some fun, too. To start or continue your way of naturalist with this strain, buy B-52 seeds on our website dutchseedsshop.com.

Character & Flavor

The impression from the B-52 strain is anything but simple kush. You will achieve Indo calmness while feeling uplifted by a nice piece of Sativa buzz. Let the B-52 wrap you into a sweet fog with hints of berry-like and earthy notes. Your room will remain pretty aromatic after the B-52 buds are long gone, thanks to its strong skunky flavor. Note to self: be sure to keep your fund for munchies and movies at the ready.

Medicinal Application

This green boo won’t hesitate to hit your insomnia so hard you will be hugging your pillow just minutes after you spark up the high-quality weed. Get your strain prescribed or grow the plant yourself. In anyways B-52 will help you or your naturalist friend get rid of stress, caused by any sort of pain, including migraines and spasms.


The expected effects of overindulgence of this strain would be eye dryness, “cottonmouth” and sometimes dehydration. Any other negatives are rare. There is no significant number of reports about any cases of paranoia or anxiety after using B-52. Some users report an increased appetite after smoking weed, which can sometimes be a good thing in certain situations.


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