Badazz Cheese Seeds – Feminized

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Badazz Cheese Feminized seeds produce weed with an unmistakable smell which is associated with an O.G, packed with Californian excellence, and mixed with a gloomy, earthy Kush taste. With that combination, you might have a sensory overload! A mostly Indica strain of cannabis seeds will contribute to a deep, blissful tone.

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SKU: TG011
Indoor Yield 1.6 oz/ft2 (500 g/m2)
Outdoor Yield 28 oz (800 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 56 – 70 days
Height Medium
THC level 15 – 20 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Moderate
Flavors Spicy / Earthy / Cheese
Effect Stress / Pain / Depression / Appetite Loss
Type 85% Indica / 15% Sativa
Parents Cheese x Badazz
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

Weed seeds of the Cheese genetics open up an entirely new level with regard to yield, taste, scent and cannabinoid volume. The deliberate conflict of flavors in Badazz Cheese Feminized seeds is truly remarkable. Maintaining the Diesel taste of its OG ancestry paired with its well-known Cheese parent, Badazz Cheese is a potent yet delicious blend that has a lot to offer.

Consistent with various cultivation mediums and environments, the plant is especially productive in outdoor growth – 28 oz (800 gr) per plant. Dutch Seeds Shop allows you to buy Badazz Cheese Feminized seeds to experience this strain, which works well for smokers wanting a feel-good and energetic stone.


Badazz Cheese Feminized seeds grow into plants with thick and leafy growth organization, joining the qualities of its two ancestors. It reacts well to pruning and acclimates quickly to all cultivation conditions: soil, hydro, or coco fiber. Its relatively fast flowering period is from 56 to 70 days, varying from one phenotype to another. Its buds are covered in trichomes that give them a silvery-white appearance; the flowers will be entirely coated with a heavy layer of resin which also extends to the smaller leaves, which makes resin extractions possible. The buds are dense, which makes it even more powerful.

Outside plants can become very full and fruitful, depending on the cultivation settings, and making sure there is a sunlit environment will help plants from Badazz Cheese Feminized seeds to reach their full capacity and generate considerable yields. Prepare to harvest a crop of high-quality flowers in late October.


Even if you store it in plastic, the smell is still palpable. It has a very noticeable borderline skunky smell. But as soon as you break it up, the aroma of Badazz Cheese becomes reminiscent of OG Kush with hints of earth and pine.

Scent, taste, and the effect of the weed from Badazz Cheese Feminized seeds blend together for an impressive high, which will be profound and uplifting. Strains with Indica dominance tend to produce a more body-centered, stoned effect. It is deeply euphoric with seemingly no ceiling and lasts for quite some time.


Many people agree that mental health issues should be approached from a psychological point of view instead of physiological. Thus, the mental high from this marijuana strain acts as assistance to depression treatment and may indeed sway you to a happier state of mind. In a similar manner, it is also a great choice for people struggling with stress because of its uplifting and pleasant effects.


Badazz Cheese is slightly milder than UK Cheese but potent anyway. The reaction to this strain can manifest in dry mouth and eyes. There’s no reason to worry; the best route to take in this case is to focus on proper hydration. People who use too much may experience a headache, so it’s better to smoke in moderation, especially for newbies.


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